Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Everything has changed!


Yes! Everything has changed!

This is my story about HOW it’s changed for me. It’s about our personal perception of what these changes are!


As humans we are used to our routine that makes us feel comfy in our daily life~ it creates our ideas of what we are~ how we live~ how we think! Its hard-wired in our brains, as what we do and what is normal for us.

Each individual has there own perception of the way this is and lots do not believe they can change it or want to. For my part I asked my higher being to give me a pattern in my life that can change, so that I can go into these new fields and be truthful about how and what to change.

I know I am receiving these waves of light energy with in me ~I can feel it!

When I was not letting it flow with an open heart~ it has been giving me heavy symptom until I and asked to be guided.

Then I started to look at my reasons for hanging onto my old routine the old beliefs, and the way of my life patterns.

I pulled them apart, realising that I was holding onto the old strings~ that I had been living with all my life and they were mostly about doing the right thing, in the eyes of other and the world’s society.

I was letting this control my thoughts, gradually these started to break down. As the year has progressed I have slowly seen that something’s had to change in small ways of letting go of these old ties.

Over the last three weeks that has accelerated and taken me on the fast track where I have acted on all these things that have been in my head since last September.

I have given up a lot of the Internet, f/b and posting and the attitude of the data has changed.

It wrenched me a bit~ and it sat with me for weeks before it became clear what was needed to release through my thought, emotions, and mental attitude to alter it all.

I did it a couple of weeks ago, in time for the solstice and second eclipse energy fields, enabling them to come into my very soul~ with a lot less trauma~ because of my own blocked perception of what I am and what I can be.

As soon as I did it I felt much lighter within my mind, thoughts, emotions and mental feelings. It was a massive release~ it felt like an air balloon being cut loose after years of being tethered in a place that did not let me fly in the light.

I consciously replace the space with the things that pleased me, like watching my favourite DVDs, film, and just sitting in this feeling and wondering how it would pan out for me.

I had to be in a quiet place to find out which way to move.


Them on the night of the 17/6/20 the higher waves made them self known to me~ in the form of the new deeper level of meditation energy~ and how we are all expanded into this universal light~ to hold these waves within our own very solar plexus and chakras~ and we are the universe with all its vortexes held with in us. It was made clear to me and became a physically deep feeling.

*** See Night -time recording: ***

When I tried to connect to this in the cold light of day, for the first few time~ I just had to shut my eyes to hold it, since then; I have been thinking about it and practicing it when the thought came in, and over these last two days I have managed to keep the feeling and go about my day, doing the things to keep mind body and soul together.

My realisation about this is ~ we have all received these light vibrational waves.... and its up to each one to decided how to use it and what to release for the future.

No-one is special ~ as a thinking human being I asked to be given the insights so that I can move into this new earth~ lock stock and smoking barrel, so that I can experience it and then share it and this is what happened.


Let go of the old~ have the courage to change~ look at how we perceive our self’s~ see that we all hold our self in a capped version of our being.

                                                    *** I

t’s our thoughts that hold us ~ physically think, I am going to alter my per-set perceptions of where and what I am. We create it.


This is a very inner alteration, its not on the outside; we create our life and are adjusting the deep inner part of us that has been held in the belief that this is how it is! We create our life.


If you have a little seed of these thoughts, swimming around in your heart and mind~ then you are ready to let them grow.

Over the next six months~ by the 21st Dec they will become the new you as seeds of independent light beings, walking about on this lovely new earth.

Let the seed grow with the love from you thoughts, heart and brain coherence, through your universal energy vibrations, into your Chakras... Tan Tiens and all Energy Points in your physical body.

Its all there~ all you have to do is let it flower~ and become your inner true self~ a divine soul~ who is the universe~ as the universe is you~ and we are all one~ we create our life through our thoughts heart felt love consciousness.