Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Inner 'elements': As above so below: a brave new world:

Inner ‘elements’:

As above so below:

It’s a Brave new world:

Intelligence, intuition, imagination, and emotions:

The meaning in this case is.... an essential or characteristic part of something abstract. 🙂

What! I am trying to say is.... all the elements we hold, are also omnipresent in the universe as fields of energy, that are interactive in the same ways as they are within us, while we live on earth.

These elements are the intelligence, intuition, imagination, and emotions: for the reason of talking about these, we are going to call them our ‘elements’, the meaning in this case is.... an essential or characteristic part of something abstract.

These inners attributes are all prevailing in the outer universe as fields in the constructs of the unified field, as well as within us, as these elements.

They cause us to, question, feel, love, and become our higher self, everything we feel, hold, and experience, they are these inner experiences that are also being enacted out in the universe, causing interaction between the cosmic fields, enabling alchemical action and reactions to function as a balance, on the bigger scale of life in the universe.

They work outside the third dimensional illusion as one with no separation.

How? It is alchemy and maths and harmony that keep it in check and running.

Why? The whole unified field of life is all self-regenerating, it is benign and functioning repeatedly outside of the illusionary holographic simulation, maintaining and constantly regulating its self all the time, it works as one, its infinite.

How? The humans are the key to keeping this working... when we are experiencing our inner elements because we are being inspired, or we have an imaginative thought and use our intellect to work something out.

We trigger these actions on the outer fields, which causes them react to each other, creating energy waves, drawing in data from the ancient field of knowledge.

This is then reverberated back to us on earth, helping us to solve problems or understand difficulties, they are the part of the mind experiment that gives us the information to understand and share with others.

Nobody has set this up! It’s the thoughts, consciousness, soul self, spirit, and these elements that is at work.

Every one of these elements has a purpose... a set functions that is based in alchemy... set up by the thoughts, and consciousness, they not a solely for man, they are structural elements that are omnipresent in the universal structures of all things.

There is no leader.... it is the ALL... working as a construct within the universe as one, with all the different elements, that are put together, creating the one.

There is no grand story for this or any proof, other than looking at earth and people and seeing how wonderful everything reacts to everything else... water turns to ice in the cold... man and female come together and create an off spring... reproduction, alchemy, organic, brought about by a human body imbibed with all the key elements, so that infinity can keep its structure.

This is happening as alchemical interactions on earth, solar system, galaxies and universe at the same time, it is going on in the vortexes of the man in the same way, without separation.

Life is just fields, integrating with fields, made up of all the key elements.

They are supreme intelligence, intuition, imagination and emotions, our elements; all creating the spiritual awakening and ascension, through emotions, mind, mental, unconscious dreams, feelings, alchemy, math, harmony, collective humanity, balance, auras, energy chakras, ancient scripts and pictorials all being consciously used.

Put them all together, and they are the unified infinite fields of the universe, these are ALL omnipresent in the universe as part of the unified infinite fields of life.

Within the third dimensional holographic simulation everything is separated, but on the outside of this everything is connected, the human ability to think, consciously connect to the heart/brain coherence with deep love, this is the way to create the new way of life once certain things are understood.

Inspired bytes: 🙂

*Everyone has the ability to be able to use the intelligence, dreams, imagination, intuition and natures-omens with conscious awareness. Everyone has his or her own unique frequency field that gives them their perception and experience~ that is added to the whole as another layer of energy~ that is part of the infinite. * 🙂