Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Fields of knowledge: 🙂

Since the last blog we have been groping about in the dark~ trying to make head or tail of the data we have received~ and we sit on it and hold still.

The dreams, ideas and inspirations come more and more over this period~ and in the end~ we know a whole lot of information about something new~ that we slowly understand.

Other pieces of data comes into our vision through different roads~ people we meet and have a conversation with~ places we go and things we find to read or listen to.

As time passes we begin to look and edit the data and it slowly shapes up to becoming a whole new concept of how this light is.

We had not posted any of our stuff from the beginning of October, it did not seem finished, and something was missing in our understanding and description of these radical ideas.

Personal understanding of how these waves are acting out in human life: Over this last week of September many layers of old energies have surfaced and been let go.

This has left a clear space for this new month. Giving gratitude for this has freed up more space within.

The understanding of how to feel and visualise in the light being~ has become a core of solid feeling of the pure light that are attached to these fabulous fields of light, as grand streams going into the human body~ in layered frequencies creating the new self.

It gives the ability to think a question, and go to the infinite light fields, and know there is a complete connected with the instruction for the next move.

This field is the knowledge that we are far greater than our physical body~ and the high being that we all are, is now consciously connected to the thoughts heart/brain alignment with the love.

It has taken three weeks for us to clearly see there is a difference in the understanding from then and now.

Maybe no one else will get this yet~ who knows, we are happy we have got a small handle to it now~ so that we can build on it until the December solstice.

We are working with Gaia:

Here we sit! We do not want to do anything ~ we feel like focussing inwards on our sacred spiral of the inner core and it does not involve anyone else.

Monika has been in touch with her divine songs; this inspired our calm and soothing energy, thank you Monika.

We are sitting holding this new light frequency within Gaia and us~ and we do nothing else for this period.

It’s called~ unifying our self into the new way, leaving the old behind.

Q: Is it authentic and real?

A: Yes its real and on the higher spectrum of the new light, enjoy it for what it is~ as the new emerging light.

We are holding these waves in our self and we are implanted into Gaia’s fields, this is going on until December solstice.

At the same time~ we integrate ourselves into Gaia’s core through her fields of auric light in this new spectrum.

This is alchemically working through us and with Monika in Egypt, as a pair of souls doing this. This is a united feeling of our two families and Gaia, to do this job. It means on the multi dimensions we have chosen to be workers~ but on the illusory drama it will be~ as and when we link.

We carry on living our physically life~ but in the high spectrum~ we are united~ holding and bringing in this light frequency right into Gaia on the whole new level of light.

By December the work will be done for this section of this year. In 2021 all will begin again in the new waves of what is done this year.


We are thinking and talking about the higher frequency of the creator light, we were drawn to look up this new data in the Keys Of Enoch:

The Adamantine particles of the sacred frequency light:

There is a new state of being as expanded fields of light to become a creative master of light.

Light is both energy and matter at different frequencies~ as we reach our enlightened self of these higher realms, there is a consciousness of the cells of light, that gradually reduce the old layers and regenerate the new ones.

We move beyond the old spectrum into these higher realms of light.

It does not take us completely out of the old way~ we still have to function in our earth life dramas of the illusion.

The heart /brain coherence contains Hugh amounts of ancient code of atoms and the soul contains light frequency’s that enables us to access this knowledge

.                                                         ****

Ref - 20 key 204-215:

This section of information comes from the book the ‘keys Of Enoch’.

This is my interpretation of it and what it might mean.

In the cycle of the Adam Kadmon, which is the light display of paradise of sons and lords of light, we can communicate back to our pattern of light in the Zohar key.

Zohar is a very large set of writings and sacred scriptures that have been used to keep alive the traditions of divine teaching about the many worlds god.

It says that these teachings actually transforms in the dimension of space-time beyond conventional space-time: reserved for souls advancement with the infinite way.

Conventional space-time is the concept of three dimensions of space and one dimension of time into a single four-dimension view of how we see our life on earth.

It explains~ that we are one living sub system of intellect~ expanding and contracting~ in the rhythm of the heartbeats to vibrate and shimmer in the large evolution of the star intelligence.

Stars light ~ Star Universe:

it’s the word of the master control everyday chants in the name of Christ.

This book says: We live in an open ended local universe~ that is part of myriad universes that are made up of the universal mind.

Our local universe has~ at its centre~ a more developed pattern of net works and re-programming~ holding a combination or elements to form a connected whole, known as the higher evolution.

When we surrender our personal ego and identity to god, then we are able to rise to the next space~ where time over laps, to work with our spiritual brothers and sisters through multi dimensional space and time.

This is essential for the on-going fulfilment of consciousness to become one with continuous change with the evolution continuum.

This period is for assimilation and holding this light frequency until further notice.

Every light soul who has the conscious thoughts~ to do their own way of focusing~ is holding the light through their vessels~ holding expanding and engaging with Gaia.

This is referred to in old sacred scripts:

When we have tapped into our light gathering continuum, we get to know that we are more than one body~ in a state of activated conscious awareness.

We can then open to the five bodies, Electro Magnetic, Epi Kinetic~ Eka body~ Geometric body and the Zohar body of the outer light. These make use of the divine wisdom.

Quote: from Key 204: 32- 34. 32:

If a global network of spiritual humanity unites to draw upon these energies and focus them with a unified purpose, towards the marriage of consciousness evolution to a scientific evolution, the world will be One Planetary Mind that will fuse with other planetary worlds and understand how our planetary mind Is One of Many thinking membranes between evolutionary star systems.

End Quote:

2nd Quote: 33:

Our planetary mind will be speeded up as an electromagnetic computer, as we move into an electromagnetic null zone.

During this period of the thirty years: the planetary mind will enter a dimension of space-time beyond conventional time-space and be transfigured by awe of other life forms that make up Many and One universe.

End quote:

3rd quote: 34:

During the present space-time over lap, there will be the passing of one energy universe within another as our planetary mind crosses the present electromagnetic density threshold and is raised to the next electromagnetic orbit of the Universal Mind.

At this point we as sons of Man become the sons of light and transplant our consciousness of our local universe.

End Quote:

These quotes and data seemed relevant to us indicating how we are progressing at the moment into next year. Thank you: X 🙂🙃