Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Unknown Data: Window into the unknown:

Unknown data:

Window into the unknown:

So, what do I have to say today about the progress of this opening up into the full quantum potential and possibility fields, Marne says to herself and the cat.

First, it has completely evolved into its own consequence, what I mean by this is… the reason I began it has altered dramatically it has opened a window into ancient data from the Akashi files, this space of quantum potential and possibility is not just to manifest what I want in my physical life but to gain data from the unknown.

When I look at the word 'unknown which is used in the book by Dr Joe a lot it really means things I do not know about yet!

And the words quantum potential possibility, they describe things that have no perimeter they mean everything, when I am going into this meditation, I am going into a space of the unconscious mind to find things that are there hiding and then bringing them out into the reality of this life I am living.

Like dreaming, this is the frequencies of this meditation, a long time ago when I was practicing tai chi and chi kung holistically my master taught us about the way we can go into the subconscious mind when we slept, and we learn to do active dreaming.

This means we knew we were dreaming and could alter things that were not sitting well within our physical life.

I did understand at the time, I practice this between 1990 – 2015 and only stopped when my health dictated what I can and can’t do.

Now I have a much easier way to practice and get the data that is unknown using meditation to heal myself and Gaia and’ receive information about the universe and the importance of the much greater picture.

It is showing me a different system to observe this world in which we live in a much more sensible way, a way that sits very well in my mind and is giving me the reasons and answers to things that have always been unresolved problems.

At first it has been I bit hard for me to get a very clear picture of what I wish to manifest, I have managed to reach the sweet spot and understood that the significant of this is far greater, wider and extended than I ever thought could be. I am on the cusp of it now, it seems like I have the right amount of time when I can go into it and not be disturbed.

This must be right otherwise it would not happen, my thoughts on this are I must take it slowly and give myself time in between the unknown thoughts to gel within my physical brain and body.

It is not instantaneous!

It is taking time, time to do it and time to rest from it, I have no guidance other than that of my own higher self-group and they are with me all the time, it was difficult to use the manifestation method that was given when I started that was specific for the things, I wanted which was healing for my body.

I am still doing this, and my health has become better in lots of different ways, I find myself eating fresh food instead of prepack stuff, it just happened, I had the urge to eat fresh fruit, salad, cereal and one small meal in the early evening and I drink lots of spring water and less tea it has made a difference.

I find myself spending a lot of time being in the moment even when I am doing something, I take five minuet breaks and tune in, so that I can get the best relaxation for that amount of time to carry on with the overall feeling of calm, quiet, there is no hurry.


I have just read the next Dr joe stuff and there are no new books about this med, but there is lots about the next stage and that is to love my self, it is something I came to by the practice of the meditation.

Make sure I look after my physical self. It said that I must fall in love with myself and everything about me, that was given in a few words, that I can use my own guidance to go into the deeper level.

“Jack I love this” shouts Marne to her higher self as she realises that the info coming into her perception is from the unknow knowledge of possibility:”

it is exciting” she says, “and all I have to do is have the faith that all things are correct and trust that what is being imprinted within my fields in the unknown way... that this IS the way into the future of the new age of Aquarius, it’s so easy now I have got to grips with the meditation and trust that it is true for me.

It might not so for others, it is not my place to worry about others, everyone is on their own path, and it is not my business to be not their path unless I am invited.

I am told that it takes one soul to change the whole if it is done with the right thoughts and frequencies, my mantra is… I am all powerful in this way and I am in love with myself and feeling it in my heart as true.

I love it thank you for the insightful info that I have received today I am grateful”. 🙂

The book I am working from is, “You are the Placebo”, making your mind matter. By Dr Joe Dispenza.