Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Gaia Healing: Advanced Data For All: Channelled Healing:

Gaia Healing: advanced Data For All: Channelled Healing:

There are not many souls doing this opening on earth! We are doing earths souls healing~ from our sparks to spiritual source within the theory of the Holographic Universe, we are using binaural healing sounds.

It is harmonising this frequency into the simulation as an energetic field from the other side of the veil.

The message: Each soul has his or her own way path. Our presence helps all souls to be connected with their path~ and the experience they go through is for their glories outcome.

Focus on us in the group field and th  adjustments of it. We are doing this for earth and every other planet~ star galixy and the universe.

Your ‘dot’ on Gaia is the point of emergence for the rest of the universe, focus on the small ‘dot’ to keep it well in balance using every piece of binaural sounds for each organs, mind, emotions, mental, spiritual etc.

Keep the harmony and balance to heal your field and that of Gaia’s, do it as much as is needed for this period.

We are asking you to do this sound healing while connected to the fields beyond the veil on the outside of the simulation.

This is where you single energy focus is working to draw in the harmony, grace and balanced field of love for all at this moment.

We are all connected in this outer realms of the divine source~ visualise it, feel it, you are it~ now go right into it and cut out all other energetic thoughts NOW!


Personal: Spiralling feedback loop:

I become confused! I did not feel connected to Gaia~ I am on the outside in this wonderment of energy that is way beyond the earth.

The sounds are undulating affecting these energy fields of light~ they go across the vast expanse of these glorious fields, colouring them~ altering them~ loving them~ harmonising and balancing~ they respond with a light of love.

I can see earth as a minuet spot of blue~ that is miles away and I wonder if I was anchoring with it.

The Gaia’s soul group come in and I heard a bird sing in the tree, Gaia reassured me that I am here and she is me~ we are one and all working in unison.

I asked why I could not feel that?

A: We are using your light to alter these outer fields and groups~ and as we do it~ you could not be in the mind focus of holding your roots into these planes.

It would not be compatible to this type of resonance and readjustments for you peace of mind and protection~ we keep this balance in place~ as we all fly into the outer fields.

Just then, I open my eyes~ and saw the birds in trees the cats in the garden~ and felt at one with them~ in a way of deep understanding of the divine greatness of this moment, in our unified light of deep love, gratitude and our heart/brain coherence and everything is fine... We Smile.🙂

Now we sit here and everything looks greener and clearer and we feel this outer vibration spreading out into earth and every soul~ healing them of their fears, bringing this light into every heart of every being on earth and hold.

As we hold we can feel the energy returning back into the spark/dot and as it pours back it transposed the whole of earth, people, everything, and this is a spiralled feedback loop and the field is creating a solidity of energy that will never be broken.

Keep the constant balance of yin/ yang, light /dark, male female, always flowing in harmony balance and resonance.

We did the grand healing awareness consciously~ Using our mind focus into the outer fields of the simulation the divine groups.

Every little hurt~ that every one has, is their experience~ so that these fields can be re-adjusted continually as they happen~ and it shifts the perspective of all souls.

Thank you X 🙂


Learn to create: and a mind energy experiment:

Dear souls~ Learn to breath into the heart/brain coherence that connects you to your divine spark, and the outer fields, feel it as open~ then use any sounds that resonate with you for specific energies.

These will enhance every part of your life, work, health, money, balances, happiness, children, and families.

To bring in your ability for this progression~ first decide what you want or need, to allow you to be in harmony and balance with the nature of earth, people and universe.

Never ask for the negative or retribution towards others~ have an open heart that is in tone with your divine self, spark, dot.

An open heart means you do NOT hold any negatives in it~ while you are focussing onto this energy light.

Once you accomplish this, then, you can create your perfect harmonious balanced life. It will instantly affect all others who you are in contact within the fields of everything that we are.

Find your own way to be in this place of light, love, peace and harmony without altering others.

DO it through meditation, music, song, dance, art, nature, dreaming, and imagination, each of these will lead you to your spark.

Find your spark and the connection to your group on the other side of the veil~ simulation and feel your self grow into your divine self and be the light.

Thank you x

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