Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Healing Gaia sequence: 2 + The Night -time recording:

This follows~ healing Gaia sequence: 1.

This data of Gaia’s spine is a multi dimensional action, I have questioned this as to whether it is authentic and was told it is, the themes of these strange stories of earth healing is correct.

Every thing that is given~ is done so that the human brain can relate to it in some way. The 2020 portals are acting on the human psyche and the belief system that have stood strong for many years... it’s being expanded.

The outcome is the human brain is able to revive messages from the ancient files about the ancient ways. Gaia’s spine story is one of these~ it is hardly believable to the human brain in the 3rd dimensional way~ we can assure you that it is authentic and a requirement.... so that the inner parts of earth can be adjusted with these radiation pulses. This alteration is WORKING ONLY ON THE MULTITUDES OF DIMENSIOSN~ it is NOT physical.

Earth is safe and solid~ the radiation is upping the light frequency leading to 21/12/20 when it will max out for this time period. Earth is safe, all the adjustments in earth and on all levels, is being done on a softly softly basis and will continue in this manner.

 Gaia is an entity that holds much life, and is NEVER going to let anything happen that might harm it

 In the past, there have been apocalyptic things happened that almost wiped out life that was the way of the 3rd dimension earth.

 We are not in that any more~ and Gaia, as all planetary beings, is working in conjunction with the universe to bring about these changes as easy as possible.

 This is being done on the multi dimensions only: to expand our brain to allow these new concepts to gel with our old vision of belief, to be opened and extended into the seemingly impossible happenings. We often dismiss all these things because they do not FIT into our given beliefs. I am being inspired to look at everything that seems unlikely to be real! It all is!

It is another part of the human ability to be many fields in this Healing Gaia sequence: in this unified vibrational fields. The healings and applications are to bring these new fields into normal in life.

 It comforts, it heals from the deep universal vibrations into everyone and things and we are holding it!

It is done with the softly softly approach so that there will be no big energy flip at any time. Things will slowly move in the sequences of the planets- small steps- so as to hold the integrity of life on and in earth. Every one is taking responsibility for their own reality in conscious awareness.


The Night -time recording:

It went like this.... I could not sleep: as I lay in a comfortable space~ I decided to practice the inner light feelings of this lovely solstice energy... beginning with the old way of chi breath.

It soon became apparent that this was evolving into the new earth way... as the feeling of the energy portals within became very expanded ... so much that the Chakras and Tan Tiens were outside of the physical body. I recorded this on the phone as I lay in this energy vortex.


I was thinking about what this could be and this is what came.... the data came in small quiet sentences with lots of gaps, the energetic feelings were so strong that I could not talk in the normal way of the grounded earth frequency

It’s the practice... of trying to be in the space…. of the energy…. of the portal frequency…. at this time and probable any time. It is as difficult to maintain as when I first began to meditate... and found that I could not focus for any length of time before my mind would drift back to the things of the day.

 It is very difficult to focus and keep it … but looking at it.... we did learn to do it and hold it… and this is just a new aspect of learning how to be in this very deep focus and keep the meditative... connection…. to the energy.... coming from the solar system; which is US…. And realising the what’s out there is in US….

And with enough practice and perception in the imagery and thought patterns.... we will be able to get there.... in the same way.... as we did then and will do now! As a meditation goes… this is as difficult as that was…. I think we are being inspired... with.... YES! We can do this.... and the feeling that we get from it~ is far greater than the one we had when we first began to meditate all those years ago.

The expansion and application of this is absolutely great… but it is going to take quiet a lot of focused practiced to be able to do it~ and be able to get there and hold it for as long as we can, in the same way as our other way of mediating…. This is the new way.

If it’s anything at all.... its being able to breath…. deeply inside with our thoughts and perception~ and to be able to move completely beyond the physical realms…within our chakras…. and inner energy vortex’s… breath it in… then think and feel it while we are aware of being awake and conscious of it

 Instead of connecting on the physical level, we are connection on the solar cosmic level of the galactic centres…. think about it.... make our thoughts go there…and use our imagination to connect to our heart/brain system…. And relax into this deep… deep level of light that we are.

And as we do this … and the connection is complete, the whole body feels like it is the wave of the divine light and the cosmic spirals that is being given down to us… onto us…. Into us… and given through us…. and every part of the body seems to be wavering gently in the divine field of the vibrational light, this is how it feels once we have connected to that feeling.

And I wonder… if there was a group of people across Gaia... who could do this mediation together and in conjunction… wherever they live… that this field of divine light, would be one very large connected field of light and deep understanding of the humanitarian way of the divine light…being expanded…. Through each individual…. that has the capacity to do this….

And I am wondering if this…. is going to be the way forward for everybody in the future time of the Atlantis and Lemuria high frequency of the ancient ways…. and I wonder if this is the connectedness…. that we need.

We breath into to our solar plexus…. galactic centre… through the heart/brain coherence…. the solar galactic centre…. is… our… universal soul…connection to the divine… all.

That was the first introduction to this next level of energy and bringing it into the earths fields on the ground.