Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Holidays & Re-aligning: This is the on going story of Marne the misfit:

Holidays & Re-aligning:

This is the on going story of Marne the misfit:

It is a time of transformation when you are on holiday, go into the light and recollect that the job we do now is of a far greater and intensely than ever before, its an energy set up, you and we the universal council are in, it is the a level of the ascension program that is deeper than most others and it’s up to us now, to take our information and energy into the fabric of Gaia as she transforms.

We are going into the deepest place that a mortal can go, out into the universe where you will aid us in altering the solar system and in turn the universe.

Your lesson, at this time, is to let go of the need for others they are not interested because they stay in their illusionary fields of what they know and love and never come out of, where as we were never in that place and have always been on the outside of the many, it is the pathway.

Embrace it now, at this time in your life as you travel into this light wholly and let the illusionary simulation keep the others entranced, because that is what it is, the entrancement spell.

Later...”I have just woken up from a 2-hour sleep”!!! How normal is this for me? Jack and Merlin come in together laughing out loudly.

“Foolishly” Marne says, “Am I at the butt end of this joke”?

Jack steps forwards, saying, “Well what do you think stupid’, you are old and have been ill and when you are at home what do you do?

You stay in bed until 8 am or later and you sit for at least 3 hours looking out of the window, listening to your thoughts twittering on about life, you do not stay up for eighteen hours travelling Have you forgotten this”?

Yes”, retorted Marne, “I have, and in the same way I have forgotten loads of things”.

“Then we suggest that you consider where you are in your life, this is part of the letting go, there is no way you can DO what others are doing when they go on holiday.

“In my dreams”, Marne was saying, “I thought that I might sleep and not wake up and I was being wavered all the time, I knew I was asleep but I had these thoughts all the way through”.

That is not going to happen... not yet, sleep time is the best time for the emissions to flow through your system and its this that you are feeling, it is a bit bewildering for you but have the faith to know that it’s a normal way to re-align a human form, just relax into this holiday; its all you need to do”.

“That has made me feel much better, thank you for that.”

The next day I read about the Schuman charts; “So that was it”, Marne spoke out loud, “there has been another solar spike and it came over theses last few days, it clarifies the wavering and the feeling dipping down and away from the usual physical self.

I am reassured; I can cope with all of this if I know that my body is not going into a death roll, because that is what it feels like when the energy is pulsing through me.

I know its silly, but it is how it feels”!

Today is the full moon, I had not considered this, until I had difficulty getting to sleep and I got up and went out on the balcony and there was the moon looking me, I then decided that the only way was to lay and be in this moment and I did this all night.

I got up and had breakfast and I still felt tired so I came back and laid down for another two hours, woke up at 11.30, and went into the sun.

My head is spinning I am disorientated and unsteady, when I close my eyes I can see the cogs turning and moving as before and I asked Jack to come in and enlighten me.

“Good morning Marne, well...did you think that things would be so much different?

As we have said before this is a slow development and although the rising of the frequency has altered all physical matter it still has a long way to go before any big changes are established in the physical world, in the mean time the cosmic movements keep on keeping on.

Slowly adjusting the planets, people and universe slowly, so as to not let any big reactions happen.

You may not feel that you are doing any thing here at this time, but you are, its part of the interactive adjustments of how these energies are working.

It will not be a recurrence of earlier holidays as everything has changed, most of all you have changed in your perceptions of what the illusionary simulation of the holographic world means in this time line, and that is what is being carried forwards into play, as you go through this time in Spain.

And be careful of the suns radiation on the skin, its ok to be in it for half and hour then cover up, go and have your dinner at 2.00 and them take a trip along the sea front today and come back and rest”.

“Yes I will thank you for that,”

Eve: The energy is really strong and I will have to go to sleep because it’s over powering me.

I am seeing things and am disorientated to the point of not being able to stand up straight, I need to lay down as much as possible to let the alteration of the physical form of you and Gaia, there is no need to worry.


Personal Crap:

I am thinking about life:

“Nothing ever runs smoothly does it, no matter where I am, my sadness comes in and makes its self know to me and I have to go through it.

It makes me think what is the point of it all.

