Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Ibiza in May 2016:

The Findhorn trip was good, my mentors told me of another trip I needed to make in 2016, it will be my first holiday on my own abroad, I was going to Ibiza for the same reason as Findhorn; but this time I booked for two weeks in the sun.

So this is the next story:

The experience was completely different to Findhorn much more dynamic and energetic.

Again I was really worried about going to Spain on my own, every one I spoke to in my three dimensional life told me “not to be silly, loads of people go abroad on their own, what’s the problem”?

This did not make me feel any better; then I remembered a friend who regularly went to Ibiza on her own and stayed in the same apartments because they were secure, I booked to go there at the end of May; it was in the window of the summer solstice.

All the way through these days of my life I was doing the practice of changing my hard wiring and altering my thoughts trying to let go of the things that were old emotions and feeling of loss, and of course the fear I felt about being out here in the world on my own and going on holiday.

I got to Ibiza and this place is lovely, the apartment over looks the sea, which is just across the road, the area is interesting, its a bit rocky, and the sea is full of life I can see the fishes swimming in the clear water. 

I spend my days going for slow walks along the sea front and chatting to people who are also just walking and enjoying the ambience of this lovely place, or sunbathing by the pool, anchoring into earth and balancing my self out.

There are quite a few English people who live here permanently, and they gathered in a local café where I went to eat, they were very friendly and helped me a lot to understand this place, I could see clearly how they were attracted to live here instead of the UK.

They were telling me how warm it is and it would help my health condition if I decided to stay here, for me, that would never happen, I have my family in the UK and I will always be there for them, since their dad passed over.

This was the physical side of this holiday, the other reason I was here was made clear through the guidance of Jack, Merlin and Metatron who were with me all of time.

Sitting on the beach looking at the little island off shore called Vedra, Metatron came into my mind and started to tell me what we were doing other that taking a holiday in the sun.

“Marne, Vedra is one of three most magnetic places on earth and is in need of alignment, it has a very magnetic portal in the caves that go very deep and there is so much magnetism that a compass will not stay still, this was the same as in Findhorn, a place where the magnetic field is so strong that no compass can be read.

You will not go into this cave, but that did not matter because you are here, and all you need to do is to connect to it with your mind and use focused thought from the heart to feel the energy of this lovely place.

You are here to set up an open portal so that it can transmute this energy, allowing it to energetically expand into the new light energy into this arena of Gaia”.

By listening to my inner friends voices, I can understand it on ALL levels and, how this can be done on many dimensions, this energy is making me sleep a lot and I am having lucid dreams, about the energy changing and transmuting, some of these are strange, leaving me very disorientated.

It was night time and I could not sleep, I had to anchor into earth and get some advice on how to manage this with out freaking out, that’s the word, thought Marne, its freaking me out, I am completely disorientated and dizzy and I cannot get a handle on it, I need help and guidance.

Jack came to the rescue. “There is a very bright full moon tonight it looks very big because it’s close to earth and it is amplifying the energies of this timeline.

You are transmuting through the deep portal, of the magnetic core, on this island, we, are with you, 
we do not want you to go anywhere or do anything, just be conscious and expand your love, light and vibration On this night, you are expanding out to the Milky Ways black whole, through the star systems Bootes and the planets Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades and Orion.

They is also expanding inward to the ancient Atlantis souls in Agatha and the Arcturus energy portal has anchored into the magnetic vortex, and connected into the grids in Gaia, it is emitting energy of pure light, you are focusing and holding it by facing the south and breathing your whole being into the moon light”.

I did this and it gave me the most disturbing feeling so far, 
It is the first time I had been consciously awake, experiencing the different dimensions; it was this big full moon that was having the effect on me.

Gaia and myself are transmuting, I knew I was in the star portal that had anchored into the Ibiza portal on the little island of Vedra.

At the same time, I was ‘holding’ my position over Gaia and the Atlantic ocean, the energy is strong and different, I was told to breath and relax, I felt I was the shape of the grids of energy, stretching across the Atlantic Ocean.

This is my soul, self-teaching me to ‘be’ in the multi Ds, whilst being consciously awake in my room with the noise outside, I am in my multi dimensional expanded light body.

I could actually see shapes of people moving about in the darkness of the room, and defiantly feel them as they wafted past me, I was very apprehensive about all this, and to say I was sacred is an understatement.

I felt very uncomfortable and I was told to lie down and breath into every part of my body, as I did this, it all became relaxed and I open into my multi dimensional light body.

This took half an hour of earth time, I am told to get up and drink lots of water, so I did, and went and looked at the moon again, it is a super moon and Hugh, it has a pink aura, this energy went on all night and fell into a light sleep for a short while.

In the morning it had cleared, “I know I did not dream this” Marne said to the guides, “I was awake all the time, 
I am feeling more comfortable about it, and I am going out to be with the people and bring myself back down to earth again.

There were lots of tourist about and activity, and I did not feel so alone as I did in Findhorn, as these dear souls were very friendly and helpful, I sat and chatted to others who were resting on the walls outside the shops, we talked about this island and how they liked it here.

The next day, I walked round to the south craggy bay and sat and connected to this spot and stayed that way for a time. I took a picture of the sun it had a cross in pink orbs all round it, the feeling and color within my body is calm, red and violet, the violet flame of freedom is within Gaia and myself.

The energy has cleared a bit, and my headache has eased, but this place is mucking about with my energy a lot, Marne said to he self!

One Minuit I am ok, then in the next, I cry, and have to sleep because I am dizzy, the energy is greatly amplified. I must remember I am transmuting the gamma light, through Gaia’s and my body, it’s bound to make me feel strange.

“ It’s all correct, expand your heart”, Jack is saying. “These energies, come in waves, that run over and through you and you HAVE, to stop what you are doing and surrender to it, as it ebbs and flows. 

You are all working in the multitude dimensional higher frequency of light and must keep relaxed, then the effects will be a lot less, and sleep a lot”.

The last three days, Marne thinks to her self, I have been aware of an energy surge that’s sending me off balance, every time it happens; I have given it my undivided attention of love and connection.

The portals are all connected to the frequency of light and the energy has moved through the strata of earth and is now moving down, into inner earth, it is creating the diamond grid and the seed has been absorbed and integrated and activated. 

I am going home, “yeah”!! Shouted Marne out loud, “it has been one heck of a ride and I am glad to going back to the UK”, In my minds eye, I see the image of Ibiza, as a big circle of swirling energy moving over to Southend on sea in a cone type picture, it represents me, taking this back with me and the job is done here now. I am home.

Everything that went on in 
the connection is completed, I am holding this energy for the next 15 days 
the 21st of June, the solstice, I am being told, not to do anything else just ‘be’ here and go to the Shoebury beach and connect all the time and hold.


Looking back at this and thinking about where I am today in 2022, this experience was the starter for this latest encounter with the light beings, the Arcturians; this time though, I was not afraid quite the opposite I was very happy to receive them in their semi physical form and the data and healing they were doing on me and Gaia and humanity.