Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


The August highs:

The energy of August is high~ it is creating tension and bringing up a deep layers of old beliefs and experiences~ it’s as if we are stuck in a muddy pond and are having trouble lifting our self-out.

There is an energy kick back from the world wide lock down~ now that it’s beginning to release, it has become confusing.

All souls are using their creative ways to loosen them self’s from the imposed muddy pool~ lots are getting in deeper as they struggle~ others are bringing in radical ideas to help them to escape.

There is the experience of mayhem as of these new energies; mind sets and emotional beliefs kick in as we try to live our life. It’s difficult to decide HOW to approach any thing at this time and be in a creative state of balance, harmony and unconditional love.

As the old layers surface~ they have the ability to toss our true light about~ and it wavers, we experience these waves that come~ one after the other.

Dearest souls:

Please do not fear them~ the divine spark in you is growing~ even if you cant feel it while the energy waves play with you.

You do not lose the spark of light ever~ it might get caught up with life’s trepidation for a little while.

The information has been given in this ascension year~ to encourage you to go within~ when things get rough or tough on the outside.

This month is the pinnacle of this toughness as everyone is being told to re-engage in this life~ that has been taken away from him or her at the beginning of the year.

It feels like we are rag dolls being push, pulled, and flattened by those in control, this is exactly what’s happening.

There is a positive side to this, even if you can't see it.

As time goes on, we see this is a helpful move towards all souls waking up... to the world domination of control~ it is emerging now.

The break down of the central system is well under way~ it’s a momentum that will not stop.

Every awakened soul is riding through this part of the ascension experience~ in their own way~ to keep themself buoyant, during the deep cosmic energetic waves flowing into our earth.

The waves are sometime deep and other times light and bright~ the contradictory nature of this polarity is obvious and it can be disturbing.

Keep virulent to the needs of you self for this period~ give your self time and love, lots of good sustenance, listen to your body~ use your intuition to do what is right for your comfort.

Avoid those who are still in their past and are unable to see beyond their given beliefs. If you find your self in a negative situation, remember to see it for what it is and try not to take part.

Just give out your light from your deep spark~ even if it is done at a later date.

DO not beat your self up because you get caught out in the negative fields that are swirling about around you.

Anchor into your spark and keep your centre as the next few weeks pan out~ while everything is altering and changing.

Keep looking at and saying your affirmations~ feel the changes and go with them ~ try not to judge others~ recognise your new concepts~ grow into your true light being and be truthful to your self. Be love: Be light: Be happy.

2ND thought for this day! The way of progress:

Think how the waves are high and low. To bring you forwards into the new light on the new vibration~ we come in strong on the crest of the wave for teaching~ giving out to the physical mind, soul, and emotions on the very high vibration~ that you connect to in a direct manner feeling the new way, as it lifts your frequency.

AT this time you rise out of your lower earthly feelings and are in the new. This goes on for a while until the natural wave dips down into the trough.

This can make you feel you have lost your connection; you might find it hard to get back to the feeling of the high.

The reason is~ we down load the new at the peak of the wave~ then we let the natural process take place in its own time of the undulation of the waves.

The energy of the physical has to get used to these direct downloads and that takes time.

At the same time the cosmic frequency continue to come into earths atmosphere~ creating the opportunity for every soul to search their inner self, revealing these beliefs so that they can be let go or balancing out in the new light.

Nothing is wrong, no matter how your human brain is interpreting it~ every light or negative thought about anything or one is given~ so that you can look at it in its truth~ and set about reorganising it to allow for the soul to BECOME more balanced and grow.

🙂The cosmic waves are strong if they are affecting you, rest, relax, sleep do not push against them. Thanks. X 🙂