Jack came into my head. “You are on the low of the wave and this is clearing your mind, you cant run away from anything, your life follows you wherever you go so get over it”, Jack says, But I am so sad and all I want to do is cry”, said Marne, “the full moon has heightened the bereavement again, and I am here on my own and feeling it in my heart as I try to get to grips with my life”.

I have blamed it on everything and everyone else, and it’s me!

I am feeling these sentiments, not others”.

“Marne, you are being silly, modify your thoughts, you are not getting the gist of the energy, you were dreaming and it is screwing with your old perceptions of how it was, let go of everything and the pain will ease.

You are suffering symptom of the energy plasma and that is all, so don’t be so judgmental on anything else, it will not ease but it will not get better while you keep thinking about it all in this way.

The lessons here are that you must keep in your comfort zone in future, and when you decide to make adjustments, take into consideration your needs”.

“But” said Marne “over these last few days I have felt that everything I am doing in life is fruitless and tosh, my deep understanding says its not but my emotions lead me to thinking this”.

“You are concentrating on destructive beliefs again, re-think about how these inner feelings are fields in the cosmic connection, this time line has been a healing of something in the bigger picture and not just you”.

“Okay, so while I am in Spain, I am going through these deliberations and mind-sets and I have been able to disperse them into a natural balance, therefor healing my self, Gaia galixy and universal fields, if I had not come here I would not have felt these deep emotions and then healed them.

Each action brings about a re-active scenario, and it is correct?

If what the epigenetics say are right, we have been given these inner feeling that direct our thinking so the we can re-organise them and progress into our enlightenment state of being.

Jack is that true”?

“Wow’ Jack we having a big thunderstorm, Gaia is releasing pent up energy, back to the question”.

Jack replies, “we stand fully by the information that we have given about the inner fields and yes! It is a truth”.

“So who sets us up with these highly organised fields so that we can do this healing”?

“Well you did, of course, because you are the ones who are fashioning everything, you are the highest beings at the source, dressed in the clothes of the human attire, so that this can be experienced, remember light cannot experience itself, without the form of the body, remember that.

So you decided to put your light energy into the form of the human body so that you could feel and act on theses energies in ways that is not possible otherwise.

You set your self up for this with the aid of your soul groups and mentors specifically to help Gaia, the galixy and the universal fields.

You are after all super beings, within that physical shell with so much potential for greatness once you get the through your earths controls, its been these that has lead you into thinking in the way of the self and others as separate and not as one connected to the divine source.

This also is by design so the your thoughts, brain and heart can work it all out, so the you get a deeper understanding of the action of the higher self and other higher beings that are at one with you.

This has been a long slow progression, set up over many earth years so that the evolution can be deeply acknowledged and altered slowly as you all become enlightened into your truth, this sets the pace on a solid base so that it withstands many new eons of time lines for the future”.

Marne speaks, “Because most people are living in their illusionary dramas with the belief that it is the reality of life; a person like me finds it very testing to live amongst them, they defend their own simulation like a lion defending her cubs, they fight anyone who might bring the alternative into play.

That’s how I feel!

And sometimes I just want to let it all go, but know I cannot, so I go on and keep silent, sitting in my light on my own, being in the moment as much as possible, playing the games that others put on me, as best as I can, I feel alien and do not fit into their flow, it sets me apart, so I “talk” to myself as if I have more than one person within, to stop me feeling that I am mad.

When my hubby was with me it was not so hard, he always listened and gave an opinion, most of the time he knew exactly what was being said, we had profound debates about spirituality and religion and science, which ended in an understanding that we had different views, but he never knocked my ideas.

Its not like it is in the movies, whereby there is always a partner or friend, there are lots of energy vampires who only want to be a friend so that they can take energy.

So, Jack and the universal council, that is how I feel, what do you think about that?

And where do I go from here, it makes me want to cry, and do not tell me that ‘its my life path’ I do know this, what I want is a new directive, one that is going to fulfil my needs for this last part of my time on earth”?

“There is nothing to say”, they answer, “you have to go on and work it out for yourself, so that you are contented with it all, this is another layer of adverse energy that has surfaced at this time, it is good when you look at it from this point of view and not from the defeatist negative view.

We want you to perk up, look the suns coming out now, go and sit in it and breath. Be love light and make yourself happy with the suitable thoughts. Recollect, Marne you set this up, not us! You chose this path for its harshness and its up to you’ to change it round.

End: ❤ 🙂