Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The advice is.


The meaning of life is adaptability:

The value of life is progressability:

It means that we adapt as we go along~ and know that we are progressing. It takes away the negativity of thinking that we are not doing anything else, and knowing that everything we do is valid.


The advice is. In the light of the latest vibrations...

The human brain has its pre-set perceptions that has been in place for years~ and people relate to these as their only perimeter of understanding within the frame work of their life style, job the mental, emotional reasoning for looking at their future.

The human trait is... to want to know what lies ahead~ so that we can plan and work towards our perceived goal. In the old way this was to keep mind, body and soul together in the physical sense~ i.e. work, wages, relationships, keeping it all together in the way we have always done.

In this new light the physiology of the, body has altered~ and this is leading the mind, soul, emotions and mental attitude to also alter.

Things are coming into our mind about... where we are~ what are and doing? What is the truth? Not only about our country’s, governments and laws~ but about our personal lives~ are we happy and do we want to just carry on, regardless of these inner responses?

Or can we change and tweak our lives to incorporate this new way of thinking into it. There is still a lot of fear-basted movement and this is holding many souls in their life patterns. So there is some way to go yet.

In contrast... there are as many... if not more... independent souls who are coming to their own conclusions~ about their way of living and how it can be altered to accommodate the higher levels of light within their agenda of life.

This worldwide lock down~ has shown many more people that they can! And have decided to adjust their way of thinking and working.

The pressure of the old way has lifted~ as these souls realised that they quite like to be at home working~ becoming united with their family~ in a way that has not happened before.

Many love being at home with their wives, partners and children... they are opting to stay this way or at the very least~ give them self more home family time. The attitude is... if the world organisations can shut us down... We can decide what we do! When we are told we can go back to work or school.

It’s created a feeling in many souls~ of how much do we follow blindly~ or how much do we take our own line of independence.

This new light is giving us the option to become our own independent self~ without the crutches of government’s that have been like a holding line instead of a guiding line.

These energies has expanded the human cells and DNA... it's awakened the inner soul of the independent being that we all are.

The membrane of the old earth has expanded and the molecules and DNA are free to be able to exchange new data through these up dated membranes.


Information is exchanged through the membranes that hold these very small particles of our makeup by bumping into each other within the body~ as they touch, they transmit information to each other to enhance our physical body.


The way of the old world~ was to occupy the people with out-side distractions~ to the point that there was no time to look inside.

This lockdown has given the gift of freedom from this~ through the law of the lands and governments.

We have all been forced to stay at home for enough time~ for the human brain to take its stand~ and look within for the other things that can be done to occupy it.

Art, music, dance, sports, zoom times, walking in nature, singing and playing. All these active ways~ has lead to the inner part of the human psyche~ and open up a whole new aspect of understanding~ of the way to go forwards in love, light, understanding and a more contented life style of taking on our own responsibility. Thank you.




Over these last few days, there have been times when we have had to stop everything and sit and focus with in for as long as is needed.

There is no getting out of it~ because it is so strong that all we can do is sit or shut our eyes and do the inner focus.

We have connected four times randomly to the unified fields of the global meditations~ at the times of the solstice the eclipse and the energy waves as they come.

We are attaching them into our universal, galactic, solar systems, chakras and energy vortexes within our physical body and expanding it out into the true universal soul that we are.


I cant put a description on it... its very spacy~ and we seem to be on the brink of being just a field of light~ with no physical anchor~ other than the deep feeling of contentment and correctness as we do it.

It is right for us. We are still dipping into the lower vibration negatively, where we, then feel it~ acknowledge it and release it~ as soon as possible, then we come back to the light way and carry on. This has occurred over the last week as these waves are at their height.


Our response to the new vibrational waves are, we are all in the universal light vibrations at different frequencies, and each person will prepare to take them self’s into their own new way of life.

These divine energies are with everyone~ the night time meditation were our personal perception of the way it has merged into my fields~ as I felt and received them.

All souls have received these inspirations~ the way a person moves forwards~ will be due to their personal preferences within these energies~ and this will direct them in the way they evolve. It’s a very individual thing.


With the new light~ we are zooming in and out of the multi dimensions during our day. You may find your self in a social group or work.... when all of a sudden.... you feel your perception and focus alter.... it feels like it moves.... you become aware of the difference as a real thing.... then you can adjust it back, as quick as it comes in.

The heavy frequency of the old way has expanded~ making the frequencies lighter in vibration and this is why you are able to be aware in this way.

Most folk are experiencing this and have been for some time.... it’s easy to shake your self out of it and imminently bring your self back to the comfortable safe feeling of the old way~ and this is still your option if that’s what you want.

As these changes keep happening~ there will come a time~ when we will all have to acknowledge this and we will embrace it~ and go into it with the consciousness of balance thought and love~ it will show us that we can live in these expanded spaces and still maintain our life style with grace and dignity.