Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Magnetic field reversal:

Magnetic field reversal:  🙂

We read one ‘bit ‘ of interesting data at random... and it sets up a new train of thought... this begins to incubate in our imagination intelligence and intuitive fields, that are connected to the Hugh outer universal fields of these aptitudes, and from there we cannot stop our inquisitive mind from going back to it, as we move though our everyday life.

This latest ‘bit of data’ is about the magnetic reversal of earth’s magnetic fields.

The magnetic pole reversal is happening; it’s been 780.000 years since the last one.

The science has reported that we are in the next pole reversion; it started in the early 1990s.

There is the south Atlantic anomaly that has doubled in the last 60 years, scientist still do not know how this will impact earth.

The scientific director of Niemegk Observatory of G F Z Pitsdam in Germany says, “ Its not a sudden flip; but a slow process during which the field strength becomes weak”.

The metaphysical implication is... the Schuman resonance is normally recorded at about 7.83 cycle per second... this is known as the earths heart beat.

In recent years it has been rising and has recently been recorded at 8.90 cycles per second, it changes constantly as the cosmic energies from the centre of our galixy and the suns radiation sends out waves.

There is a speculation, that if it reaches up to 13 cycles per second permanently, the earth would stop rotating for three days then start to rotate in the opposite direction, this causes a magnetic reversal of the pole.

It is thought that this will affect the way the brain hemispheres interact; it’s estimated to take 1.000 to 10.000 years for a complete pole reversal.

The Schuman resonance has been rising; it is thought that this phenomenon is altering our perception of time.


Is this the ascension? This is the best way of scientifically seeing the ascension. It won’t happen soon, but the scientific facts are pointing to these anomalies and why they are affecting us so directly.

Does this change give us the ability to expand our thoughts and perception to the outside of the normal perception?

We wondered about our new perceptions and experiences... we researched it a bit more; it threw up lots of question, we asked...

Q: Does it change our perception of time on earth and give us this lightness in our physical body?

A: Yes to both of these.

Q: Does it change the magnetism in our brain and give us the ability to expand our thoughts and perception to outside of the normal way?

A: yes.

Q: Is it responsible for our higher guidance and understanding that it’s all our own levels?

A: Yes.

Q: If we consciously use it can we become our galactic beings?

A: You are Galactic beings!

Q: Can it explain all the symptoms, as our mind and body adapts to these different fields and sound resonance?

A: Yes.


Since this random thought; every time we think about our life now, and how we have been speculating about the strangeness of it, we have come back to the thought and the biggest question is, can we know this?

Taking into account that we know we are so deeply at one with the all, and are aware of the feelings of our magnetic connection with it, we mush know it deep inside.

It seems right that we are also bound and connected to this magnetic reversal anomaly, which is happening.


The reversal began in the 1990s and it can take 1.000 -10.000 years to complete according to research.

The time scale is so big, that it cannot be thought of as a thing that we will live through this time round on earth or ten generations to come.

There is no need to fear this.

We are being given glimpse... flashes of how we will become ascended... but most of all we are feeling this calm, comfort of deep love and understanding.... that no matter what earth and our self’s go through... here now on earth, the future is so bright and shiny and all at one.... with everything in place for the infinite time span for the future  years to come.

The expanded feeing in our heart is wonderful, it can take over from everything that’s negative in the now zone of the third dimension simulation, and every one is coming into their own true self, as one love, one light, one life.

We know it sounds sappy and idealistic and we would be the first to make that statement; except what we can feel, and are seeing glimpses of delight, within the imagination, intelligence and intuition universal fields, that what we are seeing and feeling is as real as anything can be.

This outer communication is so strong, we breath into the heart brain and connect to love, and we are in the universal outer fields with our own inner ones, that have openly expanded our mind so much, and we have been gifted with these inspiration of the long term picture.

Another way to put it is, the inner earth Agatha is coming out into the whole of Gaia by the time it is fulfilled.

We are galactic souls/beings and we are all light, we have spent a long time balancing and evolving our dense bodies, the teaching goes on in defiantly.

Even though time goes on and the seasons move forward and portals will open and close, we will always go back to our reality of life, with these feelings, thoughts and comprehension, they will not go away from us now... we have it.

We ask our lighter soul group guidance why we have been gifted with this knowledge they say.... To get to that ultimate space every soul... is setting the pace... the ground work... so that the following generations will carry forwards everything the is being given and the outcomes can be fulfilled, every soul on earth is doing their chosen ‘bit’ in the grand plan.

60 billion + of you... this is lot of light focus on all parts of the scale of the divine frequency, each one of you have a job to do, no matter what you do.... even the negative actions are meant to be, so that everyone can learn to accept how contradictory life can be, on the three dimension simulations at this time, it will be adjusted over the next 1000- 10.000 years, to enhance Gaia in her ascension... all levels of help, from all souls will do this.

Breath and focus on the heart-brain coherence, and be in this moment of ultimate expanded state; wait with a clear head, mind and heart, for the imagination, intellect and intuition to imprint into your head what is needed at the moment, to help go forwards, even if it is to just sit quiet, drawing pictures, taking photos, singing, dancing, while contemplating and feeling the imagination of this most expanded glimpses of the future.

Focus on the feelings of love in the heart consciously, and allow your self’ to guide you in your three innate perceptions that are connected to the universal field of intuition imagination and intelligence that are giving glimpse of the future and work towards it in your light.