Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Connectedness 2

Connectedness: 2

The importance of the breath:

Creating the connection:

We are all one; connected to the source of the divine:

It is said that us humans have the spark of God within us, and to access the inner ’bit,’ the spark of the divine we use can the focused breath, and conscious heart/brain coherence with love to connect us to the inner space of our self and in turn the multitudes of dimensions.

This is because we are all so totally connected to each other and everything in the universal fields of light and when we do this love coherence connection for our self, it vibrates through the light fields and affects every thing else.

Once in this inner space, we are receiving information from the ancients or inter Galactic souls through our non-local super consciousness, so when we are ‘Talking’ to any of our guidance, we are transmitting our request to these fields via energy streams and they are responding by giving out information.

Breathing and expanding:

The importance of doing the conscious breath is to calm and relax the body, after a period of practice it can be felt in the whole body

It is incorporated through the chakras; bringing the life force into the glands through these dimensional energy portals within the body and into the D N A and connection to the spark of gods divine Creation. 

life, if we want to take responsibility for our self and our progress, we can use these methods of meditation and focus.... it expands our consciousness, and then we can experience the inner space to help ourselves to create a different life style.

Most people are only consciously aware of a small part of the Multitudes of dimensions, we all live in the earth bound third dimensions; to go down the rabbit hole and open up to this part of our uniqueness, takes courage and fortitude, it’s important to know that we are the spiritual alchemists and we hold the consciousness to be able to do this.

It’s the future, to be created and brought into the collective of the ALL.

This step is the new way of thinking and BEING to bring in this new golden age of Aquarius and advancement for ALL.

***The earth’s physical experience is unique~ each of you writes your own life path and then lives it~ starting the journey with no previous memory, will give you the full emotional, physical life experience***