Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

RE-alignment: Personal perspective: speaking to our heart:


Personal perspective:

Speaking to our heart:

WE have been off line for a while because we have had a problem with our heart...

Our main engine is faulty [our heart], we needed work done on it, we have had three stents inserted into our blocked arteries, it was micro surgery, but it has knocked us hard, we are only just beginning to feel a bit better, it is going to take a time for us to feel right again, we have good days and bad ones.

The higher beings speak to us...

Dear souls, enough negativity.... it will do you no good at all! So snap out of it and know that there is a much bigger picture going on with all of you at the moment.

It is affecting everyone’s souls self and it is coming out in the reality of life styles of the old way, making it uncomfortable in lots of ways; do not lose heart with the faith that everything is correct and will bring about the changes that are in line with the next golden age energy.

For the ones who are experiencing physical health problem of a different magnitude, this is giving you a chance to practice all the methods that have been given to ride in the calm slip stream of the upper levels of light fields.

This stream flows above all the chaos in the lower levels, it’s the positive thought that you have when you are not panicking or worrying about the things that are confronting your every day life style.

It’s slowing down time, mind, thoughts, and in turn it will slow down the actual time in the earths illusions as the simulation wobbles.

As a human you all hold this ability within your very soul, whether you use it is up to the decisions you make, to be sure it will help when things seem to get out of hand.

The cosmic energy coming to earth from the galactic centres through these months is having a very different responsive energy on your physical body; everyone has their problems... for you it means sleeping a lot.

It makes sense when you we realised that you are all in the fields of the winter equinox and theses cosmic influences... this has brought about physical changes that will be setting every one up for the next 20 years!!!

Do not resist these strong feeling... go with them completely.


What we have come to realise is that this latest personal healing with sounds, is the same as the fearless motivation healing we did on Gaia in 2020.

It did the same thing, this latest one has focused on our self-first then Gaia because we are all one, there is no difference with the level of healing that took place, it’s the rearranging the physical body, on the molecule structure on the inner parts of our self and Gaia.

This is the level of healing and alteration that is happening, everything is triggered by something... this latest one has been triggered by our own health and physical makeup, it is correct.

There is always a reason for all these experiences even when we think its personal... there is no personal in the connectedness of this life, as we are’ so is Gaia’ and all others, what we are on the inside is what is happening on the out side.

This is why we speak from the ‘we’ point of view... we are not one we are we... all together.

When we hurt there are others hurting in their own way, when we are healing, others are being healed as is earth and all other planets and star systems, we are one.

This reverberates right through all life it is the way of Shen... spirit... as we get a deeper understanding of what this means, it helps us to re-balance our attitude, life style, and actions towards every thing in our life and therefor is affecting the collective whole.

When we just know the words and do not have the deeper understanding we cannot affect the whole in the same way, we do it on a shallow level but this shows us that we can and will be able to get the fuller picture eventually and be in the space of wonderment at the energy we do hold and can use to enhance the whole the one the collective of humanity.

The shallow puddles of our understanding of this connected aspect of our being is the beginning of the road towards Enlightenment.

We need the shallow to get to the deeper parts of the understanding, its how it works keeping everyone safe from too much energy all at one time.

This would blow our minds out and we might not be able to cope with it, so the powers that be send the data in little shallow bubbles/puddles, a bit at a time so that the human brain can take it in board slowly, then when there is enough data it will open out into the deeper understandings of the whole connectedness of the universal concept.

And we will all be able to commune and connect with the greater power.

It all starts with the shallow puddles of light that are everywhere for every one to see as they feel the need.

Once you feel this deeper connection the energy that goes with it is that of heaven on earth... spiritual enlightenment for the souls to just ‘be’ in, projecting it out to all and sundry as is the destiny of these enlightened souls as they become understanding of these deep connectedness to the one.


Speaking to our heart:

In the connectedness of the all, we can commune with our physical body by talking to each part; we wanted to speak to our heart.

Don’t put any sound on just talk to our heart... hello heart?

How are you feeling?

Our heart replies: We are on a very light level of energy now and this is the grounded space where we can ‘be’ in our true place of comfort in the now. 

Things that have been exposed over these last weeks have re-aligned our frequency into the place of reviewing in this moment and it is where we are going to stay now.

It has had to be a big bump into our true reality so that we can ‘become’ in the now for our future, it has not stopped anything it has given us the space and time on earth to be able to assess the reality of what’s going on around us in the third dimensional world and not be caught up in it.

We have gained the space in between... the area of frequency that is not in the old way and is not in the new way hype of all the illusions.

We are being real and in this moment and it’s taken this, for us to come to this acceptance of our own situation.

But there... we are happy with it, we are a happy heart in all its concepts... we do feel very different now the things we were thinking about has dissipated into the ether... people, things, that we cannot do any more, all gone, we are re-leased.

We are acting within our physical energies as and when we need to, being aware of every little bump and wobble and doing something about it instantly keeping the balance within you our heart with love. And we are happy. Now we will detach our self from all things and be thankful for the experience.