Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Open Focus Meditation: Another way forwards:

Open Focus Meditation: Another way forwards:


Back in May I read an article by Michael Love, now I am sitting and thoughtfully thinking about what the Pleiades said through him. Marne asks herself questions about it.


“I have read, this it derives from the Pleiades souls and is about manifestation, “There is no doubt” Marne says, “that we all manifest our life without control, the info that came through the M.L. blog was not entirely clear, the advice was to do more research to find out about this method.


It was said that we can only manifest on the third dimension using the fifth dimensional level, and to do this we have to be in deep meditation, hypnotises, using binaural sound or when falling asleep at night.


To me, this means, I am not fully conscious, is there a way to be consciously aware while living on this earth so that we can manifest?


The response comes in: “There is no specific way of knowing, remember you are synchronising the two sides of the brain, it will cause unknown and bizarre mind-sets, this is usual when probing into the deep part of the human psyche, As the two sides come together it opens up a new vista of life, where you can and will manifest the light into everything.


So to answer your question, yes’, you can do this, once you get it clear in you mind of what you want to alter about your life, it will enlighten your whole world.


Practice this and call this an experiment on your self by using these techniques and finding the different interpretations of this and re-read up on it all”.


In view of how things are panning out this year and the fact that everything that I knew and did is now obsolete in some way, Marne thinks to her self, I will take the advice I found the book by Dr Joe Depanza’s: “You Are The Placebo”. “Making Your Mind Matter”.


He talks about “Open Focus Meditation”.

It’s a method to reach the different frequency waves while being in a state of conscious thought.

I also looked at other interpretations on the same subject; they all say the same thing, become aware!


The Math institute has done extensive research on this matter and heart/brain coherence to bring in balance, and have they had some extremely positive outcomes that back this up.


“Okay” says Marne, “this is how I started; every one is individual so that means every one will find his or her own way, I began by breathing into the heart chakra and feeling it, then I used the brain to think about positive things, love, harmony, beauty, balance, and coupled the two, to create an opening to the subconscious part of the brain that will allow me to influence it through my nervous systems.


This is the theory, Dr Joe says that in the end my neuron passages will be this and not in the old pattern. This is not easy, it is going into another level of meditation, and I am going over it time and time again”.


“This is comparable to the January full moon meditation”, Marne says to herself, “I was knowingly aware and able to do the healing that was required.


Doing it this way is not dissimilar but I do have the feeling of fear of the unfamiliar when I begin to lose the bodily sensation as I enter the quantum fields of the universal unity; a place where there are unknown expectations, and it is scary when doing it in such a physical decisive way, this is holding me back. I


n Dr Joe’s books there are workshops that are designed to help people to get to these areas of the subconscious where we are able the manifest the changes in our life, our world, and universe. It is still a type of health-giving on the quantum subconscious level of the human brain where our left and right parts come together as one and the frontal lobes light up.


These workshops are not in my area and I cannot go to them, so I am going to try to follow it with my divine higher self and the Pleiades guidance.


There is absolutely no reason why I cannot do this once I can get over that little bit of fear that rises.


In the book “You are the placebo”: it tells of where that place is, it is in the alpha, delta theta and delta vibrations that we all reach when we sleep.


The reason for this practise is to get myself into a conscious rational state and remain there so that I can direct my own future and modify any part of my life that I want to, by altering my own life and environment.


Because everything is inter-connected it will feed through to the collective of humanity.


All my past guides are not here in the same way now, I am one with my self and at the moment it is the Pleiades group who standing in the background to help me.


The motive for this is that it will help me to get a deeper understating of my expansive self, and maybe communally for all peoples to move ahead into their own awareness of the quantum nature of the self and be happy with the changes. I will keep going and see where it leads, I know it is correct”.


On looking at this again I have realised it is much more than an ordinary meditation, ordinary meditations are about going within to the inner part of my self and staying there. The open focus meditation is about going within first then moving outside of my self and expanding my molecules into their quantum fields as well as being interactive. I ask for conformation:


“Hello Pleiades souls, are you going to instruct me”? “Yes, we can answer any questions from you.

Do a lot more research and reading about the quantum aspect of this meditation, and take more time.

You do have to follow instructions for the meditation, but it will be your individual way.

Recognise what comes into your mind from your own guidance and take what you are reading as well, so that you can allow the right system to come through, in this way you will keep your authenticity.


