Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel



July and August are the two months where everything spiritually and energetically reboots~ in the ways of the frequency of the fields due to the alignment of planets and galaxies.

Zero point- Black whole- Central Sun- is all the same thing; they are the centres of the Milky Way and Andromeda that are aligned to earth and are open with very strong vibrational fields of frequencies that are coursing across this universe.

The year 2020 is a particular mind blowing experience; it’s the strength of it punching through the old negative fields like a torchbearer giving out to all life? Its giving everyone the potential and vitality to go into these next fields of vibrations with the power of the compassion, empathy, and love, that’s held in the hearts, minds and brains of life.

It’s the collective conscious awareness of “how do you feel! Acknowledging your own inner belief and sentiments about where you stand at these cross road of the future in your spiritual conscious awareness.

Which torch do you hold; do you light your way into the new dawn? Do you guide your self into the new light vibrations with an open heart~ to acknowledge what lies ahead; it’s your future that lay in fount of you, which path do your take?

Every path is correct for the person who chooses, there is NO wrong way! It will be your inner feelings that will dictate which way you go or not! This July reset gives everything and everyone the opportunity to begin a new destiny if you choose.

So choose carefully, BE in the moment and look at your place on the road of your desire, your world that can come, and your potential. See what is possible for you and move heartily into it with gusto, love and creativity. This is the cross roads where you can say- ‘I let go of this and I choose that’, then move into it with grace and heart /brain coherence~ it is your destiny.

Every one is standing at these cross roads- some have moved along into their future tentatively- others are hovering, not quite sure, many are just taking a well earned rest at this mid way station, getting ready for the opening and adjustment of the August gates to divine light.

Take the time to sit and be quiet- slowing these fields down as they carry you along towards your next destiny. There is no need to fight it or question it or try to direct it, it’s too strong to be diverted, it will/ has altered every D N A and particles of all life.

The human brain and psychic is realising that this is how it is; to become consciously aware, you can utilise it in ways of magnificent creations, with the inner spectrum of light that a human holds~ and has the power to amplify and anchor this within your self and therefor Gaia, she is the one divine soul entity that is the corner stone for the future.                                            


Dear humans~ feel this in your heart, see it in your minds eye and know that at this time you stay in you light fields... holding your evolved meditation fields, laying them round your self and all loved ones and earth. Holding it quietly at these times while the reset is in progress.

Feel the calm- the love, the light vibrations, of positivity, changing the cellular levels of your existence... the within! Its across the globe~ everyone is feeling it, many do not understand it~ the awakened are aware consciously of it.

Feel the unity and add to it in any way that suits your life style. Add your own divine light sources to it and hold it with your divine loving heart and enjoy it.

All is well everything is in its rightful place in time and motion- we are all on track to bring ourselves happily into the collective conscious awareness state of the new dawn.

We give blessings out to all life, and the special light that shines down on you dear souls, we know and understand the significance of the time period on earth.

You are the starburst of golden light fields that prevail~ here! Now! It’s July and August 2020. Hold the new dawn as the cosmic clock turns. Thank you X