Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Message: Healing: Healing and re-balancing the high emmissions:

The message: Healing:

Healing and re-balancing the high emissions:

The message:

The imbalance on earth is the mixing of the new light, the old heavy energy is being replaced by these radiations from the galactic core and the suns emission’s, they are opposites and when they meet, there is an emotional energetic war going on within each person as they realise things about them self and they way the world is being run.

People are waking up in droves to the controls that have prevailed in their life and the life of every other person, the merging of the two is causing many to wonder what is happening, and they are feeling lost in their path.

AT times like this it is difficult for the human brain to accept and it throws it into a wobble, its up to each individual to use their tools to get their balance back or just let go of everything they have held as being the truth, and let the silence and space grow within, so that the new light can be birthed.

Make room in life for this time, if you try to carry on in the old way it will make your heart feel unsettled and in turn the whole of the life you are living.

Because each one of you is the holder and receiver of these light energies, before it becomes rooted into the core of Gaia, the weight of it is telling on the heart/brain coherence and to get that sorted go into conscious mediation every day for a period of time and connect to the silence and the inner self, acknowledging that this is how it is and do the job you came here to do.

Every one is feeling it; not every one is dealing with it in their higher capacity of their truth, there is a lot of denial and regressing back into the old ways because this is the comfort zone of what they know... but it is not working in this new light as it did before and this is what is making these inner disturbances high lighted.

Imbalance, confusion and disturbed thoughts take over, at this happens go into the moment as soon as you can, let the old emotion flow out in what ever way is your way, then keep the focus on the moment and feel the light of this action, it will work every time if you apply it every time. We are reminding you of your tools.

Please dear souls, accept that all has changed and it will become your norm, we give out our love and light so that you can become as one with the new all.

The healing:

“Marne, you have work to do with the healing so that these frequencies can be absorbed into Gaia and allow them to balance out in the humans, it’s the same as before, you go into the space of the moment and send out the pinpoints of iridescent colour, right across the galixy bringing them deeply into each planet, focussing onto Gaia as this is where this vibration is unsettling many souls, its up to us to do this as soon as possible”.

“Its all very well”, says Marne, “but I feel like every one else; unbalanced and emotional and I have symptoms that are sending me into discomfort so how can I do this”?

“Not to worry, we will give you the way through over this next six weeks, just because you do not feel well, it is not going to stop you and us from doing this crucial healing on the universe, Galixy and earth.

What you have to remember is that by writing this and thinking about it, you are doing it, because what you think, is what you are.

See’ even at this moment, you can feel the power that is imbibed within you, because we are one, stop typing and breath now! And we will do it”.

I am sitting back and taking the sacred breath and can feel the direct connection.

“We won’t show our self, because the alignments are not compatible it is no necessary”.

As I connect and move my perception out into the galaxy I find all of the universal federations waiting to connect to this, we are one big field expanding outwards, engulfing the whole galixy and universe with light from the highest source of divine light.

With my human element, I visualise the points of the sacred chakras colour spinning from my crown chakra and being backed up by the universal groups as they expand them into every corner of this great space with all the divine love of the light of the seraphim’s and god head, now I hold this with my whole being as it opens into the deep corners of all life.

I want it to heal me but the bigger picture is greater than me, I am human and have to live this human life as the experience I have asked for, even this does not seem fair seeing as I am doing all this high energy frequency work, but I accept that I must do it so that everything in the bigger picture can be set back into balance.

I sit and cry and I know that I am crying for everything in this world and universe so that the negative can be released, it is still not fair.

The beings tell me that it’s correct and that my payment is when the earth becomes fully integrated into the new light; this will be enough for my needs.

It is not helping, but I will do my best.

“You are in the dip Marne, of this very big wave, so let it be and stop trying to analyse anything, it cant be done that way, acceptance and trust is the only way, you are doing well, be love, be light, be happy, do not listen to the brain, go into the heart and we will always be there for you.

Earth is a beautiful place, your life is not hard, and you have everything that you need, so stop wallowing in the quagmire of negativity”. I thank them and carry on with the focus and holding of these pinpoints of light into the negativities. X