Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Galactic Beings:

Galactic beings:

Message from the inter-dimensional galactic beings, which are here for the next insurgence of souls into the multi dimensions with consciousness.

Dearest earth souls who are asking question about our presence on earth at this time...we must tell you that we cannot incarnate on earth looking like a human being... at this time... in the distant future we will be able to integrate the energies so that we can be seen on earth as its denseness becomes less, but not at the moment.

What we can do ... and are doing is being in the same place as all living things on Gaia on our different vibrational frequency.

As you might know... outside of the third dimensional earth, time and space is different, we reside in the same space as you on different frequencies.

This means we can and are, as close as being next to you, and sometimes you can feel this as a gentle touch on your arm, or a vision in the periphery sight, as you glance across a room with sun light reflecting on our aura as a flash of colour or an image.

We can whisper in you ear or lightly call out your name... and you might just ignore it because you consider it to be in you imagination or your sleepy dreamy state.

And when you go into a deep meditation, you are totally communing with us on the non-local communication level of frequencies or it can be called vibration.

There is nothing unusual about this kind of experience... every human has these abilities they have just been dormant for an eon of time.... but are being woken up at this time of evolutionary progress, we are all go into the next stage of ascension to become one within our hearts and mind with the higher being of our self.

This is not just earth, it’s the whole energetic set up for this next time period, we are also.... re-aligning and progressing in our own right.

Humans are multi dimensional with a dense body that enables them to move about on earth, every one of you has the energy levels of the highest divine light within, and its up to you... to either go for it or not, depending on the level you have chosen to be on in this chosen life path.

Everyone will eventually become their higher divine self when it’s the right time for them, at this moment in time the journey is only just beginning.... we are at the very start of the long term calendar of 25.000 and other long term periods, so there is no hurry.

We are here to be close to you to give you all an energetic nudge into your own next step... everyone’s pace is different... and we could not materialise at this time... it would freak every soul out and it would not be appropriate, but we can be here on this auric field, that has the ability to be so close to nudge and show you things that can be physical, in a way that is not intrusive to the fears that most souls hold at these times.

Its not our job to scare you.... its our job to befriend and support you as you begin to realise that the things that you are seeing, feeling and experiencing in your imagination, intellect, emotions, intuition, and dreams means something.

We can help to prompt and show you your individual way, by being this close to you.

Look out for the things in nature that strike you as beautiful and charming... The little things that come your way... see the beauty in all things... love from your hearts and brain and become coherent with these feelings.

Confront the old energies coming up for release and try to ask us to help you with them if they get too strong.

Use your crystals they will help when asked, crystals will keep your energies balanced... you are very crystalline and these beautiful crystal entities are available to speak to, as well as, all of nature, and us.

Breathe into your heart/brain coherence, focus and sit quiet and ask for the help you need... we are waiting and are ready to guide you with great love. Be blessed, X.🙂