Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Changes... Or has the hypnosis triggered the next level of information: Are these the changes?


Or has the hypnosis triggered the next level of information.

Are these the changes?

Is it active meditation as in dreams?

Sitting and tuning into the silent space within, or in Meditation and active dreaming, these fields lead to the next level of information, feeling and understanding.

The more practice put into these deeper levels, the more information can be accessed and receive for the sharing to others. In these frequencies, its the feeling whilst experiencing the higher being.

The Confused State:


We had the feeling and experiences of open fields that are oscillating~ rising and falling with the ebb and flow of this sacred light.

It’s unbroken in its mighty cascades, bringing in its wonderful celebration’s of the time line of this age.

We knew we were in an active dreaming state~ where energy was being filtered into us and we were captivated by these fields~ at this time of realisation, they are spell binding us, in our active dreams.

It seemed that the energy was so different here.

There is a very real division between the sleep and awake state. 🤔

It leads us to confusion.

When we are awake in our physical state, we understand that very little seems to have changed, the lesson is to accept this as a knowing.



Personal Realisations:

Living in Harmony:

The human difficulty:

When we open our eyes to the earth’s third dimension reality, with its harshness, chaotic judgment and separation, this is where the confusion comes it. 

How? Do we live in harmony~ when it is so difficult to do the right things in the eyes of the judgmental and controlling souls, who can be almost everyone we held or hold dear until they are not!

And we know we are one of the 7.6 billion people, living on earth, with the same world belief system, and we are awake and actively living our life in these dramas.

And we know, we have to live our life in this drama, we know, we can be that very person who made us! Unhappy!

And no matter what we try to do~ it remains the same.

We do not consciously behave like this, in this harsh world of drama and illusion~ but here we are, living it, and receiving these light waves~ relentlessly doing their job~ that seems thoughtless most of the time. 

Now in the interim time between sleep and awake it has balanced~ we are feeling these fields flowing through us and we understand.

The ability to go into these states consciously: In one of these active conscious states we were shown images of what looked like stones~ with the energetic light source creating this illusion, along with the feeling of a solid presence of stone, as with Stonehenge.

This is the projective nature, of how these light frequencies are constructing a new earth, in the same place as the old with a millimetre between them.

The groundwork has been done~ these fields of the stone structures, can fit together with the radiant energy that, they are, interplaying with each other~ forming a seemly semi solid pattern, this is not a physically real wall.

It is shown as a mental energy of what a human can understand~ to bring this into the existence, in a world that is so controlled.

It showed how energy can form into any pattern it needs~ to get a message over, and to enhance any visual creation in earth, through the human mind and brains perception.

It was showing a construct of how to build this new world, with these new non physical, but visually, seemingly, solid structures, into the new formats to set the fields in place, for these images to be created and used, as a resource in the construct of the future world of light.

Slipping back into meditation, we will proceed to build them into a structure, of the higher light fields that contains the new world frequency.

There are a wide variety of souls doing this in their unique ways~ on a scale of the universe.

This construction will continue on these different frequencies for the new ways.

The glimpse we were shown is to give us the structure, and focus, to keep on until the 21/12/20 solstice.

In between every sacred alignments, of the cosmos, during this period of time, humanity will continue to add to this, through every source of meditations, silent contemplation, anyone and everyone, going into their heart felt love alignment in their own way, it’s adding light energy to this and it is taken up by this sacred structure.

Bring the balance in on these threads, as part of the unity of opposition, forming the balance of the one supporting the other~ and the other supporting the one~ in harmony~ it is the Taoism symbol of constant movement, balance and re -balance.

This section of the year is the time of rebalance on this non-physical level.

Oh Joyous’ is this time line, when the higher energy fields will make them self’s known on the conscious and unconsciousness of humanity.

Everyone who is sitting in meditation, or connecting to their deep inner opening, is going to be infused with their own perception of this understanding, there is joyous love given to all souls, even if they do not realise or acknowledge it yet. 🙂

No one is wasting time while sitting in this space of self expanded fields with the silence or binaural sounds, feeling and seeing the energies within the inner eyes and feeling the holding line so strong.

Everyone is working on the layers of deep vibrations of self-humanity, Gaia, and open universe.

It’s a big job, and needs lots of earth time spent, to successfully align the frequency fields to the density of life on 3D earth.

Sit for as long as you want, this is a big job and will take up our 3rd dimensional time line.

Enjoy the energy enlightenment.

Thank you. Be blessed. ☺ 🙂