Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Another new concept:


As a spiritual being*~ * housed in a physical body*~ we are part of this unified field~ *Run with your thoughts within the natural energy of the natural flow of life*

As we move out of the spring equinox and into the edges of the fields of the June solstice, we are looking at another radical piece of data... This is written from our inspired guidance and we have sat on it for quite a time before putting it into words to share, it will be up to you, the reader to decide how you feel about this concept:

Another new concept:

There is another radical idea that is birthing itself, it’s all about the solstices and equinox cycles... they have up dated and expanded into the great fields that they are naturally.

When man became aware of the aspects of the sky’s, back in the early days, they had to plot them in a way that they could get an understanding’ on how this great cosmic movements happened, so they could happily talk about.... and describe to others at that time.

The men of that time line created their own idea of how the cosmos was, looked and functioned, so that they could learn about it all, to be able to understand it within the restriction of the human brain and human concepts at that time, they understood the concept of the cosmic nature within these images. This has been done over eons of times.

Before the fall of Atlantis’ these cosmic periods were as big as the universal fields of light and there were no perimeters, each field merged with the next one naturally.

We are now in this new light, and the old way has changed... the new construct of the outer perimeters of the earth, galixy systems, and the universe, has altered enough and these old concept do not fit, so it is these latest images that we.... the co-creators of everything can bring forwards into this timeline of true mastery.

Mankind reduced it, therefore mankind can expand it as a mind set, to grasp this for the future, it explains how we are all adjusting in our physical anatomy, and there seems to be no relief from these ascension energies, they are creating havoc in our earthly life.

This will not stop any time soon... it is best to accept and re-adjust our mind sets into accepting and accommodating them as our new way, it can be very releasing, once we can appreciate it as our new way and use the methods to keep our integrity, as we go along in our life with love in our hearts.

We are not astrologist so we do not have this knowledge to work with.... we are being inspired with these new concepts over a period of time, this one has been in our hearts and mind for a few weeks now, and we did not know exactly what we were being told or shown until today.

Again these are coming in as deep thoughts and inspired images, that start as a random thought, then grows into the picture over time, as these new ways unfold with our inner attributes that we connect to the outer fields of the same frequency, to get the full ides as a new way.

Our inner attributes are our intelligence, intuition, imagination and emotions that are also the fields of this new light in the outer universe, as well as our own, we can connect to them and receive enlightenment.

We have been given images of how these open fields of the cosmic cycles look, but it must be up to each individual to get their own image of how this could be, we are all so individual that each soul can create their own acknowledgment of these very radical ways.

This is another new concept of the new dawn construct of the enlightened earth, it is occurring over the December 2020 solstice and will be complete by December 2021 and will prevail for the future of Gaia and humanity until the next end of the long term cycle.

We shall explain how we saw it in the minds eye.... the starting point is December solstice 2020, there is no beginning or ending but we have to start somewhere.

Everything is fields, there are no hard lines, so is comes from the previous part of the sequence which is the autumn equinox 2020.

The actual time of the winter solstice is in its usual place and has its core opening with the energy connection to inner earth and outer universal fields.

These cosmic cycles... the solstices and equinox’s... are fields that is shaped like large circles with no edges... the fields coming from the autumn, over laps the next solstice field... at this point when one is coming to its end and the next one is beginning... there is an overlap time period when these fields are creating a interference pattern.

This time frame is three weeks between the end of one and the beginning of the next one.

As these timelines become balanced, the flowing light becomes stronger until the moment the planet, sun and moon are aligned... and for the winter solstice, the earth stands still for three days before it starts its journey into the New Year.

As these cycles play out, the same thing happens, going into the spring equinox except the three-day of stillness.

The energy grows in strength as the time of the alignment for the equinox comes to its peak, then it slowly reduces and the next field opens up.

We have just gone through the equinox field and we are now merging into the summer solstice that will peak on the 21/6/21.

From the June solstice there is another circular field that reaches out to the autumn equinox. At each centre ... the actual date of the alignments is the void and from it radiates energy, spreading out wards going beyond the perimeters of these fields, until they merge into the greater picture of infinite starlight, they all interlinked as fields with no bounders or edges.

As these last timeline circles merge with the beginning of the next cosmic alignment, there are upheavals of emotions, slipping us backwards into our old emotions and generally being tumbled about in the washing machine of life, just stand still and let it happen.

The best way to traverse these is to understand that the interference patterns are disrupting us, relaxing and breathing deeply into them, helps to calm them from within.

Then it calms down and you realise that as things have changed; going within helps you to grow in the correct forwards motion, this means not holding onto the past thoughts and emotions.... being aware of their power and using the recent teachings about the outer fields and that has began to filter through into your ever day life, will help you to keep your balance. 🙂


Personal note.... While we were at the height of this last emotional quagmire, we were unable to use any of our tools of knowledge to divert it. It could not be diverted, so we jumped right into it and let it expand right out in its negative space until it dissipated in its own way.

My chi Kung master always said... the energy would always go from yin to yang eventually.... all we had to do was wait it out, and try not to get too deep in the blame game.

We could say we shed another skin in the process of becoming the butterfly from the pupa; layer upon layer has to be shed as we go onwards.

There is no way we can avoid these life traumas or get away from them, they are part of our life paths and are there to help us to grow into our true being while we are on earth as the human.

Getting used to this can be taxing in some ways, but now we are embracing it as the new light, of these opening fields, that are us and everything else as well, the connection is deep and meaningful to our thoughts, actions, and foibles, there are still times when we have emotional outbursts, and have to get right back on the new wave length a quick as possible.

We are using crystals to give us the support we need at these times of uncertainty, they are our elemental entities that are with us at all times, connecting to our own crystal construct that we are now.

This has been a valuable lesson for being consciously aware that it was happening, and we were completely’ aware of it as it began... proceeded and ended.

To be aware of things as they are being created around us, gave us the strength to ride it out, it was still very emotional and stressful, but we have jumped into our new perspective of independence again, and we are going to make the most of it. 🙂