Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Many Changes:

There are many changes in the ways of the ascension energies and new frequencies that are unexpected; people have been creating what they think it should be in the mind-set of the old ways.

Of course this is never going to be, how could it? When everything is new!!! When moving forwards, nothing is the same as before, not the minds, hearts and thoughts of mankind; the only thing that has remained the same is the love light energy, being given out to all and being absorbed, that will never change.

But to think that everything is going to be in any way as before is part of the illusions of the old way; many are still holding onto these in their minds, hearts, and thoughts, this is why there is so much discontentment in the world and in life. In the old saying “To make an omelette the eggs have to get broken”, this is where lots of people are in the transition into their new light bodies, all the old ways are breaking down, it is allowing the anger to come out and the things that almost all people cover up within their thoughts, mind, and hearts because its not’ how they are excepted to be.

The new way is to allow your self to emotionally feel, think and experienced things in their completion, a lot of it can be negative or so a person thinks.

It not! Its the truth coming out into the open, every person on earth has these inner negative thoughts and feelings at certain times in their life, its not possible to go through life in the world and not have the negative and the positive feelings, its necessary for the balance of life, Gaia and the universe.

The way to balance this is to go within the your self consciously, and let it be, its ok to feel theses angry negative thoughts through the life experiences, do not judge your self or any one else, understand the bigger picture and the way of spirit, it is the way forwards into the light where you might find that your path has taken a different turn and your light work has changed.

It will be different, even if it’s just your personal attitude to what you are now feeling in the new vibrations.

There is still a long way to go and the work for every light worker will develop into a deeper understanding of what they have to do.

You might change direction completely or you will do the same, as before, but with the greater, deeper, understanding that all you can do is to give out heart/brain coherent love to the all or to any individual.

Anyone who you are in contact with physically or to all things that are happening on earth, people being displace, warmongers throwing their weight about, or a someone who is in need of assistance for the shopping.

Then there is the bigger picture, the planets, solar systems, the universes, this is also in need of help, balance and healing, so that it to can evolve in the same way as humanity, we are all connected, everything we do is affecting the universe, your anger is being felt in this way, so when you can think into the moment and allow your discontentment to become balanced you also doing it for everything.

As these negative energies rise within your mind and thoughts, be conscious of altering them immediately by stopping them and changing them with the breath into the heart and the moment.

With the breath, go into the moment within the heart, it might make you cry if there is something that needs to be released, just let it ‘be’ and experience it in its fullness while consciously focussing on the moment. It will pass and then your balance will be back to the true being that you are, this is a practice, along with telling your self that you are divine, even when you are not feeling it.

The job of the way showers has altered and you can alter with it when you use the tools that you all have, it is just a matter of remembering who you are and why you are here.

God bless. 

A message:

The new concepts are given to expand the way the human mind and the universal energy’s work, they are opening up the mind of the human being, so that they can understand how intricate life on earth is and how closely it is linked to us the universal councils of light.

Everything you do is reflected out into the universe and absorbed in the over all consciousness for the greater good.

The idea of the fields, the power of words, the power of the human inner feeling...intuition, imagination, intelligence, emotions, all these are fields that interact with the universal consciousness, bringing about a more unified state for all, it is backed by the divine light, the all.

The cycles of the cosmic creation is another powerful concept, because as you begin to realise that everything is repeated, it takes the fear out of the things that might otherwise control your life.

It means that you look at the bigger picture and see how you can be part of the creation of the new earth.

These are early days, but eventually earth will embrace these concepts as being the normal, in the mean time, keep thinking about them as they filter into your thoughts, brain, heart and mind to allow them to unlock the truth that you have within the inner silence.


The changes within the human brain and thoughts in life are confusing many people at this time of the unique ascension.

The detachment that people are feeling is not a comfortable one it is confusing the mind, brain, and the emotions of everyone, this is part of the process of ascension, the letting go before the new can be installed and accepted with the love that it deserves.

Do not fear these changes, open up to the bigger picture and embrace them and alter your thoughts and actions accordingly so that the way forward becomes obvious, because there is a new path for everyone now in this new light and you have to find it on your own within your own soul.

One of the reason is’ you are being forced to step out of your routine to find your authentic self and a new way of doing your earthly job, the one you came here to do.

The advice from the higher beings is....

The message:

“Changing one of your routines consciously makes a space to create a new experience, if you do not move out of your regular routine in your life style, you can’t evolve into a new one.

This is another one of the things to look at when you want to evolve your self to become more conscious and be able to move into the new light of Aquarius.

The science is... As you do regular action every day... week... year... it creates an energy pattern, a wave, that becomes very strong until you think’ you cannot live without it, its an addiction and it creates hard wiring in the brain.

You all have a built in addictive nature so that you can survive; it’s an addiction to the food you eat, water you drink and air to breath, it is a necessary need to live, it’s a natural phenomena of life.

Your routine holds you in a constructive pattern that feels like something that you want to live with; it keeps things in place so that the brain can cope, it has been given.... as a guideline to fulfil an acceptable life style.... there is no need to change if you don’t want to!

But if you wish to try, it might be helpful to do a little experiment, your super-consciousness, intuition, might urge you to change: to consider making a conscious alteration to one of your set routines, do it as an experiment to see how it feels when you open up your perception to a more forward way of thinking.

Do one thing different every day; it can be a very small thing, by altering your set routine, you will open a space, so that you can have a new experience, try it for three days and be conscious about how you feel, see how things changes in your conscious thought, this is progress into your new way.

Change your belief system that has been in place forever that it feels almost impossible to change; it is out of time now!

Everyone can try this: it goes towards changing the worldview of the collective consciousness of humanity; it takes a few courageous people to step out of this box of routine.

It will change the patterns of the waves sending a ripple effect right through humanity, consciousness and intellect with love. It’s a free will choice you do not have to change – it’s an option. This is a guide to all people on their journey”. 🙂