Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The big picture: 2020 into 2021: connectivness:Cosmic Emissions and sun Radiation:

The Bigger Picture:

Dear all light workers, your light bodies are activated now and we are on line for you to open and be who you really are.

Because you are open and activated all the time and open to your higher self on a continuous level of light, you can think outside that box as well as inside, and be with your higher self in one breath of every moment.

Words and thoughts can hold you back if you continue to think that you have to connect to your higher self in the way of sitting and going through a ritual... this will hold you back from just sitting and instantly being your higher bodies true self.

It’s an expansive thought process that needs you to become your new reality.

All light workers who are aware of the old world dramas and illusions think on this... Let all old concepts go... see your self on the divine light that you are, on the inside and on the your expansive auras of light.

Accept that your are part of the very large light soul groups... who are you... on all levels of existence and knowledge, you are the old souls who are here on Gaia to help her and humanity move out of the old negative ways.

You may not remember all your past lives and experiences, but you do have access to them all via your souls groups going as far back as time its self.

Do this by going inwards and breathing into your heart and connect it to the brain and feel the oneness.

You may not be able to put this in words, they are cumbersome, but expanding your inner light right out, you can become aware of the divine souls groups, that you are at one with.

Go beyond word, ideas, dreams, go into your intelligent intuition, hold the coherence of your heart/ brain love to begin to see these ancient ways.... see the new in Gaia, yourself, and others who are here to help you see and feel these open activated vibrations.

The physical body has been upgraded, but your mind and thoughts are going to hold you back, unless you can be this expansive light from deep with in your souls knowledge.


The soul ladder:

We talked about the soul ladder leading up to the divine source soul, what we left out is that we are all connected ... there are no special groups, the divine source is us and is everything... as long as we can “think” about it.

This is the bigger picture.🙂

Open up to it, bit by bit and allow your new activated divine light soul, to start to explain different realms of your self.

Let the old go and fly with your new light with the new divine intelligence intuition and feelings, and do not be held back by old thoughts ... mind-sets.... old actions.

As the seasons change... shake of the old skins and allow the new to shine through as this year comes into its own beautiful aura, opening up to the needs of the one to do this within your self and Gaia.

Use the breath and quiet space... breath and feel the expansive section of you physical self as all bounds melt away, and you become one with the soul group of pure light.

Don’t be worried that you are letting go of all the things you need to function on earth to do your jobs.

You will still have these; they will be greatly enhanced by your newly acquired expansive fields that have access to all the knowledge you will ever need to help others at this time.

Every ones light bodies have been activated now... even the ones who do not believe, its not a belief, its the action of the new age of Aquarius and no-one is exempt from it... its up to the individual to accept or not.

The door is open.

Coming up to date.... over the year 2020 there were many concepts about how the new energy would affect us in our life.

Life is drifting along and all is well, the energy brought up a lot of different ways about how earth would change, in this year leading into 2021 the beginning of the new age of Aquarius.

Lot of imaginative hype was thrown about, describing a cartelistic happening, to swing earth and her people into a big instantaneous change and it was said that it would open everyone eyes in an instant.

Our non-local communications said different, backed by a life time of experiences... watching critical pivotal time... the different is, life is like a slow river meandering along for ages, building up slowly, to a deep strong flow over time an space.

The political pundits were to change everything in this year, and at the beginning of the year the world went into a pandemic and a lock down of all movement.

Closing shops, schools, businesses, making everyone scared to go out, and wearing a facemask.

This was the big shift! It was man made and worldwide and it has had a massive impact on all life, we are in March 2021 now and are still in lock down because of a pandemic!

So instead of a catastrophic occurrence, it has been an insidious push to alter everyone’s life, beginning with the spread of fear of death.

And we are still in it, it has altered the world financial market, businesses big and small, it has reformed the way the health, schools and office working, systems work, and small personal shops have been closed for a long time.

There has been government supports for those who have not been able to work through these lock downs.

On a positive note it has given a lot of time for families and quiet contemplation of the inner space.

All light workers have been given time to work on their higher self, this has shifted the collective consciousness of all things.

Now we wait and observe the world picking it’s self up and shaking off the negative and start again in this new light.


Cosmic Emissions and Sun Radiation:

Over 2020 the cosmic emissions and sun radiation has grown... we have Hugh pulses of these electro magnetic radiation bombarding earth and humanity, the power has been stepped up as we moved into 2021.

These are mutating all energy waves, particles, and DNA, oscillating through things within earth and us.

Gaia’s a big body and her movement into the ascension state needs these intense waves, so that her structure can be lightened, her portals a fully open and we are still holding and balancing her.

For us humans, its also a structural alteration, and as a conscious living soul, we can help Gaia by absorbing these energies into as physical body, consciously allowing them to modify our structure this helps Gaia to adapt.

The symptoms are still coming; but as our physical body remoulds itself with our thoughts of being relaxed, and allowing these changes, the symptoms become much less tense.

When we first got them, our mind gave us some great worry about our health and we went to doctors.

Now we can recognise the difference between energies and symptoms and any real physical sickness and adapt accordingly.

Taking this view helps us to keep fear at bay, and in tern decrease the anxiety that causes more tension and discomfort.

In other words we have become used to these feelings and are able to cope with them in a more balanced way, before we go to a doctor or hospital.

Looking back, we are aware that this has happen over the last year, 2020, during which time our physical body and that of Gaia has altered and becomes much lighter in structure, ready for our next stage into the light.

To keep safe there is still a need to decide to go to a doctor... if there is any doubt in your mind... about anything that is wrong with you.

We, as light workers can take these strong energies and they are giving us a strength and fortitude to move forwards.


As Above, so Below”: 

This is a quote is one of the seven principles of Hermes Trisegistus.

It might seem strange that the guidance is to go inside to find our truth, to go within.... when these messages are also telling us to expand out.... and find the bigger picture, what does this mean?

Our energy fields are much more that we can ‘see’ we are extended auras, layers of light energy, that sits round our physical body and can be expanded our to the universe.

These holds all the information we could ever want, in the same way that our inner self has this data.

And although it seems like its around the outside of our dense physical body, there is NO SEPERATION on the higher dimensions, therefor all these energies are completely connected and its our physical perception that keep them separate in our minds.

The quantum nature of Gaia and our fields means the only difference is the vibration that things function on, our dense physical body on earth is heavier than the higher vibrations of our auras, it means that we can see our body very clearly, because of its frequency vibration.

Whereas we cannot see our aura clearly, because its vibrating in the much lighter frequency, that is outside the range of our physical eyes in their natural state.

We do have the ability to ‘see’ the auras and other energies outside of our normal visions vibrational frequency, when we have been practicing meditation or self-development but it does not come naturally.

In the same way, we can practice and learn to hone these visual concepts as we go along our mindfulness path in life, searching for our higher self, that is the bigger picture on the quantum world of vibrations and frequencies, that seems as if its outside.

To get to this bigger picture, we have to travel deep within to find it there first and then... the universe will show itself to you in the unity of your deepest love and coherence, to your expanded heart/ brain focus on your deep love for this universal divine light that we all are.

“As Above, so below”:

This means that what we are inside.... is the same as what we think the universe is outside of us, we are all one with no separation. Heaven and earth are one, the macro and the micro.

Thank you: 🙂