Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

I/we are doing binaural sound healing:

I/we do a mind energy experiment, to alter my physical body and perception of belief.

I am using my focus on the out side of the simulation in the divine field groups, being consciously aware of the thread, to alter my energy field of the bio suit.

I am also using binaural sounds specifically~ to go in the area that is out of kilter~ and giving me uncomfortable feelings of all sorts.

What prompted this was the doctor diagnosed me for the pain I have in my legs and lower back.

Now I know exactly what I am dealing with inside me~ I can do this focus directly, using the compatible sound and total relaxation~ of being in my divine self.

It is working like a dream. I have got a handle on the pain and how to instantly alter it~ as it rises. It will keep rising until the hospital does the procedure on it.

Every time I feel this imbalance coming in~ I lie down and find the sound that resonates with it and me. and let the sounds flow through me.

I am also using specific sounds to work directly on my main organs, immune system, and I even use the sound for clear eyes to stop them watering and being blurry.

They have work perfectly so far~ and I am going to carry on working within my whole body, mind, and soul, because the group is still saying that I heal Gaia and myself.

I pick the sounds that resonate with me, they are the sounds of the specially directed frequency~ all have a similar process, as I go into them and feel them~ I can feel it working, there is a tone that carries on for a while~ then it will change to a higher or lower pitch, and I feel the shift.

It is the underlying tones of this that is doing the changes.

Q:   Is this the way these sound frequency waves work, to adjust our body, as we tune into one, it balances it, then it moves into the next one, toning it to that frequency~ then it might go back and forth over the period of the total length of the recording?

A: yes, this is how it alters and adjust your energy fields of these organs~ and it continues to work afterwards~ as long as you keep in the frame of thinking and being constantly aware~ of your physical need and reflexes as you go through the day.

Dear souls, we are letting you know that every soul on earth is already in the gateway to the outer regions of our universe.

The earth TIME factor is not relevant~ nothing happens at one set moment in time.

Everything happens in a sequence, to the lead up of a cosmic alignment, as in the perception of travel, in the simulation of earth’s physical reality.

You know when you when you are reaching a set destiny by the energy of a different feeling about a place.

If you travel to a hot country or cold you can feel the different.

It is the same in the quantum fields of light that prevail the galixy and movement.

You can feel the tension of something withiny our physical body.

In the greater picture of the simulation it is the same, the people on earth start to feel the changes in their frequency within their own personal vibration and frequencies.

If they are attuned to their inner spark, they feel the waves as they  alter their fields as the TIME of an alignment approaches.

In view of this, we are already in these cosmic events experiencing its adjustments in all of life.

Because earth people are feeling these waves of light, vibrations~ its important to acknowledge them in the mind, mental and emotional self, as they filter through, and bring to the surface old negatives to be released at this this time in the sequence.

It’s ok to express the feelings of both sides of the light~ positive and negate. It is time to remember and recognised and experience and let go.

Give time and space for these alignment vibrations to enter each part of the physical life.

Use this time wisely, if you jump into you inner light, nurture these small steps through meditation, expand them as much as you can in an aware conscious way,  know that you use everything in this transition of light.


The passing of a loved one:

The coming and going of souls~ is a constant flow, it’s the law of nature in this divine simulation; it cannot be any other way. Try to accept this and embrace the new as the old leaves.

Remember that the passing of a loved one is a very hard lesson to know, and it is part of the chosen path that the souls have.

They are going back to their soul group, the same soul group who left befor they came here~ they served their time here on the planet in this divine simulation as a human being.

Its their path and its the ones left behind, having to experience the loss of a loved one, this is alsotheir chosen path.

No energy is lost or created, it only changes it pattern. Knowing this does not take any of the pain of this loss.

Thank you. x 🙂