Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


The SPARK or DOT of Divine light.


Since the 1990s, some physicists have suggested our reality is like a 3D projection of a two-dimensional universe. Now one team says it has evidence to support the wild idea. Researchers say they've found the first evidence that we're all just living in something like a huge hologram the size of the universe. 30 Jan 2017



To get a deeper understanding about our existence, I am being prompted by my inner spark of divine light that is connected to my much larger divine field beyond the holographic simulation, to bring this information into the reality of the media at this time.

It is another way of realising that there is so much more to life that we think, this Theory, the Holographic Universe has been around for quiet some time. These two videos re-open up my interest

David McCready - self in the illusion, higher realities & recognising your awareness spirit team. On Essex spirit guide And on cosmic news


Can we start to look at our progress from another viewpoint and move into the future of open communication~ with our very large field of the divine source on the other side of the veil, OR beyond the simulation of this projected illusion?

Should we expand our minds and thoughts out to these Theories of the future for our progress~ theories that have been here for ages. My perception has moved into the idea of our creations.

I am taking it into a very real consideration for one reason! It leads me to a more equal and deeper understanding of how we got here and why we are here. It seems a much more balanced way of looking at all the experiences we have had over the years.

So I take up the mantel and propose that these ideas can be as valid as any other idea or Theory of how we come to be here in our physical and spiritual aspects. Thank you.

My need~ is to understand how I can imagine the healing, holding and balancing that is to be done for our future. These two videos prompted a memory of 2013 and my holographic model: they have reopen up my interest in this Theory to bring it forwards into the new age of light.


This is my story:

The first video tells of the illusionary world that we have all created and it is all a simulation.

The only real thing is the SPARK or DOT~ the part within that is connected to the infinite divine fields of light on the other side of the simulation OR the veil, and this is what has created the earthly illusion + every other thing that we can perceive and see in our holographic simulated illusion of our universe.

In his book “Butterfly’s are Feel to Fly”. By Steven Davis, this author tells about the true light part of life, as a pinpoint of light within the holographic image that exists in the minds of all life.

Almost the same thing~ except this new way of looking at it is saying that nothing exists that has not been created in this way.

My DOT/ SPARK is a minuet dot of the infinite and it has produced my whole life with all the players in it~ as a game story, a drama with all its players to be able to experience~ the game of the physical life.

This theory.... Is it a truth? Are we creating our dreams, feelings, emotions and love in this way? It’s shattering to think this way about everything we DO!!!!

The questions come up:

I am asking my fields on the other side of the simulation OR veil to help me to understand:

Q: So why do we do it?

A: you decide to do it!

Q: How did a small DOT for conscious infinite energy decides to create this illusion and why?

A: because your DOT OR SPARK is the infinite divine source of everything/ God. This source has created a conscious universe set up~ to give you anything you want, to learn and experience all feelings, both inner and outer of the universes, and it is an infinite process.

Q: How does these fields perpetuate infinity?

A: through the experiences of each dot/ spark, the game is life experiences,

Q: Is it in control?

A: Ultimately yes, but not your experiences or your perceive life on earth in the body, there are given rules of the game you are plugged into.

While you take part in the simulation~ you are aware of this aspect consciously~ and you are using it to move in and out of it~ to bring information and sharing with others. This is the life game!

There are many, many, levels of the dots/sparks and conscious awareness~ to allow all to come and experience their own simulation and create the natural pathway in the field of light vibration as part of the infinity.

Once every one on this holographic drama has reaches their ultimate experiences~ the game will be over and then a new one will start.

This last statement means not just life but death and all after life as the dot your spark becomes aware of the divine energy experience, this can take many reincarnations.

You don’t need binaural sound and epic music to reach your destiny, all you need to do is move your thoughts into your spark/ dot within your solar plexus and it connects to your awareness of who you are and what you are.

Through your meditation experiences you can live in this space.

It can be defined as a dot or a spark or a whole other universe as above so it is below.

You will live in it~ holding the simulation outside of the knowledge and taking part in it if you want to, there is no rule saying you have to~ it is a simulated game of life on an earth.

Q: why do I do earth healing~ if this is the case when earth is part of the illusion~ what’s the point!

A: As part of the game~~ earth holds the key to keep it going + all other stars planet and galaxy’s etc.

Each one in turns needs to be cared for by you and all the players to perpetuate it, so that is succeeds and fulfils its goal. If you and others did not do your nurturing: the game would end and all this would be lost and it would take eons of time to set it up the next one.

This is really off the wall!!

According to this hypothesis~ data has been given to my physical simulated, illusion from the DOT – the spark of infinite divine.

It is giving me instructions and I think it comes from my physical self living on the earth, its made me think that I had this thought!

