Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

New Way 3: Healing with the Arcturus and Pleiaddes healing groups:

New Way 3

Earth/human healing: Earth/human Healing with the Arcturus and Pleiades healing groups:

Reflecting on these latest inspirations we realise that we need to explain how we get to our assumptions about how these energy’s are working with in the multi dimensions and how they can affect our physical bodies.

After reading about experiments that are taking place, when being in an awake’ state of meditation... going into the deep meditation waves while staying awake and aware, we decided to try it and see what happened.

What prompted us was the fact that we found our self in hospital with a heart condition that we were completely unaware of, and after being given tests for a week in intensive care we were sent home with stable angina that needed more testing before the docs could do what is needed to help us through this.

The prognosis is good, we can have things done to set our heart back to functioning as normal eventually, but we came home with lots of deep bruising and discomfort let alone the fact that we have trouble breathing, the meds are good but it has taken time to adjust to them.

This is when we asked our higher beings to bring in the Arcturus and Pleiades healing groups to help us, while we were in hospital having a test done and we knew it was going to be uncomfortable, we tuned into these souls fields and we floated through this test, so we thought we could ask them to help now.

They said we could do the awake’ meditations with the binaural sounds that were appropriate and be aware of what is happening....

this next part is this experience that we recorded as soon as we were able to after it had happened.

Personal experience:

We have just had the most amazing experience of spiritual healing... let us set the scene we found out that we have... what is called stable angina and we have been in hospital where they did test to find out what it was.

Now we are home reeling from this news and looking at what is to be done about it, there are still tests to be done, so that they can get a clear picture of all that is going on in our heart, the right artery is very blocked 90%, the left is not so bad but they could not get a definitive view because it is not as it should be ... we have been born with a defective artery on the left side.

This condition has been going on for a long time and the artery on the right side has to little arteries going round the blocked one that is feeding the blood, so our body has adapted to create two extra tubes so that it could still function.

The body is a magnificent machines to do this, it also happens in the brain when a person has a stroke and parts of the brain dies, the brain will divert and connect new parts so that the person can get back there movement, my mum did this.

It took hard work for her to do this, its constantly exercising but it works.

When we got home, after having a difficult angiogram we have been bruised very badly it was the biggest bruise we have ever seen and it hurts because of where it is.

What with this and the symptoms of breathlessness and awkwardness we felt pretty rough, tired, lonely, and very sad, my beautiful family are doing a grand job but they have to carry on with their life.

This month is my granddaughters birthday and it is the anniversary of the passing of her granddad... my Vernon.

So all in all it’s a trying time for all of us, and me being ill have not helped, so I am absorbing my own emotions and needs, so that they can get through their own emotions at this time.

But it leaves me lonely, there are not many people who can take this away, so today I asked the Pleiades and Arcturian healing groups to help as they did when I was in the hospital and having these procedures.

They directed me to go to bed with a hot water bottle and the I pad for the right binaural sounds, choosing one of the deep focuses into our higher self to start with, we lay down and listened to this for an hour and a half... drifting in and out of a sleepy relaxed feeling.

While we were in the very light state, we asked for the higher self to come in and give us the comfort and inspirations we needed to help with the loneliness and feeling of desertion, and they told us about how we are not alone, we are cosmic souls and connected to everything and it was the old third dimensional illusion that we were feeling and it was not real.

We relaxed after that and felt the love of being with the one, it was all we needed because we know that we aware of feeling that this was not the true picture so we carried on for the time.

Our daughter brought us a cup of tea, we did drink some and this was when we were directed to put on the earth ohm the 754 Hz Shumen resonances and carry on.

This sound had to be loud but we did not have our headphones so we lain it on our chest with the speaker right by our face and went into the next phase of this healing.

The healing groups were very close to us now, we could feel their presence inside our whole being and we cried... we asked about this, they told us that we are releasing any negatives that had to go before the new could be instated and we are one with Gaia doing this on her as it was being done on us.

We accepted this, it has always been the same and this binaural sound is the earth sound her ohm, it made sense.

As we immerses our mind into this, the higher fields were telling us that we are going to be opened up to the multi dimensional world that we all hold with in while we were conscious and aware.... so be prepared to be enlightened.

First we became our fields as the shape of our body in this way we are able to seek and access the slits into the dimensions, the way this is done is... like goes to like.

Your fields are seeking out your lines of entry in the multi D, each little part of your structure in every detail has its owe signature and as it bumped into its counter part it stimulated the opening of a slit into its own dimension that is its destiny.

The intelligence of this is consciousness, it’s the self-using, the process of evolution in its most sophistication way to bring forth this change.

You felt these happening as they took your fields into all the different frequency dimension in a way that made you feel like you were flowing energy, bending, weaving, moving into all the differ places that were not linier.

Ever molecule, atom, string, was being treated in this way and each time it opened these slits that expanded out into another dimensions as they touch each other, each part of the body was going through this adaptation in their field states.

They are universal in patterns, that has no reference in the third world, they turned and twisted into all the elements that are needed to take every part of your fields deeply into the many faceted multi dimension, these are fields within fields dimensions, each one is as big as the one before with no limit.

It starts as a thin unseen line a slit, and as your fields touch.... because it has attracted to it, it opens out in the next dimension field and them into the next and the next, every time taking the molecule fields apart and transposing them into the next part.

You can feel fields within fields, and in each there were intelligent energy’s replacing, working and clearing with in each fields with the over all orchestrator of the oneness of the whole all happening at the same time to the sounds of the earths ohm and the Schuman resonances, each note had a different tone and pattern.

These altered as the tones of the sounds went deep and low and then high, taking us up and down in tune with the sounds and when our mind was diverted, we told you to focus on the sounds, as they were the holding for all this as was your thoughts, mind and focus.

The sounds have the whole thing in synchronicity, holding and opening every single minuet atom and even smaller than this, so that this could be done in the best way.

You lost the feeling of your physical a few times as you were being taken into even deeper dimensions to allocate the core base of this, but mostly you were aware of your physical self laying in the bed with the I pad laying heavy on your chest.

This has been done in this way... so that you could know and be in all these different dimensions and still knowing that you were still a physical human.

It is ground breaking, you managed to keep it all together and feel these entire fields with in and observe this first hand.

Now you must give your self three days to keep going into and acknowledging it as a physical thing.

Acknowledge every little thing as you are feeling them, emotions, intuition, dreams, imagination, allow all these to come through you senses openly, do not repress anything at this time, all is being released and its up to you to allow this and encourage it so that new golden age frequency becomes every part of your fields as one feeling, a spiralling effect of these energies no energy goes in straight lines they move by big spirals.

Since we did this we had to sleep for another 2 hours, and now we are extremely tired.

Yes dear soul, what we have done will take three days of sleep and rest, so go with your needs every time.

The kind of transitional light that we have given is not the same as anyone has had before.

You have received the ultra light from the golden age through the 22 diamond crystal galactic array and you Have... to let it gel within your physical body so that is sets soundly.

No one has ever received this in the way you have in your conscious awake state awareness... and it will take its time.

Don’t worry about eating too much food you don’t need it right now.

Drink plenty of water, your crystalline structure needs water as it becomes your now self.

These inspirations are given in a way that leaves the ideas open so that everyone reading them can get to their own unique way of understanding without prompting.

Thank you 🙂