Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel





This all started on the day out of time: It has thrown me into a whole new area... where to go from here?

If everything is a holographic projection then is there any point in proceeding as before, to keep posting, for others~ to inspire them.

From now on we incorporate this latest data on all new different aspects of what we understand. Look at everything and incorporate this latest data along with our experiences of it.

When we talk about being one with Gaia on this new level of understanding~ it is correct and we are aware of the changes, frequencies, vibrations coming and altering things.

We are progressing into the knowledge of this sound and frequency connection and science~ and acknowledging it as a very real thing, it is a human in a holographic simulation~ if we can get out of the third dimension connection  of control that we have been programmed with!

The movement out of this control; is being address in ways that are stimulated by the energy vibrations for the cosmic space there is also a stimulation of holographic dramas.


P.S. There is a sequence of information about these perceptions, there is too much to post of the individual F/B pages~ the first two are here the others are on my web page. Thank you ☺



“I” decided to question everything that I have been given over these last few days! I am thinking of my infinite dot/spark ERMMM!!!

And asking for some answers about this latest data of the holographic universal simulation... ERMMM!!!!

It goes in line with the earlier work I did, in 2013 I did the work on how to access this and be able to change my life patterns.

There was a lot of distress in my life at that time I thought that if I could change my holographic matrix it would get better and I would not have to experience it on this level.

I was mistaken we all have to fulfil our destiny no matter what we think. But over these years my life has changed in a positive way that was not as I thought it would be.

Now we get these two prompts about the same thing with much more science and research on the subject.

Q: Have I successfully changed my outcome from then?

A: Yes, you have changed things by practicing methods of self-regulation on the physical body~ but not on the energetic way that can be activated NOW.

You are altering the very fabric of the holographic simulation by doing your mind experiments of visualisation, intuitive and dreaming.

Nothing is lost... it has just brought mind concept into a different truth, the one that is resonating with your vibration in you whole being in the simulation.

Looking at it this way sits very well with your hologram... it is in balance with the dots sparks and infinite source and there is no discrepancy in it.

BJ, your simulation has carried these in your projection~ and you have always known that there has been lots to understand and learn~ so that you can let go~ by practicing the mind experiments~ moving the mind perception and understanding~ going in and out of every different aspects of the simulation by using the tools and knowing about the system.

This is the New Year~ a new way~ a new perspective. You know you are using the given holographic simulation to focus on and on these last few days, grasping and updating your perception of how to process and proceed in this new light.

Q: Do I use the binaural sounds for our progress?

A: Use anything that resonates with you~ there are many over laying fields that are available to be explored and experienced as soon as you let go of your fear ~they will make them self know to you.

All guides, galactic and master are here in this game that you are part of~ and can be used to interact with... But! Remember that they are a simulation projection from the infinite dots of all peoples. Do not lose site of this~ it’s a truth in this game.

Q: So can I play with them like in a storybook?

A: Yes but remember they are NOT your reality they are the reality of those who are asleep to this simulation.

So here I am sitting in my bedroom in my holographic simulation, trying to get my head round this radical idea of changing my thoughts, body, perceptions, beliefs everything, on my own with no one to talk to about it.

I have to sort it out and reconstruct everything I have ever been doing for all these simulated years in the hologram~ and at the same time~carry on being ”normal” in the family drama~ talk about a split life pattern!

Thank you. 😀🙃