Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Understanding: Spiritual New Year: July Flux:


Its important to allow your understanding to be what you are, you do not have to understand quantum physics, it’s enough to know how you feel towards your friends, loved ones, nature and all life and that you give out love to them.

You do not have to know that every time you give out your love, you are observing a wave and making it into a particle and a solid structure... and you are altering the pattern of the whole world through the holographic illusion.... from a negative to a beautiful positive pattern of light.

You do not have to know it all, just rely on your heart/brain thoughts and cohesion of love focus and you are creating a new world. Know that when you are consciously observing something and giving out love, you are changing the wave of that thing’ into a particle’ creating a solid structure.

Conscious observation changes a wave that is in a neural state... into a particle... a solid state, and when you do this with conscious love, it becomes a positive particle vibrating with conscious love.

The energy symptoms are at an all time high, it can make us feel, sensitive and somewhat full of pain, our head can feel spacy and things might not look real, things look hazy and expanded like a field... this is what it can feel like, this comes in waves, flow with them to make it easier for you.

We are the fields of high light and we are living in the lower dimensional fields of physical earth, these energies are not clashing... but we are not quite integrated with it.

Weather: All weather patterns has a profound effect... Gaia’s weather is keeping her in balance. Here in the UK... after it rains, Gaia is left so soft and happy, then the sun comes out and it is soothing and warm.

It’s as if we are of water and energy floating about under the influence of Gaia’s turning energy with no control; feeling the difference between night and day, water and sun or no direct sun, has an expansive effect.

When sleeping at night... with no sunlight, the energy of the physical body is re-adjusted, the protein and blood particles and the whole system gets integrated into the new light energy.

When you wake up, it can feel very unbalanced within, each soul has their own way of assimilating these energy up grades, some sleep through them until they are back in balance... others get them back into balance by being consciously aware of this... bringing the balance back so that it can go into the collective of mankind.

In this new energy it is up to each soul to create their new structure within their minds and their thoughts.

What we think is what we are.

When these highly energised waves take us over, its up to us, to focus on what we want to create within our self and in our life’s perceptions.

Sometime they are so disruptive it feels impossible to do any thing except be in the trough, the energy symptoms are so great that they over take the mind, thoughts and body, its at these time when the focus is needed the most... and it’s at these times when it is the hardest to do the positive focus... but as soon as we do it, the feelings change and we can start to re-construct into our new ascended self.

Its so easy to loose the focus as we get tilted by the on coming radiation from the cosmos and the sun, but as we know how to use the tools that we have learned over the years... all we have to do is apply them.

The thing about this years solstice up date is it is the beginning of the new you... as well as the new year and it’s a time when everyone can re-invent themselves in the vibration of this period, using the breath and focus at the same time will bring you back to centre, where you can decide what it is that you want your new you to be.

It is not only the pinnacle of the solstice for earth and the cosmos it’s a personal one as well, to think consciously about it will help to create the next level of light with in the self and life.

Once the pinnacle has fulfilled and we begin to move into the after flow... July the end and beginning of the new spiritual year, we can relax into these new waves with ease and gratitude.

This whole period is a time for us to rest relax and let the light flow through us, as we absorb it and integrate with it, setting us up for the September beginning, so that we are ready for the next equinox and solstice. Thank you 🙂

Spiritual New Year: July Flux:

Every one is in this great flux of time and energy, the ending of one spiritual year and the beginning of the next one... this occurs every July and August... it’s the reboot of all our spiritual guidance and beliefs.

We are each on our own path and that is how it’s meant to be.

Question.... how would it be... if we all progress at the same rate?

There has to be complete diversity for Gaia and all life to evolve in the united connection.

Wherever you are on the time line is totally correct for you, every soul has there given attributes, the special gifts of their own soul group.

And no matter what you think it should be... it will only be what is meant to be.

We can all enhance our self to the highest truth of our awareness, At this time we are all re-structuring our self and life as we move into this new year, the co-creation of our desires and needs are showing up and the old truths are revealing them self’s in different ways.

As a searcher, a light worker, it’s in our interest to recognise theses differences and embrace them, instead if berating our self for what we think we have not got.

You might read that someone is experiencing things and you are not... and you might think...

“Why cant I feel or do this”....

by focussing on these others you are not seeing the beautiful gifts in your life.

When these thoughts come into play, go into your heart ... talk to it and find out what positive things are being given and shown to you.

Because this is the  beginning of a new year... the past is showing up in the mind, body and soul, for you to grab the moment and release things that are not required any everyone the opportunity to clear stuff, to make way for this new age of light to penetrate every part of you. 

year we get this opportunity for reset, re-adjust and re-align, its the on going pattern of life on earth with our galactic spiritual fields within the physical body for the this very experience.

It’s a wonderful on going sequence of how divine life is... and this on every level.

If you are suffering with traumas or ill health or deep sadness through loss... this also is a time for being in the experience of life on earth.

All light workers give out light to the world for these moments, it is for all people and Gaia, because there is much suffering, if you are one of these, take the light and love from those who are here to help, do it with gratitude and understanding that even if it seems unfair we are all equal and we are all connected to each other... it might help.

Be blessed and accept your destiny with as much love as you can muster.

July flux of galactic soul energies: We have also been give data of the influx of the galactic souls who have come in masses to advance the movement into the next phase.

It has been the pinnacle of the 21/6/21 that has enabled these higher energy beings to access the earth’s space closely.

They are in touch with all of us on our different levels of understanding, ready for the new year, we are at that turning point and until the end of August these energy fields are working to enlighten the many, who are in a state of hovering on the brink of their move forwards.

When there are things happening around you, images wafting about, thoughts coming into your mind and things that... at one time you would have dismissed out right.... are now being given again, so that with this new concept, your mind, thoughts and soul will inspire you to look at them closely and act on them when the timing is right.

Everyone will have a different attribute in their own right, the guidance from theses souls is to be as open minded as possible and recognise the omens and the signs.

They will persist with these pointers now until it becomes vey clear that an action will be taken on them. Thank you X 🙂