Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Continuous Waves Keep Coming: the Big event:

The Continuous Waves Keep Coming:

God! I feel weeny bit sad!

And a bit numb!

We are at the end of September; the advice is to sit tight! Do nothing as the continuous waves keep coming into us all! Sit tight, be open, and relax to these forces!

It has been said, this is a much higher frequency that is not fully understood or appreciated yet.

We have been enlightened with this data as a much higher spectrum of the God frequency~ the next one up on the grand scale of human understanding.❤ 

It holds a far greater light vibrational frequency~ that has not been known on earth up to now, and it is to be anchored into the hearts, minds of man and Gaia.

We have been made aware of these vibrations. It is taking time for the impact of this to be understood how and what it will be in our life.

We know it will take more time spent on contemplative meditation, and inner focus, before the human brain and heart, can assimilate it as a reality on earth in our DNA.🙂🙃

It is creating many symptoms of ascension that have to be endured, so that these can be integrated.

Sit tight! Relax! Don’t do anything we don’t have to!

Give this our full attention~ so that we can get these much higher frequencies to integrate into our consciousness~ and our collective being~ and anchor it into our own new light fields and that of Gaia.🙂

It’s our job! It involves the holographic Universe Theory for us~ we are fully aware of it and are able to ‘go’ into this space linking to the much higher frequencies.

They are functioning now~ and bombarding the illusion of the third dimensions dramas big time. This is causing uncertainty, disruption, chaos and symptoms. 🙃🙂

This is the climax of these years of spiritual work done by light workers on all the different levels. All we do~ is let it come into our lower perception~ and get the understanding!

Let the sadness ‘be’, as well.

As with all transitions into a much higher frequency~ this wave will gradually penetrate all walks of life~ at different paces.🤔

This is the new divine light~ the next move up the spectrum of the godhead, on the next level for this next millennium.

Not many will know the glory of this at this time, and will still have to deal with the disbelief and refusal to allow it to generalise, but we will all cope with this, grandly.

Personal: There is a definite feeling of wholeness, as we are integrating our combined thoughts with our upper divine fields.

As these energies pulse thought us~ causing us some discomfort~ we know we are receiving it through our physical body~ making us uncomfortable~ until we totally acknowledge what is happening and are going into it.🙂🙃

As soon as we accept it and breath into it~ giving it our thoughts, heart/brain coherence~ it becomes much more gentle, we can feel it as we keep focussing onto this elevated spectrum of the higher field frequency~ it makes us very sleepy.


The BIG event:

For the whole of this year we have all been given data about a big event. Now! I am not sure what it has meant~ there have been lots of off the scale ideas of how this will happen. 🤔

For my part~ I have remained sceptical about what it could mean~ until now!

The information I am being inspired with about the higher frequencies coming into our solar system, makes uswonder if it could be the event on the spectrum of these fields of light?🤔

A while back we were told about another higher level of light frequencies that was about to come in.

We have always thought of the divine Godhead as being the highest level of light energy that we can have, and there is nothing above this.

This new information is saying that there are  myriads of the divine God levels, going right up the scale to infinity~ a never-ending spectrum of light frequencies.🙂

These frequencies are totally within the human physical body, within reach of every soul~ as they find their own divine self.😲

All channellings are coming from the human DNA, cells, and molecules that are within everyone’s physical body, as their own higher beings.

The makeup of the human body holds all the ancient information.

And is accessed thought the channelling from these fields, that are coming from within~ as your higher beings.

We all have many fields of light from our highly evolve soul self~ that is opening up now in this very high spectrum of light frequency, it is coming in as an event of the 2020 and the Age of Aquarius.🙂

We have six weeks before the solstice~ to expanded our understanding to what this means~ and open our hearts, minds and soul self, to these very new radical views, and let this grand event happen for all of humanity, Gaia, and collective consciousness of the universe. 🙂

It is the higher consciousness, of the next step into the truth~ of how these divine grand plans, are available to us all~ once we can let go of our restricted thought patterns. Thank you.x


Six Weeks:

We have six weeks to assimilate this new aspect of our being, living our life in this new light of the multitudes of our fields.

Six weeks is the magic time it takes~ for any new growth in nature. It takes six weeks for a wound to heal and regenerate new skin.

In the light of this transitional period into the new dawn, we have this period of time to integrate these new thoughts into our physical life.

It is not going to be a visual thing seen by our third dimensional physical eyes. 🙂🙃

Looking at our world through these higher vibrations, we see through our new eyes, an earth, that is a glowing light place, even in the dark, there is beauty all around.🙂

We are looking at everything through our inner,much higher spectrum of light frequency. This is a deep feeling as much as it is visual observation.

The feelings are the key to our integration of these different ways of understanding, something that is completely new for us, with no preconceived ideas of what or how it can be like.

It is a new concept within our inner non-physical fields of our auric light frequencies.

There is nothing to put our finger on as a physical pointer.

As we breath coherently into our heart/brain, and remember we are connected to the myriad vibrations of our self. 🙂

We can FEEL THAT CONNECTION and we put our physical body into a positive relaxed state~ anchored with the centre of these fields that are at heart/brain coherent thoughts.

To do this~ use the imagination and any aides that you can find, that resonates with your vibration. As you are doing this~ feel the same anchoring within Gaia~ as she also integrates her levels of fields.

She has always known about this part of herself, she is doing this to rebalance her physical body.

She is part of the great planetary souls group so she knows what she is doing.

We humans have come here blind, to experience our journey.

This is a wholly new process, with no given rules, or perimeters, other than how we feel! 🙂

Feel your self-integrating these new flows within~ and expanding the core of energetic light in the process.


We have no idea what it will lead to~ we are living in this moment of acceptance, for the given gifts and insights, to share with all who want to read them.

There is no they or we~ its all a united structure of our different levels of soul groups that are connected to the next spectrum of godhead light frequency’s of fields. 🙂

It is a greatness of the divine one on this, the next level of light~ to come into being in all life.

Personal: we feel like the chrysalis is opening up and shedding the old crunchy layers of dead skin.

The bud is shedding its outer coat, to allow the inner flower or the butterfly to fly free from the old memory’s of life tribulations.🙂🙃

It’s been 8 yeas now and our sadness just wells up and we shed another layer. Releasing it quickly, we feel open now, there are no closed doors, all doors are open and all emotions can come out when needed.

We give thanks to these divine sources, and cry! Another layer goes through. Thank you, X

I have written this over the last two weeks and it is repeatedly saying the same thing~ unerring for what we are supposed to share with anyone who is willing to read it. 😋

It is persistent and radical and we are sure that it is to be given out~ to all and sundry~ that is probably going against our better judgment of how these illusionary dramas might pan out.

So I am going to do it with the blessed approval of these very high frequencies of all humanity with unrestricted heart felt love heart brain focus. Thank you. X 🙂🙃