Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Crystal Light:

Crystal light:

I was sitting in the garden watching the clouds float by and listening to the sounds of the insect life on this delightful day.

The Pleiades give data for the way showers:

Everything is living in the crystalline frequency now and it’s the reflection of the crystal geometric shapes that are throwing the energy of the new order into everyone’s lives through their mind’s collective consciousness.

You are crystal, every part of you is formed of minute crystal specks, minuet flakes of divine crystal energetic spiralling fields that are affected by the light radiation coming into the earth’s atmosphere on this timeline.

It is altering the geometric patterns’ the programs of the human body’ so that you can see the reality of your life and become readjusted within this crystal alignment.

It is the transitions of the codes into the fifth dimensions that is giving you a different version of your life, helping you to become aware of the old illusions that are still playing out around you.

As the old unravellers into the new, the energy will take your mind right out into the spacy light of your new reality, everyone will have their own account of this.

Keep your focus on these universal streams of the divine crystal light; hold and anchor them while others are floating about in their own illusions of their reality of the third dimensional world.

Bring your consciousness into these crystal vibrations to affect the collective, so that others can comprehend.

When you experience the discomfort within the body use your imagination, feelings and intuition to visualise the crystal patterns, see them and realign them, as soon as they become disarrayed due to the lifestyle that you are all leading on earth as these changes take place.

The biology of the body will do this automatically, it will be much better if you think about it consciously at the time when you feel it, let the automatic healing and readjustments, happen quickly.

Crystals are intelligent living entities that co-create all things, they hold the universal codes and are protecting everything.

At this moment your crystal structure is re-aligning.

As you move through this new landscape of enlightenment you are spending less and less time in the old world and creating the brand-new fifth dimensional holographic earth of the highest frequency, where there will be balance instead of control.

The old illusion is slowly disintegration in front of your eyes, wave goodbye to it with the love from your heart/brain coherence, this will help it to readjust its frequency so that it too will integrate into the new way of the crystal light.

Nothing is ever lost, energy transmutes, this is no different, let this frequency take you into the unknown in its own way and accept that this is you’ integrating, as this happens earth will be transformed through your focused energy of love.

Where there was space and nothing there is now you as the great fields of light that can see all things, you can see how the world is being manipulated and you can see the truth of the stories in the media and how erroneous they are.

Do not focus on the adverse side of what you read and see keep your light high and focused on yourself and on the world especially at this time and hold it, you are the children of the highest order of light and will remine so until you days on earth are over.

Be light: Be love: Be happy: 🙂