Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

In Dreams: Esablishing a new core in Gaia: The grand Trinity Dream: The spiritual Carnival: 10/10 Meditation... Plus:

In Dreams:

Establishing a new core in Gaia:

The Grand Trinity dream:

The spiritual carnival:

10/10. Meditation: Plus....

While sleeping~ we opened and held the Grand Trine Trinity light. We experienced it in dream space.

The grand trine is talking about the one in September with the alignments of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

No matter how the calendar is predicted on earth~ there is no time outside the third dimension earth and the marked dates are not real in the outer space-time continuum.

Meaning of continuum: Something that changes in character gradually or in very slight stages without any clear dividing points.

What we experienced was the opening of this Grand Trine of this new age, setting up for its culmination in the winter solstice.

The power light frequency and vibrations of this new spectrum was as magnified as it felt while we experienced it.

There is nothing to compare to these energy lights, we felt so highly connected to the glory of the starlight, colour fields of love calm and expansion.

We were swept away on it~ then we woke up and we were still being and thinking about this dream.

Now we are awake and we feel numb and just want to ‘BE’.... But have to get up and go out~ but we are going to maintain this calm transformation of this new light from the upper spectrum.

This is how it feels~ this is how it is~ we hold with our open heart~ the divine spectrum into these elevated fields and stay in this space.

Another dream~ this one was like a spiritual carnival, with every divine souls, colour, bands, streamers, rainbows, children, all having a magnificent party of the high spectrum of light fields.

Right now~ our feelings are not settled, we have to consolidate our energetic levels and vibration and align it to this next level of the spectrum.

Today we went to yoga to help to re-establishing our core in this new light frequency, we are so weak in our balance.

Its time to get our self back into shape and set this new light into our physical body as well as Gaia’s.

We are practicing a lot all day~ thinking about how we want our new self to be.

Over this last months everyone has released every part of the inner self~ and it has also been released in Gaia, consciously and collectively.

To create a new way~ the old has to be released and cleared~ we feel it is happening to earth as well as all peoples.

And now its time to reset this new light spectrum into it all, the only way we see that we can do this~ is to do it in our self by focused exercise and practice.

But it has to be done in a very soft balanced way~ to accommodate the old ills that we all hold.

We are re-establishing a new core for Gaia~ it is bigger than the actual body~ it is coming from beyond the veil the outer fields~ and grounding through Gaia~ right through her and creating a feed back loop with the other side of the veil!

To make this work~ we imagine the very big picture that takes in the whole universe~ and see that we are establishing a core from the elevated trinity light~ that has been open with 10/10 gate and the dream of the celebration the carnival. It’s the light body activation~ the spiral re-sets.

About the grand trine trinity! We are still holding this gateway open~ for the flow of light to keep coming into the collective awareness of Gaia and all souls physical abilities.

It is to accumulate with the 11/11 passageways; this frequency is designed to act as a gelling agent for these star light line-ups~ to have the ultimate effect on humans mind, soul, brain, and heats in the multitude of dimensions.

It’s opening the abilities to construct anything new in our lives, in thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs.

This is but one in the next sequence of alignments~ so that the third dimensional world will be cleared as the planets moves endlessly into a sea of space~ creating different patterns~ new views of how the sky’s are aligning. 🙂

They are bringing in the open-ended ideas that man, universe, souls, and hearts are able to live and go beyond the old traditional instruction from the last 25,000-year of light, the long-term calendar.

Star light! Is the biggest source of vibrational energy in the universe, it’s the ultimate glory of the divine source, on every scale of the light spectrum across the eons of space-time.

On earth this is not held in so much esteem~ but on the myriad universe it represent everything that holds the future of life from source.

This is going to take some time to understand~ while you are iving on earth, the programming set out by man is very strong and ensconced in the brain cells and layers of the physical body to be let go of. 🤔

Re-our festival dreams! It is a universal celebration of the incoming new light frequencies on the highest spectrum of the divine, so far beyond our little life, that there is no comparison.

It gives out great personal love in the hearts~ so that every person knows and is glad to have perceived the knowledge. We have accepted and understood it is our natural right of passage into the next elevated light.

10/10: Meditation: We did this mediation alone in our room, but we knew that we were connected to all other meditations on this timing.

Another big surge of light came today. As big as any other, surging with as much power light, and love that can be recognised.

The hearts expands with the brain and universal spectrum of these higher frequencies in every cell, molecule DNA of all life.

The orchestration of these great showers of resplendent light fields~ playing on the hearts/brain coherence~ give as much enlightenment~ than the whole of the years up grade.

We did not think that is could get better than the previous fields of light. But this 10/10 opening is greater, brighter, lighter, and more colourful and the feeling of the carnival dream is this.... in its glory.

The orchestration of our higher self-along with all other groups~ is so up lifting that we cry tears of great joy.

Our feelings are so expanded~ with love and light in this orchestration carnival of colour, iridescent light fields, of flowing love light, that it take our breath away.

As we focus on it~ our divine messages are inspired with the 11/11 and the 12/12 and the grand trilogy trine of the 21/12/20 and them moving into 2021.... 1/1/21. 

These dates are building in the crescendo of the opening of the next part of the universal grand plan~ to come into the new age of this cycle~ coupled with the golden Age of Aquarius.

This movement of light is going to shape every soul on earth for the future.

We are carrying on with the holding and the playing of the music~ to keep this momentum flowing with the glory of the high spectrum of godhead frequency.

It is hitting earth at this time, we hold consciously, collectively, as one with these vibrational fields.

Do not worry about any thing else for this time. Its more important to hold what is coming within our being, anchoring it, as fields of love, with this, our universe of love divine souls groups, hold, hold, hold.🙂

Be Love, Be Light, Be Happy. X