Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Transition: Learning to rely on your self:

Transition: learning to rely on your self:

Marne thinks, I am back from the vacation and I am questioning you, my inner guides, on how things have changed, because they indisputably have.

So Jack! “What has transpired over this last this stage in time, I feel very different and I cant put my finger on it at all, this holiday had a different feel to when I was here before, I had high anticipation about the weather and that did not pan out”?

“Well Marne, you should not go away with expectations because they rarely come to fuition.

This has been the culmination of the effort that has been put in; everything running up to this latest month has been methodical to bring the radiation and plasma into earth.

Everybody is being operational in this motivating and encouraging folks to keep anchoring these frequencies deeply into the self and earth.

It is bringing in the stimulus to urge everyone to start working things out for themself, and not rely on others as teachers, it is the time for self scrutinising to fathom out how to get into the new vibrations and stay there, it takes perseverance and commitment and the readiness to let go of all the old ways.

You broke your habitual routine so that the changes could occur for you and the collective sub-consciousness of all things, the power that you all have can be harnessed and used when the surroundings are all in alignment with the frequency of the souls who are actively undertaken this”.

“Stop their Jack, I have to get a clear answer to these variations and I am not there yet.

What precisely did happen while I was sitting in that hotel feeling like a lost soul with no direction at all”?

Well Jack says, because your routine was totally altered, you went into bewilderment, forcing you to let go of all things so that the pulsations could filter into your new DNA, and be there long enough for it to reset into the higher frequency, did you notice how much you slept and just sat and did nothing, this was the key to it?

When theses patterns change like this; the sleep mode of the individual is requisite to help when needed, sleeping at interludes through the day and then slumbering at night.

These situation is meticulous, the whole body is realigning as the radiation comes and goes, it was the undulation of this that dictated this, it could not have happened while you were at home in the usual routine.

Now you are home and the lethargy has reduced making you are feel like you have just stirred from some deep awkward daydream.

And it has, because every part of life has to be respected and worked though, so that each one fulfils their potentials, to there true self, the roll of life is important the things you accomplish; the roll of parent, work, being youthful, and getting things done that you thought was so important and it has been.

Everything is important, so that the rotations of humanities continuation can be brought forwards into this new age, the cycle of the collective cogs have turned and everything is commencing into of the next 25.000-year sequence; the new era of enlightenment for all beings who are experiencing life on earth with all its polarities, so that the fields of light can be equally distributed.

It is not time to give out the same data, its time to clarify, so that others can and will be able to relate to their own progress by describing what is happening to the folks in the world of the thoughts minds and beliefs.

These have fundamentally altered therefore creating a lot of the dissent, disharmony, frustration, and anger, all designed to allow the individual to stop relying on others, once this has occurred, the understanding follows quickly”.

“Right”, Marne says, “let me get this straight, I am renewed according to this stage in the timeline?

“Yes, it is another stage in the development of life, of which there are many, this process began slowly at first taking its there toil on the system, it has taken people to the brink of desperation at times and at other times to the point of elation, before it levels out.

It has disrupted the whole life style and physical outcomes at times, and still the emission keep coming, building up at first ever few weeks then every few days until now when there is no break in them, they continually hammer down into earth atmosphere relentlessly with very little reprieve from the symptoms until they have become adjusted and realigned.

The life pattern has become erratic over this time, and if you have not been willing to alter with them and allow them to set into a new pattern it becomes more difficult to change.

The world pandemic gave everyone the opportunity to just let things be, so that the transition might settle into the new beginning, now that time is over and a lot of souls have tried to recreate their happy place and found that that type of joy is not what is used to be, this is normal as well, because you see the joy is in every day living now, its in the beauty of planet earth, nature and the newly opened heart/brain coherence, the understanding of being in the moment.

You thought you booked a holiday to get into a warmer climate, to get away from the cold winter; there was no thought of any kind of readjustments, for some it has been a conscious thought pattern giving the freedom of being in the world but not off it, but not you, you are all eternal souls who are here for the experiences that earth has to offer.

Through these years information has been consciously giving out so that you can choose to have the knowledge, do your own research and learn from your own point of view.

There on the many different frequencies that are required to complete a new dawn picture for the unity of humanity and the universal cosmic upgrade and for you personally by coming into your range of light understanding and enjoy living.

Every single person is raising and anchoring these latest cosmic rays into their self ,the children and Gaia for the goodness of the one and the all from the divine source.

The job you are all doing is brilliant and shiny and gloriously divine, it covers the whole of the earth, planets, galaxy’s and universe bringing them into the new age of light.

If you are finding that you need to do things that sometimes seem difficult, then do them with the love in your heart and conscious mind, by focusing on becoming coherent with them as they continuously altering the very structure of all life within and on earth at this time.

Do your own study, find out your own beliefs and ways forwards in a world of this new dawn, to be sure there is a way for you and it is a freedom and expression of your true being in the light of heart/ brain coherence of your love for your self and life at this time.

What you have been and are going through is the birthing process of new life form, as in the birth of a child or big plan; it has/is transforming the very essence of all life at this auspicious time period. This comes with the love great love that you hold within your fields of light and wonderment.