Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Light is informtion:

Light is information:

The higher beings tell, us that the divine light is flowing across the universe with its information, so that Gaia and all life can receive it in the D N A the makeup of all life.

It is adjusting and adapting the original molecules, to incorporate its divine vibration for all people on their ascension path.

Dear souls be not afraid of these changes within your mind, body and soul, flow with them and embrace them with your unconditional heart felt love and they will respond back with love.

Your unconditional heart felt love is the key to these higher vibrations, breath and tune into them as much as possible in the every day life patterns.

These light frequency’s are become coherent through the rotation of Gaia... and is directly projected into and onto earth, as this occurs it starts to spiral, forming a lovely coherent light that floods Gaia from the original source of divine creation, making a formation that is the multitude of all dimensions, interconnection from the outer universe.

Within the fields there are sacred geometric patterns that form as puzzles, fitting together, they are spirals, vortexes, zero point, portals, and every geometric shape of the Metatron Cube and the flower of life incorporated into their energetic patterns.

It’s a cacophony of energy frequencies fields, all dancing together in a multitude of dimensions, mingling, changing, adapting and transforming.

Some souls are unaware of this: it is not affecting their life; others are sensitive to it and are feeling these transmissions, it is the feeling of not quiet being there yet; you have stepped into this field and are paddling on the edge of these lovely light flows as they over lap the ones you are already in.

Use the your concentrated fields of thoughts, imagination and intuition to feel this and ask for the inspiration to guide you, do not let the third dimensional ego guide you, use the higher being ego that will lead you to your personal goal.

You may be seeing things and feeling as if you are... in some way distant... to the ones around you at times and at other times you are not. Its normal, its becoming normal, dealing with it everyday makes it normal, adapt to it by adapting your life with love from your heart.

In the bigger picture of life on the third dimensional earth, you are in the middle of an eventful re-construction, and all these new perception that man is receiving, is the event happening.

Every inspired piece of channelled information is an arrow to be picked up and understood, there are many, many, levels of guidance for all the diversity of souls on earth, there is no mistake, no judgment, we are ALL equal.

Open your hearts dear souls to this, there are no mistakes, no judgment, we are all equal, there is no separation, we are one.

Earth and humanity is in the middle of the cosmic re-alignments, the guidance stands true, the tensions of the earthly life is restricting, ONLY if you let it be, we recommend that you get outside and close to earths surface, walk upon Gaia to bring about your own freedom from these tensions.

Given with great love. Be relaxed. Be light. Be love and be happy. For more information go to....

Welcome to my web page

Welcome to my web page~ this site is given freely~ for the sharing of information~ about the expansion of the consciousness of humanity and becoming aware of your own inner self.

Are we ready to go futher into our authentic self-connection to our inner layers of understanding.

The energies are expanding in our solar system~ through the radiation from the Sun~ and the vibrations from the universe.

We are rooted from the star systems~ we have chosen to be here on Earth at this time~ to help bring in the new way forwards~ to create our chosen life styles~ in ways to enhance and support all life on Earth/Gaia in the future.