Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Crystal light codes: Knowing who I am: I AM THAT I AM:

Crystal light codes: Knowing who I am: I AM THAT I AM:

There is a new understanding of space within the self, this is pure energy of waves that resides within us as a normal feeling, putting a whole new aspect on to the way we live.

How do we think and act as an energetic wavy person, do we alter the way we pray or imagine ourselves, is it this thought of new image that has altered the way we are.

It has been stated that we must know ourselves completely and in the light of these incoming radiations we can think about

“The knowing of who I AM”.

This is a completely different knowledge to what we have all understood up to now. It is not the fact that as a person we do not know ourselves, it’s a lot about faith in what we have been given as accurate and none of us must think about the meanings or the roots of what was told, we just had to believe and trust it.

So, in this respect we do not know ourselves.


It’s still trust but with the knowing that we are trusting our true being and knowing that it is our own truth that we can take full responsibility for everything that we do and speak.

The ‘I AM THAT I AM’, is a mantra that holds the highest frequency that can be used to become the “I AM”.

It is said that when I know who I am... truly know the coding within me and the matching frequencies that I produce by saying the “I AM” Mantra, it will take me to a place that moves the soul to loving itself and all that there is within the recognition of ‘home’.

Is it this’ the soul’ that connects me to the space and takes me into the quantum of potential and possibility so that I can change?

Is it the soul’ that I am feeling so deeply, and the going ‘home’ while on earth is the goal. And this is the new way... the knowing who I am and being happy with it.

There is talk about codes and crystals, how everything is made up of these: they constantly move and alter and are the essence of lighter vibrations and life that have been released, they say it’s the soul that releases these they are the source of all life.

Information came to mind that is telling that we are waking up to the new self through the practice of meditation and in the bigger picture it is happening and is modifying the collective of everything on all levels of life.

All light workers are holding the light and as such expanding all things, embracing the universal collective consciousness.

You might be feeling compelled to do a meditation, we of the higher order of self are directing people to become their new open self, all at different levels of light and material practice.

This is for all peoples to open their minds up to ‘how great thou art’, because every soul on earth is this.

You are all sovereign and part of the great sacred soul of the divine light...God the greater intelligence that is the operator of all things.

You all embrace this aspect within the heart at all the different levels of divine light so that this new age can become the forward thinking of all life.

Open the mind and allow the radiations to guide your way through to the light route of the new you.

Take note of the things that are coming into the mind, be responsive to the intricate subtly thought that flicker through your mind, do not dismiss them, take a note of them and then begin to embrace them into a new you.

Gaia is receiving these rays of transformation within her physical makeup, and she needs all light workers to keep a balance within so that she can be routed into these emissions and flourish.

Be open to the reasons that you all have come to earth at this time to initiate this light, to bring in the true being of who you are.

You are a normal human being living a normal life on earth that is altering massively, living the path that has been set out by you in the past, now you are changing it and at the same time Gaia is getting the face life into the new light.

You are all still instigating these changes, your jobs have not changed, the energy of yourself and earth has changed, and you are all adapting to in as was the plan in the beginning.

It is taking its toll on the physical body as these radiations alter the very basic makeup of the human body, leading to the disruptions that goes with this.

Release yourself to the greater intelligence whole heartedly with all the power that you hold, open your heart mind and soul to these amendments so that they can be reset into the physical body as the new you.

You must allow this to happen, and it must come from the truth of the heart with all the authenticity of the being of the sovereign you that is part of the great divine and greater intelligence.

Open your brain and soul so all can be released into its original state of pure potential, going back to the basic energy of the waves of possibility and potential to be reset into the ultimate new you and bring forwards this thought as the refined result of this action.

Keep God the divine, the greater intelligence, in your heart, soul, and thoughts as you go through these changes so that you bring in the highest level of divine light that can be received”.

Be Blessed: 🙂