Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Universal understanding:


Universal Understanding:

The galactic central sun:

The great central sun:

Central cosmic year:

The central sun:

This is bit of data on what the Central Sun is or the Great Central Sun or the Galactic centre.

We did research:

The GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN is the bulge in the centre of the Milky Way~ it is a great sucking energy that keeps and the stars and sun in orbit round it, and it rests at the Galactic centre~ all stars rotate clockwise.

THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN is the hub: the centre of the cosmos, the black whole.

Cosmos: means the whole harmonies and orderly system.

Universe: means cosmos and everything else.

Sirius is the focus for this in our sector of the galixy.

Central sun: cosmic year: The cosmic year is how long it takes the sun... 225-250 million years to complete a full cycle.

The central sun is said to be Sirius.

There is very little evidence of the Galactic or central suns dark ‘black whole’... consciousness... dark opaque energy or matter or what sits at the inner parts of our planet.

Men do not have much evidence of any major players in our universes make up... power or wisdom. 

They have the ability to go as far as the thoughts, the mind and imagination can go, according to the self-restriction of the brain and perceptions of observations.

Every one has the ability to expand all these ideas in their life... supported by physical Gaia... if they choose to look... choose to OPEN their eyes, ears, senses, minds and emotions to ALL aspects of their perception, images, ideas, thoughts and feelings, seeing them in EVERY WAY.

All aspects of the universal understanding is there, right in front of us, it is the flash of the sun on crystals on earths ground... the perception of an images that goes by with a flash.... is it an angel or a person or animal coming into your vision right in front of your nose?

Do not dismiss it.... it is real!

Your imagination is connected to All the energy of the universe, galaxies, stars and planets, and ancient existence, black wholes, dark matter, central suns, galactic suns, all of it is being projected all the time into mans existence while on the physical earth.

Most of the time these thing are ignored  as being, not real, when actually the imagination is part of the  reality in the universal understanding of a much bigger picture.

Yes… everything that exists on earth as a physical reality, is as real for the perceptions of our brain and understanding.

If we can step out of this box and accept that when we open our Hearts energy and be truthful to our self, all these boxes fall away and connects us to the infinite light of the sacred divine.

There are 7.53 billion people on the earth, be the ones who can ‘see ‘outside the human box of the holographic illusions of the earth’s simulation.

You can do this and expand your brain and move into the fields of dreams, imagination, inspiration... and see things in this reality as the flashes of light on water, the photos with light pollution, the shadows that flick across your vision, and SEE them at the same time as the beautiful physical earth in all her glory as well.

Allow your perceptions towards this to grow, and begin to open doors to the true being of everything, without judgment.

Open your hearts, minds and souls to this concept of seeing, it’s not new... it’s ancient and there to be seen.

It can be a random thought, a piece of writing, a snippet of information that will ‘stand out’ to you, a person in the street who smiles at you, an image in the sunlight, sky and water even when the wind blows and creates a noise.

Most people will dismiss them as not worthy of a second glance, these are the omens being given all the time to be observed and questioned, question everything.

Dear souls we are guiding you to find out all aspects of these matters, you are all galactic workers for Gaia and need to know the basic elements of these things, just go with your feelings, intuition and changes... you are intellectually intuitive souls and have the brain to work things out.

God bless