Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Things have Changed: what We know: How they have and what to do about them:

Things have changed:

What we know:

How they have: What to do about them:

Dearest souls, the opening of the 11/11 gateways has catapulted everything into this reconstructive part of this year’s program. Up to now it has been constructed in the higher levels of the transit light fields, and’ how much stronger they have become.🙂

The energy of the 11/11 is playing out in its normal way~ this light is penetrating Gaia and humanity’s inner core bringing it up to spec for the future.

What we know:

We are here to hold these earth transitions.

We are here as a conduit for the light.

We experience it when in meditation, sleep state and self-hypnosis, its very active in these states and we know where we are and what to do... just BE.

So much has changed; no one is at that same level as before, everyone has shifted into a different frequency.

Personally, because we were unsure of what had changed, we went into the self-hypnosis space, asking for a clearer picture, this is what came to us, after we sat and thought about it.

 It has taken two years to get from one way of thinking, into this latest thought patterns, it has not stopped: we are practicing how to look at it from a completely different angle, without losing the integrity of our true beings light data.🤔

 The things we though about; how it would pan out, has slowly altered over this time, we have come down to earth with our beliefs, and let go of the way we have been understanding, about this ascension process.

 We did the self-hypnosis, thinking I might help us to progress into the higher picture of how this time line is opening.

 What we learnt was~ that the much bigger picture is very relevant to understanding how small the 3rd dimensional world is, and, seeing this aspect in comparison to the divine source, master plan.

It does not reduce us as human beings, or the power that we hold.

It has shown us how; we have been manipulated over this last period, restricting us in our divine right to be our true being.

We hold the divine spark of God at the highest level of light, and we can become free in our thoughts, minds, soul, and bring our ego into the balance, of the light beings that we are.

The balance is the most important part, of learning how to be able to move forwards, into this lovely new age of light at this time.🙂

 Because we are only programmed to use a fairly small part of the brain, without the use of our naturel consciousness, awareness, intuition, gut feelings, and our psychic powers of intelligent, we have been programmed to think that these abilities are not real.

This has changed.

It’s not been our fault; we have been repressed, so that the control can be maintained over us, for the accumulation of money and the power that goes with it

We have been controlled and divided for eons of time; it is a deeply ingrained thought pattern, and will not be easily broken.

It will take a long time before we~ as free souls can stand up and proclaim our divine right, in the face of the whole world of control and separation.

 This is the year of the new age opening; it’s opening and directly feeding the higher frequencies into our makeup, in all ways.🙂

It is setting the pattern for the future, and it is only just beginning. Most of the people on earth are not ready to move anywhere significant at this time.

Mankind has a way to go, before they can fully realise their potential into the new light.

All the light workers will keep talking and channelling their messages in their unique way, and people are still reading this, it is doing its job on every level of readers.

 The problem is, it is a niche market, and the greater majority of souls, are not reading and understanding these changes.

The changes are growing all the time and even those who are not interested are bringing changes, they are slowly receiving these light waves in their unconscious minds, as a new way of thinking.

 Because of the fear that has been promoted over these last eons of time, it is hard to reassure these souls that all is well, and that these fears are unfounded.

It is a lifetime of work for everyone who is on these paths in whatever capacity they have chosen to take.

The saying: ‘there are many ways to skin a rabbit’ is in play here, now, with these energies coming in; if they cannot be taken on board full front on, then they are filtering all around and finding every crack in the amour of a person’s physical perceptions.

 In time there will be enough for the table to turn, but not at this time. It will be in the far future for the whole thing to appear as natural.

In the meantime its important to keep these blogs going, and keep the videos coming, as the light is penetrating into the little vortexes of everyone soul and being.

Because it’s a big picture it will take time for it to actually shift.

This year’s solstice is special in its rarity of alignments, and it heralds the beginning of these cosmic features, that are going to keep coming now and every year.🙂

 These planes of energy are layers and layers upon each other, building the base line for every light worker to anchor to, and keep aligning their inspiration, so that the momentum is constantly being fed.

We are making the foundation for a great building of grand magnitude, and as each years cosmic alignment comes, they are creating deep footings of layered light, so that over the new, very long time line count.

It will end up a fabulously energetic way, for the evolved universal system, and humanity, will be at its centre, creating in the presence of the lords of light and the master plan.

I have continued on this theme in the next blog.

Thank You. X