Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Dear Souls: and living in the multi dimensions

Dear Souls: and Living in the Multi Dimensions:🙂

Dear souls, Its very difficult to put a finger onto the way theses waves are affecting Gaia and humanity at this time, the symptoms have not let up and you find ourselves getting used to the way they make you feel, in a very light soft manner.

Everything is going on around as usual, you may feel like you are moving through life, on some kind of wavy fields of light in a detached way, when looking at the rules and regulations that are being imposed upon you, and you comply, feeling you must let it all happen in it’s own time.

These waves are helping you to see “within” and the “Bigger Picture” a lot more of the time, and its this perception that leads to being emotionally detached from the dramas in the illusion, that is going on all around you.

You may also have noticed that as you become more in tune to these frequencies, those around you are also in this very soft, easy, way of seeing the dramas, notice how those closest to you are not over reacting any more to the negative information that is all being given.

This information is gradually losing its momentum in lots of ways, that seem to shine through in the action and ways of souls who are becoming aware of the 2021 light waves, and how they are affecting them in a positive way.

This is an observation of how it is working out in your life.

Many souls are still looking outside for their answers, when all the time their answers are inside the mind, heart, thoughts, emotions and souls that are the “Within Space”.

Going into this, is the way to begin to feel how these wave frequencies are helping every one to recognise how things have changed, and how to move forwards.

Everything that has been given has been in ways to give the higher self-ways to reach this light, there are so many formats to follow to help to feel the light within and begin to move within.

It is taking responsibility for your own progress and not rely on others to lead you there, it’s using all the data that is being written and shared to understand this, learning to make your own decision about your way forwards, with the guidance of the higher beings within, who are your souls groups.

They are there for you personally, and they can be trusted when brought into play, with the heart brain coherence, the focus of inner love for your self.

Be Love. Be Light. Be Happy. 🙂



Living in the Multi Dimensions:🙂

We are all living in a multi dimensional world!

So what does this mean in real terms of living?

It’s been hard to work it out while we are in these simulation illusionary dramas of these third dimensions, how can we get a deeper understanding of how these new frequencies can alter us?

We have sat for quite some time trying to understand why and how our channels have altered.

At certain times we felt we had lost the ability~ although our inner sense said no! “We are just resting”, so we have waited and focused on our inner central hub a lot.

Now! We feel that we have become a lot more conscious of our new physical being.

When we were unconsciously channelling data, it would come when we asked and sat in our silent space, or it might just arrive in our minds when we did not have specific questions, it would be so strong that we felt compelled to sit right down and give it our time and full attention, then these non-local communications would flow through us as we wrote them down.

We did not have much control on how or when this inspiration would come! We were still functioning in our unconscious mind in these matters.

It made it very easy for us to receive unusual messages and information that we could pass onto others, with no recourse to our self, because we were being used as a channel from some other place.

We did not have to take responsibility for what was given.

We would comment that “we did not know where that came from” and all others would accept this.

There are still many souls communicating in this manner and it will continue for quite some time... as every soul is in their unique level of understanding with free will.

It’s the stages of progress and there are many, this year there has been a big shift in consciousness... and in turn the un-consciousness... it is our experiences that has come forwards over this last few months, what we have began to understand is that this un-conscious way of communicating has evolved.

To start with, we thought it had stopped and we sat with that thought and feeling for a while, during this period we practiced being within our self in as many ways that came to mind as we went along.

We found that sitting and down and closing our eyes while we felt these deep inner feelings wash over us, it comes in on waves of light, we were getting used to the way it made us feel.

And still no inspiration or explanation for this; we were told to stop trying to put a handle on it; we let it flow as and when.

So we did this and it made life easy, and we began to feel the energy consolidate within us, as it gives a different kind of inner and outer strength and grounding into Gaia.

Time went by and still no inspiration~ we slowly began to realise that we were much more conscious on the inner level~ the unconscious was not in control of our spiritual connection any more.

Our rewired self, was strong and in control of our non-local communication. We did a lot of revision at this time, and in the end we come to understand that what we were doing now was being directed.... not from the “Outside” source~ because there is no “Outside”, there is no “Out there”.

Everything is coming from “inside” “Within” us.

Accepting responsibility for this began to grow, and our trust in it became one with the ALL.

It was at this point we knew that we are now functioning from the grounded deeper level of the inner communication from the non-local arena.... and it’s, “US”. 🙂

We are responsible for our writing and our channelling, it is coming from ‘US’ in our higher self.

We make decisions based on our own responsible higher self, and we have to know and trust that it will not lead us astray... we keep focussing on heart /brain coherence... keeping our love open, this helps us to remain in the lighter frequency while taking responsibility for our info that we are sharing.

We can connect to this at all times and keep our feet, mind and soul on the ground and into Gaia’s consciousness.

We cannot give guidance in any specific way~ we can tell about our experiences in the hope that it will trigger in someone else’s responsibly higher self to open up their unconscious thought into a more conscious continuity.

Sharing experiences is the way forwards so that all other can evolve them in their own unique way.

We are making decisions through our intelligence and intuition and how we feel about it in our hearts... do this with truth and love. Everyone’s higher self knows what is needed to be done and how to do can be relied on when used in heart/brains coherence love.

Be Love. Be Light. Be Happy.🙂