Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Repetition Leaning From our perspective:

Repetition Learning From our Personal Perspective: πŸ™‚β€

Everything we are being given is very repetitive, the power of the words gives energy to those who are reading it and it lift their soul.

Questioning this is a natural thing to do, so we asked our higher souls to give us a bit of encouragement over this.

To learn anything-dear souls, means to repeatedly read it until it has become a hard wiring in the brain.

Going over an idea time and time again creates this, when you are learning things in the third dimensional holographic illusion, there is lots of references to look at to help with this.

In this case the learning is of a different nature, it is about your feelings, dreams, inspirations and intuition, all of these do not have much references in the old world.

The only way to realise, that there is another way, is to keep reading and thinking about the feelings etc. Until you learn to trust them and act on them, when all others are saying they are not a truth.

Your heads are being filled with news and media information that has been censored to fit in with what the controlling groups want you to believe.

And as you repeatedly get different idea’s about what you are thinking, its very difficult to stand up and say.... that this is how you feel about something, because of your intuition, or an inspirational dream, or your gut feeling is telling you something that does not fit into the general social thought patterns.

For a long time you have know how you feel, and know what you think, and quite often squashing this because of what others might think of you, because you might stand out from the norm. The way to change this, is to keep reading over and over the information of these personal ideas and others inspirational sharing.

Each time the cycles of time trundle on, year in year out, each solstice and equinox, each date on the calendar, reminds you of things that were felt last year, and here you are feeling them again.

That is why the data is repeating every year, each time there is a cosmic alignment and you are asked to do meditation and healings, year in and year out. This is you... learning to trust your instincts and be a free thinker, rewiring your brain in the way of the new age patterns.

Each time you do something again, it takes you closer to your new thought patterns, and a higher vibration within or physical body.

There is always doubt over these thing, and this too... is so that you reconsider the things that are being given, questioning time and time again, so that it can become clear about what you think is your own truth.

At the very least you are re-training your own brain and its not the social media and controllers on the earth who are entraining you.

You are doing it for yourselves, in your own way, because although the information is repetitive, there is always the element of free will, and nobody is forced to read any of it if, they do not feel it resonates.

In this way, each souls it taking their own path towards this new learning energy, that is giving data, that has not been encountered before, not for eons of time, its all new and therefor open to any kind of personal decision on how or what a soul will choose to think and create.

Its a new line for the brain to be entrained. It’s not a new way learning, there has always been learning through repetitive information, until the brain can know and understand and is able to recall it when needed, its like learning to drive a car.

Learning to negotiate through life with this new knowledge and holding your own views and different opinions, with grace and conviction of the deep love you hold in your heart minds and thoughts.

This is being written from the heart with love, inspiration, and intuitive thought, with the best interest in mind of creating something like this.

15/1/21: πŸ™‚β€