Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Here We Sit: Holographic Universe: The Way Forwards: The Experience: The Collective Meditation: We are Told: Re garding/ undedtanding how these waves are affecting you and your life: We Can Stop Looking:

Here We Sit:

Holographic Universe:

The Way Forward:

The Experience:

The Collective Meditation:

We Are Told: Regarding/ understanding how these waves are affecting you and your life!

We can stop looking: 

So here we sit on our third dimensional earth, transitioning into the higher frequency, as these Hugh waves roll into our solar system, influencing all life, but most of all our human make up and our heart, brain, mind, and perception of what is happening around us in life.🙂


The holographic universe is vibrating around our being, as we receive this Adam Kadmon energy frequency of the outer universe elevating our solar system, sun, and very soul, and Gaia.

We are happy that we can be outside of this simulation~ and get into a place where we can feel, see and be in these higher vibrations as these wavy fields enter from this Hugh light fields.

They hover on the perimeter of our sight~ coming from the ancient cities that help us to direct our own higher part to come into the new age with the data.

These ancient souls~ are influencing our energy ALL the time. The waves are lifting humanity outwards and upwards into these new fields.

Everyone is trying to hold onto the old self~ but the power of these waves are opening and expanding the layers~ to release emotions that all souls hold from years of life.


We personally are finding it hard to allow it all out~ instead of it filtering out drip-by-drip it’s gushing and it takes us over.

We think that the only way through~ is to hang on to the old habits~ except they are not working any more ~we have no old safe shelter.

The way forward:

We are moving into the new fields and connecting to new comforts. We feel we want to be isolated and very quiet.

There is a big separation from everything that we held as our comfort~ we hover on the edge of the new ~not quite there~ but near enough to see, feels and experience it~ but not to stay in it.

We would like to do the primal scream!

And there is no one here to hear us!

We can’t give up the experience and stay in our old bogged down state.

We will face this because it’s our destiny to advance our self, and to do that~ we have to for the release our emotions

Every soul is going through their own traumas to clear their passageway to go forwards.


Dear souls: All of you are feeling these strange energies playing out on your life’s emotions minds and souls.

Some of it can be stressful because you can’t understand it and want to hold onto what you know~ but that is slowly slipping out of your grasp.


It is not making you feel happy and the new way has not fully arrived~ so be patient and soft on your self.

Be relaxed and get out into nature~ to remind you of what the feeling of life is~ when anchored into Gaia. You have not lost anything only gained the next level.

Let these layers of the old rise in their own time~ there is no way~ that we can bring this on, to get it over and done with.

The experience.... is having the experience.... as it happens, It builds resonance in the new layers of the physical body.

As we clear the layers of the old, the space becomes empty~ and the light moves in creating a never-ending new layer of the light in place of the old.

This makes these layers strong~ each one anchoring into the D N A, cells, mind, and brain-heart alignment making itself be coherent with this energy that is arriving.


It creates a very strong base line of being.

So... run with these emotional ups and downs and be thankful that you are aware of them in this conscious manner. Be light~ Be Love~ Be Happy.🙂


Once you have let go and received the new layers consciously, collectively, and physically~ they will be embedded into your whole being~ recognise how it feels, as a strong layer of light, in the new world~ and wait for the next one to arrive then do the same. ☺ 🙂

The Collective Meditation:

On this day 21/10/20 we have activated our higher light body with in this planets holographic simulation and left all people behind.

We stand-alone~ and open our whole self up to this activation, of our given light body into our conscious thoughts, and accept that we are removed from the perception and mindful understanding from any other person.

We are the alien walking on earth amongst people who do not understand.

Our head feels like is a ball of energy! Our ultra light body is activated and fully integrated with our light density bodies, all of them.

These fields are active in Gaia and us and the holographic universe system.

We are told: As the cartelist for the light, you are being, holding and magnifying the Seraphim Adam Kadmon light fields as they filter through you from the source and you hold them as fields of light.

Bring them into, through, and around the holographic simulation of life in the universe. It’s altering the frequency~ so that the resistance of the old way is broken down.

We do the alchemy along with these other big world groups, of beings and people, who are on the collative of connection of alignment and functioning.

All we have to do is sit here holding this frequency, as these spirals of light are anchored with the holographic universe of life; it has activated the new age light into the ALL.🙂



Regarding/ understanding how these waves are affecting you and your life!

No body can change another person in their ways~ belief and inner needs.

But you can look at your own!

Do you try to control a situation in your life! Or sit back a bit and feel and see your own needs at the time of a conflict in ideas.

What drives a person to be ridged about some of the house rules to the point where they create a dissatisfaction and argument when tempers might rise and get out of control?

Look into your self and find that part that is dissatisfied with a situation~ why are you feeling unhappy that someone in your life will not do as they are told.

Are you fearful they might hurt themselves or some one else?

Are you angry that they seem to be causing you anguish with their refusal to comply.

It creates tension and fear when these emotions rise when dealing with others.

Are you fearful of not having enough! Or feeling abandoned by love. Have you lost your trust in your self?


These fears drive us and are escalated by our governments~ TV and media continuously with constant updates on all media, and our society if w do not comply.

The fear that we are being fed through these outlets is strong and will keep us tethered with fear.

We can stop looking~ take ourselves away from these up dates. Reduce them to a reasonable period of time~ to keep up with the news if we need to.

Every person has control on their actions, take the decision to step outside of the media box and look around~ as our earth transcends into the new light frequency. Feel it in the heart once you take the step to look!

Its difficult to say how anyone will react to these highly charged particles coming in, there is no way to explain.

All that can be said is.... be open and ready to open your mind heart and thoughts to it. Sit quiet and just feel this love light fill you for that period of time that you sit quietly, it will be noticeable.

When you are sitting quietly you are actually moving your perception into the outside of earth time and going into the higher spectrum of the outer universe, try to think of it as going beyond the veil or outside of the illusion in the holographic dramas of the dimensional world.

Do it in whatever way suits your belief systems.

The powers of these waves are opening up parts of the imagination, mind, and emotions if you let it.

Be in love~ trust your insights and intuition~ and higher self~ use your thoughts and heart felt love focus, to bring it into your daily life.

It will transform every thing around you. Thank you. 🙂