There is the natural way for these changes to emerge, you cannot force anything in these new vibrations, all you can do is recognise that you are fields of quantum energy that is being adapted as and when you let it with the least resistance.


It is vital to allow the drifting of these frequencies in and out of your fields of life with a constant softness of acceptance with the love and hearth brain coherence.


We are always here backing you up in all situations to ease you through any kind of disruption as you hold theses waves for Gaia, your job has not changed it has just become more central.


We bring you love and tender help as these next months’ come and go, the new earth energy is coming through”.


“It seems”, said Marne to the Pleiades council, “that I have to keep going through the levels of my fields that have established them self over the life times experience and each time I think I have cracked it, I then find out there is another layer, well’ this latest level has given me an vision of understanding to what I have been trying to grasp”.


“We are the Pleiades souls and there is something to say to all peoples of earth.

You do reach the delta and gamma frequency when doing this type of meditation and it is helping you to realise your potential.

What we recommend is let everything go, release all pre-conceive ways of living and embrace the emptiness this will give you, once you have done this and accepted it there will be a resurgence of enlightenment.


The old ways are blocking the space that is within and controlling your mind by not letting it flow into its new frequency. We understand that these are changes of a fearful nature, because you can’t know how it will pan out and the unknown is always a fear-based emotion.


Your faith is the strongest thing you can use at these times, and the feeling of focused love within the heart/brain coherence, if you do not understand anything of this start with the practice of the heart/brain coherence with the love of your faith, it does not matter what you use for this it can be anything that allows you to become aware of you own energetic self.


If you do not want to do these methods then there is something else for you to learn before the true highest self can come into your thoughts.


Remember it’s the third dimensional ego that has driven you for so long and to break out of it is scary and unknown but your faith in the divine and your self will show you the way.


Letting go of the old media addiction and the ego is one of the most difficult processes to undertake.


All you want to do is keep going in the same old comfortable way that you have been doing for quite some time.


As these energies alter the physical body, mind, brain, then thoughts, you find that the old way is not working so well, it is dissipating slowly in front of your ears, eyes, and minds.


It takes a while before you see that you are, maybe following the wrong path now, then you have the dilemma about what to do next, do you let go altogether and go on another route or do you alter your work to see if it works better another way, or do you just sit in it trying to make it work as it used to?


These are decisions you have to make, along with the physical things you have to deal with, the emotions, feeling and your attitude to this and what others are saying. If you have been a teacher and giving out informative methods for the progress of others it’s more difficult than if you have just worked on your own.


The feeling that you got when you were at the height of your third dimensional ego was a lovely high feeling with a lot of bounce within the emotions of the words that were written and the feeling of great love and up-lift-meant.


As you move into these different frequencies you are all heading for changes in the ways of seeing things through the interaction of chemical changes.


Keep going until it breaks down, this can be, in the fact that you cannot reach the high that you have had for so long, it confuses your set mind pattern because you though you had cracked it.


And this is where the dilemma comes, your beliefs are being questioned, your heart is being pushed into a different direction, your intuition and intelligence, emotion and imaginations are being tested to the greatest degree until you almost want to give it all up you might become very low in your thoughts, this drains your energy, and this makes you feel even worse as you are pushed too far.


At this point it is time to do some radical thinking and examining your inner most feelings and your faith in what you are doing here on earth at this time. Why are you feeling so let down by your beliefs?


You make excuses so that you do not feel so bad, boosting your self up in what ever way you can, and still you do not get that euphoric state of mind feeling and even love come into your energy.


What we want you to know is that this is NORMAL for the next phrase of your ascension, its time for you to feel these things and then find your way through them so that you can receive the light frequency that is rightly your.


One thing is’ you have to let go’ before you can re-align and this means really letting go, let go of how you feel about the media way, friends, writing, channelling, these things have to be alter so that you can accommodate the new, once you get the hang of it, the mind can flow directly into the new age light focus.


This will take time before you get focused on this new reality, where everyone is equal and helping each other without competition.


Everyone is perfect there are no mistakes; everyone has the right to stand tall and acknowledge their mastery of life no matter who they are, every human is free to do what they want, by keeping to the cosmic rules of equality, non-judgment and open heart/ brain love coherence.


It is another way forwards for the ones who are in the middle of this transformation helping them into the crystal light, do this in your own unique way according to your life paths be love be light happy”. “Thank you” says Marne. 🙂