This is not so- It’s the given instruction to the infinite spark~ to help to expand the minds of others in the world illusion.

SO we step into our dot/spark creating the illusion of life~ interacting as is necessary to keep the illusion up for all others?

A: Yes, it contains every experience from all your lives- this one is in the forefront and to access all of it is just a thought connection to your database.

Everything experienced is given through the SPARK /DOT for total recall from your divine self on the other side of this simulation OR veil to use as and when you need it.

While you are in this space, all the illusions are on the outside and you are not part of it. ☺

Q: So if Gaia is just part of the illusion.... can I stop doing the healing?

A: NO, if you stop, there is no illusion and nothing will exist in this story line- so there can be no progress into the infinite. OK! Lets put it like this.... life on earth holds the Spark /Dots of the infinite source that project the codes from source to you in the holographic simulation, that is directly part of the infinite fields... call it what you will, God, Frequency, Vibrations, Buddha etc.

It is the fields of all creation and everyone holds the keys to perpetuate it for infinity. Let it go and nothing will exist as physical any more!! Think about that and the others!!!

There are trillions zillions of sparks and dots from the infinite one.

Every person holds one~ each creating the illusion right across the spectrum of consciousness~ leading to the vibrational,frequency~ and creating fields of life,~ every kind of life across this universe and the multitudes of universes.

There is a difference between knowing ABOUT it and actually KNOWING IT FROM WITHIN.

There is a difference between knowing ABOUT it.... the dot... the pinpoint of the spark of divine.... we have always known ABOUT it~ can we feel it and know that it exists and that everything stems from it?

Illusions, holographic simulations, dreams, imagination, intuition in this life~ EVERYTHING stems from in it.


The physical body- life- planets – galaxies universe... everything is a projection of our pinpoint dot~ spark that is infinity.

Q: How do we cope with this deep knowing; are we grateful... happy or resentful that we are responsible for all things that has been experienced in life and always thought it was not of our doing... that there had always been another explanation... some one or thing else to blame!!!

Can we ask for guidance from our illusionary guides? Do we keep healing on an illusionary planet and an illusionary family... do the familys exist? Or are they part of the illusion dot.

How does that work????

This is messing with my head again. It will get sorted.


A: Focus on the DOT infinite divine spark... be there and get out of the third dimensional world.

Once there~ you will be in your infinite space of truth, all the rest can be left behind~ until this time line passes, do not do anything other than be in infinite space of the spark/ the dot. It is the infinite dot.

It can never be tied up with a couple of videos of words from the illusionary hologram.


BJ; you sit in a holographic garden and see a flock of swallows and swifts flying over and playing in the sky, as the new babies get strong so that they can fly south in autumn.

Their SPARKS of infinite source have created earth as well... so that every spark can enjoy their gracefulness in flying... the cat, the dog, spider and ants.

All have the dots /spark of infinite light and are creating their own illusion holographic simulation to gain experience of their environment, it is so much BIGGER than the way the astronaut explained.

The deeper understanding is, every DOT /SPARK decides to come together to play this game and get as many experiences in as possible~ with as much diversity, to give the ultimate life’s holographic game called life on earth.

It is as a whole... It cannot be divided into single units. The art is to play your game... take the story to its fulfilment with in the rules of it and to understand that each object has the SPARK/ DOT of the divine infinity fields of light.

Focus on that part within and allow the dramas to unfold in front of you~ you do not have to take part in.... if you choose.

Be! Love light~ Think! Balance~ hold your centre of the spark of infinity, the dot. Its not just one person it’s a collection of the groups of souls dots/sparks, the family groups~ Each soul belongs to their family group and this is that are acting as one in the illusion simulation of the holographic universe of life.

Everyone has a unit, a group, that will always be together within the divine infinite fields of light.

You are responsible for your part, but you still have to work as one in the divine group to assist everything in the game.

No one, dot/ spark is isolated as being responsible for all the simulated illusions creations.

And this is why you will carry on with your path of healing earth, and all other planets; you are all in line with the entities beings~ and their infinite divine source.

You have found another way to experience the deep inner core of the infinite dot/spark on a different band of frequency.

If its true... that we have created the illusionary life from our minuet piece of infinite energy... we have created gods, guides, galactic, angels, ark angels, going right up to God.

So all our previous communications have come from these illusory creations... stop there!!!!

Q: Is this dot / spark the same as the non-local communication, that does not actually exist as physical; it is all energy from each persons dot of infinite?

A: There is no one else... you are responsible for all thatyou have created in your life’s, no one is at fault~ try to own it, every human has this... no-one can teach anything, guide maybe, but not teach we all have our teaching in our dot/spark. Thank you ☺ 🙂