Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Multi Dimensional Healing:

Multi D Healing:

This and the next posting is about the multi dimensional healing of Gaia and the bigger picture of the galixy and universe, and its to give encouragement to others who might read it, so that they can begin to understand how their’ life is changing and to help then to keep focussed on their higher self. It is coming from the new frequencies and is an arrow pointing to the future of earth and her peoples.

Healing for humanity and Gaia:

“At last Marne you have got it, it’s taken a bit of time but now’ you know exactly how to penetrate these negative fields”.

“I am relived”, says Marne, “I have not been able to get a handle on it, I have been thinking and thinking about it, about how do I go about getting into the old volatile dark energy that sits in the hearts of these world leaders with out triggering the wrath of their power into a more aggressive action”.

“Its important to get it right”. The universal group say.

“When connected, the powers can deflate theses old beliefs and we are doing it through our ground crews of earth, as a humanitarian up surge of light from everyone.

In the bigger picture we of the universal light councils are doing this healing, we are behind all the positive things that people are feeling and acting on.

Each individual will use his or her own method in this delightful energetic coming together, keep this in your hearts, to keep the high frequency in place, giving you the concept and understanding of the greater power that you all hold.

This has to be done on the awareness of each person’s consciousness in the higher frequencies and vibrations, with those who have the deep inner knowledge that is not spoken about in the media circus, so that it is not diluted in any way.

The growth happens during the alignments of the moons phases and other cosmic events, it means, the thoughts of the souls who are doing this is properly observed and correct, as it is happening on the higher dimensional frequencies in a way that can only be united by the individual’s virulence and heat/brain coherence of focused love and peace of the one taking part”

. Marne speaks to the universal group.

“ I realises that I am not to wait for the full moon to start this healing like I did in the past.

A long time ago I did full moon healings on the heavy, dark, and very sensitive areas within Gaia, to relieve built up pressure using this method of healing, by focussing these laser type beams of very small pinpoints of coloured light with my imagination, gently inserting these healing rays into the negative fields, so that they could expand in their own right and reduce the pressure.

The time line is different and I do not have to wait for any specific earth time, because every thing is one Hugh field connected to the divine, the all, and I do not have to wait.

I know everything is correct, but I feel I need a bit of backup”, said Marne to the councils of universal light?

They reply. “You do not need backup Marne, you are sure that what you are doing is the right thing to do and because of this we are automatically with you as you do it, and it is having the desired effect on the growth of positive frequency’s that’s growing so big, because of what every soul is feeling, doing and thinking, that it will negate negative action.

We give out great love to all who have left the planet and know that this was their life path, we cannot interfere in this, it has to play out in the free will policy of earth, but we can alleviate the pressure so the all light works and way showers can do their assignment for this timeline on earth.

Now stop typing and join us as we focus into the fields of dark and penetrate all of the healing coloured beams into the fields as tiny pinpoints of pure incandescent healing colours, focus now.

We are all one with the divine light and with the God of every creed, we are holding the pinpoints of these healing rays in place as they reduce the core of all despicable action against humanity, this is a crime against all that is believed to be the new way, and we and all other planetary beings are not letting this go on.

As the light penetrates this field it will do the work of balance as we all hold it. Now lets all give thanks for the power that we all hold so that we can help in this situation with the heart/brain coherence and unconditional love for all life.

The experience:

As I tuned into the beings fields, they wanted me to bring my hands together and then open them out to the frequency, I visualised the pinpoint colours of the chakras and the rainbow coming out of me palms and going into the fields and held this.

I could feel the sensation of them flowing from the hands as the beings open up my heart felt love and gratitude for the all. I smile broadly and know that I have done something for the human race Gaia and the universe.


The follow up guidance:

“We want you to consciously become one with these light frequency vibrations, you can feel the love and light of our presence within your matrix, it’s the same as when you used to channel and give out to others, we would like you to sit and feel the power and emanate it out into the situations on earth by expanding the pinpoints of coloured light that we laid last week.

The expansion can be as big as the feelings that you get within your heart; this is going to help to balance out the negatives so that they dissipate.

Keep the feeling consciously within your self, so that the non-compliance of any one else does not water down our frequency.

Working on this level, we have to make sure that the vibrations are as clear as they can be from a physical human, now you can stop and go and get a cup of tea and some cake, enjoy knowing that our power is greatly advanced now.

Be Blessed x