Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Walking with the clouds:

Walking with the clouds:

I feel like I am walking about in a cloudy non real state, even when I went out in the park, nothing seems real, some people talk, but more of them are very detached, they do smile but move on very quick.

I can’t quite decide if it’s the situation or me with the lock down. Even here looking into the garden it seems misty, softly cotton woolly, sound seems muted, am I going mad! Or have I gone mad!

There is nothing to ground into on the physical level. We are all fields of vibrations with no physical particles to grab.

My inner light is attached to these fields and I do feel secure in a completely different way to ever before.


I am having difficulty working out and understanding how these new ways are working…I know they are…. but not sure how!

What’s happened to that direct channel, why am I not getting data, how am I meant to know what to do? Why do I feel so released from all that old stuff and what has come into me in its place? How am I to proceed? How do I create when I do not understand how too? The outcome “IS”…. There is “NO” out come!


11/6/20:    Dear souls this is a time for rest and recuperation.

The old adage of three steps forwards and two back comes to mind… except it feels like seven steps forwards and four steps back~ this has brought us forward into our unified energy within and outside of Gaia.

It worked like this… from the beginning of June we have been in a QUIET period… nothing~ just being in the light having a break.

Now we are back into our new conceptual life fields. During this period of eleven days~ it has been a roller coaster of NO emotions one moment~ and then fully into the depths of our soul past.


I/we are deep in the symptoms of this change~ I have not been able to listen to the epic sounds or meditate~ all the things that I have learnt~ has ‘not’ elevated these escalated physical symptoms~ ~ there was no escape from the past things coming to the surface. Today is the first day that the feelings have come back~ there has been a lot of crying~ even in nature trying to feel the Gaia’s energy I cried~ every single thing I tried resulted in was the same way.

So I stopped trying and watched my favourite TV recorded things~ even that made me cry. Once again… we cry for humanity, Gaia and our souls, and all those who are suffering at this time and over the past times.

To day my first thought was listen to “STAND UP AGAIN” in the epic sounds and I did! It has come back and I am in the flow again.

The guidance is:

We shifted many souls into the slipstream of the 12th vibrations~ to help them all make the next available levels.

Whenever a change has to happen~ the old has to be let go of first~ before the new can come in… it the way of nature~ things have to die off before new buds can grow. A

Although you are not trees~ the process is the same in the mental, emotional and physical life fields, on the energetic planes. There has to be a clearance before the new can come in~ and this is what is going on in all things at this time. This clearance is so that this new light that’s coming… will grow on clear fertile land and be absorbed totally into the global energy fields~ as we proceed through to the 21stof December. Thank you.

Personal: The message coming from the cobra link is telling about the summer and winter solstices and how the energies are changing.

There is to be another meditation to help bring in the lights from the outer galactic areas on the 30th June .

Like we said… seven steps forwards and four back, bringing us one step forwards in real terms. Still… that ok… we might not be able to cope with anything else on these light fields and vibrations. The music is inspiring me again… to understand that we have moved into this vibration of the 2020-year lift off.

The symptoms have got a lot better now and we must accept that these are the ways of this 2020-year lift off ~is affecting us all.


The understanding: Each soul has their own foibles to be looked at and balanced out, before they can become the light of this 2020-year life off…and be their own creator in their own right.

Everyone has to go through what ever it is~ that will take them there… be love …be light… be happy… most of all~ be ready to understand anything that comes our way and seems unusual or frankly disturbing.

These are something to be look at and balance out within your own matrix~ or an acceptance in the way of the world’s abominations are happening~ or any thing that comes up.

If you cant look at it~ then divert from it~ until you can look at it~ and be able to balance it out with your divine light focus.

Love is the healer of all things~ but if you cant find it at the time when these adverse energies make themselves know to you~ put them to one side until the time is correct for you to SEE and UNDERSTAND how to transmute them.

You are the light! You are powerful when you know who you are! You cannot hold onto it constantly! You are on earth knowing that there will be a time for you to SEE… and deal… with everything~ when you reach any of the depths in emotional and mental energies. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE AND BE IN LOVE LIGHT WISFOM… its always there. Be blessed XX


Q: Its as if Gaia has been in a lull like me~ and now she has woken up into her new body…is this what’s happened my divine souls?

A: Yes, exactly! What you have been feeling it’s the same for everyone~ as you all move as one~ into the unified connected fields of this wonderful light vibrational frequencies and it “IS” this that you are all feeling.

Go out and do what you feel needs doing for the earth right now~ all the energies are in a state of flux~ exactly right for re-organising and clearing as the negative energy breaks down and the new begins to rise.

Be discerning as to who and what you put your intention into~ as there are many souls who will wish to mislead you into their way~ which is not in the interest of the unity fields of freedom~ decide who you feel right with and put your intention and light into that.

There are things happening on earth that are very negative~ and there are the responses to these things. If you feel you want to stand up and show your dissatisfaction by going to rally’s and protests~ then do it if you can.

For those who cant physically do this~ churn out your light~ from the whole body’s divine light~ Heart felt love~ through the solar plexus and all the connecting chakras and energy points with in the body~ this will have the same effect~ even though you might not be able to see it.

The new earth has risen and it’s in the baby stage for nurture, balance and love. Be kind to your self and you are being kind to Gaia and all humanity~ you are all connected in these unified fields of this light vibrations, now. Go out side and feel this energy rising up~ engulfing all things in its divine love and hold until further notice.


I have a question: Is this just for our progress or is it to all things?

A: It’s for all things, people, life forms, earth, planets, galaxies and the universe.

No one has the same dreams or imagines in their heads about their progress~ each is individual~ but theses vibrations are coming in and affecting all things in their own unique way.

Some souls are at the same levels of progress~ and these souls do have more energetic symptoms that are a bit stronger than the many.

These souls are the leaders~ the cosmic way showers, there is a divide now~ between all light worker and star seeds~ the many are still in their chosen place and will stay there doing their jobs superbly.

While there are others who have to move forwards in their path~ these souls have moved into the 12th dimensions and are readying it for the next big wave of integration of the many~ they are at the end of their first step and they are blossoming out nicely with their sharing and help that is coming out in posts.

The others are not compatible and they have had to move away from the uncomfortable frequencies. During this transition it causes these souls to doubt their self and their work~ they are questioning everything deeply~ and asking their guidance to explain to them exactly what is happening. The guidance is always the same… have trust that everything is on track and that you are never going to be able to see how the future is going to work out.

This can be difficult when there is so much disruptive personal flow as the energies change stop and start. It becomes frustrating for some as their emotions move up and down, giving them times of elation and times of depression~ and they have to go through them with their faith intact.

It is hard. But rest assured~ we from the higher realms NEVER divert you or lead you the wrong way~ but we do have to allow you to come to your own conclusion about your life and this means we cant give you all of the data. There is no wrong way~ everything is correct~ even if you think it not! And this is a worldwide understanding for all souls on earth, you are all doing very well and everything is in its correct state of progress. Keep your faith ~this is a year of great change~ accept and embrace it with the love from your heart/brain coherence with grace and dignity. X