Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Time Line 2020: The Energetic World of Light: Look Back in History: Hold Your Light Within:

Time line 2020:

The Energetic World of Light:

Look Back in History:

Hold Your Light Within:

The time line is so great in comparison to the life span of a physical human on earth.

The universal time lines and distances go beyond the perimeters of the human brain and it almost impossible for an individual soul to understand and get a handle on what is in play.

We of the higher realms do not expect this of a human in this century, it is too soon for mankind to realise and have any perspective about it at all.

Look back in history to 1899 to 1999 and see the changes over this time line... how great they are.  

Most souls can relate to their own life span and how things have changed. History is written so that everyone can read about it ~ but even that has been man manipulated.

It is only a person’s own memory that gives a truthful view to how things have changed.

To guess or predict is not an option... the messages for today is~ to know that every soul is being given the new light frequency to change his or her own biological bodies~ to allow all new changes to happen and be consciously aware of it.

Even so, this is a free will time line~ and it’s down to the individual to decided if they wish to move or not. 🙂

These time lines are set on a grand scale~ so that all humans can come into their awareness in their own time... no one can change this. It’s the nature of the enlightenment progress for all.

Try to see how much has been accomplished so far, in the physical and deeper understanding.

Up to this last part of the last century~ the progress has shifted from a mechanical world of physical machines, to the world of a conscious awareness, of the energetic nature of Gaia, planets, solar system and universe.

See how it’s mutable with the right kind of energy coming form these sources.

We have come into the energetic world of light and unconditional love~ through focused, mind, soul and body.

It’s the human mind, body and thoughts through the physical body experience that is bringing this on.

Most of humanity is still ensconced in the age of machinery in their perception of how to live~ and this will carry on for a long time.

It will take generation after generation before this time line belief system is diminished enough, for the true beings to run the world in peace.

As for a cartelistic happening: there will be pockets of these things as Gaia and the planetary system reorganises itself.

Humanity will survive and be purged of the negative thoughts, until all light prevails in balance.

There is nothing negative about this; it’s just an outline of the next time line.

Harmony will be shadowed for quiet some time before the control pattern is stopped fully.


Keep your light energy for the purpose of your personal life for now. Do not feed the negative outcome of the given press and people who are spreading catastrophic stories on the third dimensional dramas of this illusion~ disguised to take the personal energy of the light souls that you all are.

Hold your light within and don’t let it be drained out of you. Let it grow... and build into the true being that you are, with your unique power of thought, heart, brain, alignment to be the love of life~ that is Gaia and all living beings.🙂


Dear souls of the higher self- don’t let your lower self feel lost, regain your open channel balance when Its been knocked by any third dimension situation.

You can always talk to your higher guidance about any earth situation. They will reply as a collective of the time line of the light of Gods in the divine fields that have opened.

As a true light being on all levels, you can redirect your understanding of the illusion of the third dimensional dramas, that plays out in your life~ and tune into these fields of your truth and know that you do not have to be a victim of the holographic dramas on the deepest level of given trust.

No humans are perfect, and are not expected to be, judging is an energy flow and most people have it. Know within your self that it is normal and expected of people.

When change happen its not easy~ but it leaves room for the new to enter.

It opens a deeper healing, understanding and balance into the deepest area that any person can go~ it open doors to the truths about a very grand none egotistical manner of reality, without the stories that other like to tell.

Be Blessed.