Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Moving Forwards: Go Within: Light Codes:

Moving Forwards: 🙂

We are moving forwards with a lot of hope for the future of ourselves and that of Gaia and universe.

The teaching and inspirations carry on, very much in the same vein as always... Everything we are being given is very repetitive.

Questioning this is a natural thing to do.

At this time of ascension and coming into the new age of Aquarius the information is of a different nature, it is about your feelings, dreams, inspirations and intuition, all of these do not have much references in the old world.

Its common knowledge that earth’s frequencies are changing due to the cosmic influences, the radiation coming from the sun has changed and is creating a more active energy coming onto earth.

It is influencing our physical makeup in ways that has never happened before in earth’s history, the vibrations and frequency on earth is being altered, it’s opening up the dormant DNA.

The energy is expanding our cells, altering the brains in the way we think: we have become aware that our thoughts are a powerful tool when used with the focus of heart brain love.

We realise we have control over our physical body’s.

We can communicate with our living cells and organs, we influence them as we become more aware of how much greater we are, more than we ever thought.

All this has been backed up by the sciences, we have so much more information due to the computers than every before, across the globe, universities and science institutes are discovering that our thoughts carry power, when given the correct deep meditative state, our hearts are the power pack in many different ways,

we can send our heart felt love our across the world if we can think that far.

Our beliefs shape our life for better or the worse, We have the ability to change our hard wiring in the brain to give our self a much more positive outlook and better life, we can be in control of our life.

Go Within:

Bless you dear souls for your acknowledgment of what we have been giving.

Before this period most people had their religion beliefs.

The Harmonic convergence changed this, opening another approach to reaching God, this is to find it in you, and you all have the god spark within you.

Well dear souls you have been using these light language fields unconsciously: NOW is the time to be aware of what ‘being within’ means in your life.

If you apply your conscious understanding to the words ‘GO WITHIN” as an energy of pure light and magnify the meaning inside your field, how far can you change your own field pattern with it?

Think of the words ‘GO WITHIN’ and see it written, feel its power, then breath it into your energy centres, the chakras are an easy focus, feel them expand as you do this until they fill your torso as one connection to the field of light.

This will instantly give you the warm glow of unconditional love, as you feel it, let it expand right through you and anchor it into Gaia.

To look for the light codes  “GO WITHIN”.

The next one is, ask your intuition to make itself known:

As you have anchored to Gaia feel the flow within and ask your intuition to make itself known to you, this can come through dreams, intuition, and meditation.

Don’t dismiss odd thoughts, listen to them, find out what they are telling you and  know that this IS using the light language in the Multi D ways.

As soon as you take the step into the new perception of what you are already doing, practice it every day, it will quickly come into your mind while you are shopping, perceive it and keep coming, while you go about your day.

Walk, breath and activate it.... go within....feel it....know it as you wait in a queue, every breath and word has the ability to calm the chattering monkey mind and lead you to a calmer life style.

Light Codes: The light language codes have been given all the way through.

What’s been activated since 2012 is how the human conscious awareness of these words are opening up the dormant D N A and brain, and the understanding of looking, feeling and practicing with them with this new conscious awareness.

This  is the key to unlock the ancient meanings to them, and transcend into them as the nova Gaia flow of light understanding.

The power of the words is part of the powerful codes that has already been given, they give a clearer way to understand what it is; the information of these codes are new, we have no reference from the old world.

When words are written with the energetic power of the heart /brain coherence and the power of love, the words are imbibed with the feelings and emotional attitude of the writer.

These words have the ability to penetrate the energy fields of the reader, when the inspirations are coming with great love and understanding, the words have the power to lift the hearts of the reader and activate inspirations for their own learning curve.

If the words are imbibed with negative thoughts or anger ‘ they also are able to penetrate the fields of the readers.

The negative words of the news is a good example, these are set into the mind and creates that same negative vibration.

It’s quite important to choose what you listen to or read, so that your equilibrium can stay intact.

The energy is greatly expanded at these times, anyone who is conscious of this is bringing it into the collective consciousness.

Read the words that resonate and ring true to you the reader.

They work on the multi Ds, on a frequency of vibration and light, they activate people’s perception of light.

Be Blessed:  X  🙂 ❤