Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


The Divine Spark:

The Theory of the Holographic Universe is~ that we are living in a simulation~ being projected from our enormous field of divine infinite light~ into our small spark of divine infinite energy that sits within our core.

We hold the spark of our divine infinite self in side our physical body while the main part of our power energy from source is on the other side of the simulation or on the other side of the veil.

And! We have created everything we have within the holographic simulation, that we call our physical life. It is as physical as we want it~ and we are creating it all the time~ but to understand how this is happening is a mighty big change of thoughts, feelings, imagination and knowing from the solar plexus heart brain coherence.... If IT FEELS RIGHT!!

Its up to every individual to decide if~ what I am saying is resonating with you or not, it is the feeling of the truth that we all hold within our centres. For my part I have been researching this theory since 2009 along with the understanding of how consciousness works.

During this period I have done energy experiments on my self, to learn, understand and change my own holographic image, to heal it and make it easier to live with.

It started with the book ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Michael Talbot and went on from there, I spent a long time just listening to seminars, explaining this theory and researched it as far as I could with limited access to data at that time.

I set up my own holographic model in 2013 to alter my life patterns, researching and reading books by Dr Joe Dispenza, Roger Penrose and Karl Pribram and David Bohm, Einstein, and Schrodinger and the double slit experiments and many more~ to get the idea about the physics and the quantum brain, to find out how this could work on the physical side of the body.

I took a two-year course in 2009 with The Spiritualist National Union the Arthur Findlay College on spiritualism and science to help me understand.

By adapting my thoughts and rewiring my brain I have succeed up to a point that is very noticeable to my progress.

Now I came upon these latest videos~ talking about the up to date research that has been done by the CIA, USA ARMY.

It has open up my interest in this and the research has been verified and acknowledge in the realms of the sciences and the authority of this information.

It is becoming clearer that we could be in a live holographic simulation~ being directed by our divine field from source~ that resides outside of the hologram simulation, beyond the veil, through the small SPARK/ DOT that is within our core that is directing our life.

We are living and playing in a world that has been created through our life experiences, enjoyment and learning, our divine field is directing it from this outside space beyond the holographic simulation or the veil.

Every thing we have, has been created for our use and understanding and to share our knowledge with each other to enhance the experiences~ so that it can go back to the infinite divine source when our physical life span is over.

We might choose to come back many times and re- start another life path if we decide. It does not take anything away from any of our beliefs; it just helps us to expand our own thoughts and perception and the way we act.

Every thing we do is a valid as ever... it just needs to be tweaked to allow for the understanding that we are doing this. There is no blame for anything~ we are responsible for our action, movement, life and that of our loved ones and in how we treat others.


This is the message about Gaia’s up grade:

Gaia is an entity, living, and breathing in her own way, she is a divine spark as well, who is constantly growing, regenerating and balancing to keep her energy up so that life can keep going on her.

All life is an entity: a field of knowledge in its own right: with many different needs... and is all connected with no separation, life on and in earth and the local planets have this connection in common.

We are unified energetic fields of vibrations and frequencies; ALL CONNECTED, we are all sparks of the divine source on the other side of the veil, on the outside of the holographic simulation.

Every life form has its structure, in many different patterns; as intelligent humans we do not destroy these life forms.

The whole planet’s structure is set up to feed and nurture all the living things and this include earth her self.

Now we are in the new age of light vibrations, our sensitivity has developed into the knowledge that we are one with earth and all others I have understood that... what I do.... has an effect on everything.


Talking about the integration of the physical fields into the multi dimensional fields in our physical life drama:


We think we come into the Multi dimension... the fact is they are us...we talk about going into them, when all the time we hold them and can access them thought using our breath and focusing within our chakras and vortexes.

Meditation is a conscious way of thinking “I am going to change this” and when it gets too direct we can come out of it~ until we are practiced enough to be able to be able to use it.

When we go into meditation~ we go beyond this physical restriction~ into the next energetic field that is available.

We are taking our self into the new dimensions, integrating it into the much bigger picture and holding within it.

Where we can practice it in the reality of the third dimension world, knowing that it is all multi dimensional and in the same space, vibrating differently as a physical reality.

🙂🙃Thank you.