Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Being Aware:

Being Aware:

I have been aware of the open focus meditation now for 4 months, I knew I was to heal myself and what is needed is a coherent understanding just how this can happen and then it struck me that it is the same as I did back in the day in 2013 when I set up my model to alter my original pattern by going into the quantum fields of the max plank state of pure potential.

At that time, I understood this and set up a model using the information of the writer Steve Davis and the book butterfly are free to fly.

I used it to create a new blueprint of my original life path by altering the matrix that I were born with using the holograph theory to set it up in the Max Plank fields of potential and then followed it through until it became my actual self the one that I are now.

This meditation is going into the same place of quantum potential and deeply alerting the DNA to create the perfect bone marrow and immune system and auto-nervous system, then taking it through to the rest of the body.

There must be a certain amount of biological information to be able to do this. It is not being referenced in the same way, but the words ‘be nothing’, ‘be nowhere’, ‘be the wave not the particle’, being in the quantum fields potential, not in the physical, to move from present into potential and stay in it for the duration of the meditation and the longer I stay in that space my physical body is rewiring itself with my own energy’ is the same method.

This is the same re-adjustments that must be done on that level, the atomic state, using imagination to see into the DNA of my systems, and see the connections.

Having done this before, I know enough about how this biology works for me to visualise it and imagine it and feel the feeling of these field and how they would look if they were working perfectly.

It’s time to move on and I am not sure how!

“Marne we your higher beings can help you with this, there is a parting between the energies, to one side there is the quantum potential, the wavy interaction of changing things that are not sitting right anymore, and the other side is the old way of hanging onto the known and not going into the unknown, these two are unravelling.

This is a big step for man and one that can only be done when the timeline is correct, nothing can be forced in this transformation it has to come from the individuals own want to progress.

Sharing this data, it will affect quite a few souls once they are in the fields of this light without their egos.

So far, the data has said to go within to find the god spark, the inner self and many understand this, the

mediations have all been to ‘go within’ and come into your own inner self. As this becomes natural, the curiosity will grow in the mind and people will want to see how far they can go, curiosity is great, and this is where the ones who are ready will pick up on the next phrase of going out into the quantum field state of the universe; the fields of energy, and then relate this to the self and their physical life.

All life is quantum fields, a state of being gross/heavy to very light and the mind thoughts and feelings oversee these things within the physical body and the universal field light.

This is a steppingstone for humanity to fully understand; once the way has been cleared and the data becomes common knowledge it will feed through to the new generations as normal and they will know how to do this for themselves.

Do not doubt; everything that is forthcoming is valid and correct.

Give information that will make a valid story to share. Be love, light and happy”.

I have realised that I do not have to take part in the holographic reality of the illusion/simulation dramas it has led me to be more content with my life, it is a good start to getting to the unknown place where I am free and unleashed.

Thoughts for self-healing: I love my legs, I had to lose the ability to walk before I could totally love my ability to walk today, and I went much further than before.

They carry me into the natural space of nature where all the things are fields of quantum energy that hold the potential of being at one with the universe it is a projection of nature from these fields that I am walking in, the cars shatter the fields with unnatural smell, sound and speed. I thought about my breathe and lunges, I had to experience being unable to breath freely before I could be grateful for the healing I have received as I breath freely with power.

My heart came to mind, I had to have the feeling that my heart was not beating before I could understand the power of it now, I am healed. It’s the same with the digestive system, now I am going to work on the nervous and immune system, so they too can be healed, and I can appreciate the power of these parts of me working well and healthy.

Over the time I have used all the techniques to give myself a better life, a more comfortable way of living and have had success to a point.

Now I am taking it further by going back into the quantum fields of pure potential, the place before things become actual and I am formulating a way to boost my health so that I can fulfil my next years of life on earth as a human making the most of my own power.

As a group of people, we are told we are just one person and we cannot be strong enough to alter anything alone, we must accept all the things that our life consists of so that we can just live.

This is not a true reading of us as a human being, we are quantum beings with the potential to be as influential as we can think, we are made up of quantum energy, all-be-it a dense type, so that we can walk the earth, but that is not to say we cannot use every part of our quantum self to alter and change things around us and our self.

We are part of the collective consciousness of humanity and universe, by modifying our self we are sending information into the collective so that the rest of humanity can grab it if they desire and move into their quantum self of the universal fields of pure potential and can be anything they wish for.

Each one on our earth is fields of energy of the quantum nature, every molecule, atom, has its own fields of spinning energy that is controlled by us.

A lot of it is automatic but in the fields of the quantum energy these can by altered and reprogrammed into a more desirable way of living.

By expanding our thoughts, minds and soul outwards in an extended meditative way we can combine this quantum part of our true being.

We are fields of quantum energy with the possibility to alter our very core self when applied. I am relating how I am going into the new age, into the things that I do not know, going along an unknown road of adventure into my future, touching on things, that I have shirked away from up to now.

My guides are not going to channel anything as they did before, all they will do now is explain to me how and why these things are’ to progress myself’ and they told me they will not give me words to share I have to do this for myself and be responsible for what is being said.

On this level of light there is no inspired chatter that will just roll out of my mouth that is for the other levels not this one.

That’s why they have been quiet they insist that I become my own responsible self now. God bless:

This cannot be described in words it is beyond them, the talk has been about knowing’, and up to now I have not fully understood what it means, I understood the words but not the implication of the meaning of it as something I do.