Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Re-The New Golden Light;

Re-The new golden light: 🙂

That is coming to our sector of the universe, solar system, Gaia, with humanity ready to receive.

Over the last period of time, we have be given data on a much higher frequency that is not fully understood yet.

This data tells of the higher spectrum of the God frequency~ It holds a far greater light vibrational frequency that is to be anchored into the hearts, minds of man and Gaia.

How this will impact the human race is going to be measured by each persons individual thoughts, beliefs and unique understanding of their life style.

It will take time for the impact of this to be understood.

What this means in the reality of our daily life is.... It will take time for the expansion of our thoughts, feeling and understanding~ changing our brains hard wiring, to accept these elevated energies~ to change our belief from the old way of understanding our three dimensional Godhead belief system~ that nothing goes beyond our given God from the old way of thinking about religion. 🙂

From a child we have been told that God as depicted in our bible~ is the ultimate light love and nothing goes beyond it.

This latest information says~ there are myriad frequencies of the Godhead source.

And we can go into these~ once we can understand that our mind has expanded into this new golden light.

Between now and 24/12/20 there is so many planetary alignment’s and moon phrases opening in our sector of the galixy, and every time, Gaia, is moving closere to the coming of the golden age of light.

There are a myriad of levels of these light frequencies for the humans teaching, learning, and understanding the complexity of this work.

It takes an amount of time and space within the hearts, mind and brains to begin to assimilate the vastness of this transition of Gaia solar system and galixy. 🙂

Every level has to be dwelt with as a natural progression, of each humans unique self of their opinion, knowledge, and beliefs~ to cover even one of these.

There has to be a myriad communications from all angles and levels of understanding.

There is no one person to do this~ it takes every souls unique perspective~ to come into his or her group~ to balance this out.

Every soul is as important as another, each of you holds your own divine spark for your personal understanding, there is no wrong way~ talking about one or another being right or wrong~ is a waste of breath~ there are no mistakes~ there is no reason to mistrust any one else’s views on any of this.

Everyone is correct, if a person does not understand or has different views of the same data that also is correct.

Remember there are myriad ways of light frequencies in man and Gaia’s make up~ so many, that is takes every viewpoint to cover it all.

As the cosmic clock moves forwards... at every point~ there will be another sacred gate way opening up to all aspects of this coming of the golden age.

Every date... time period~ has another energetic communication on it for it to be fulfilled.

Each movement of these planets, sun, moon, aligning and forming geometric exact and inexact patterns reveals another math adjustment... until the 24/12/20~ after that it will carry on going forwards into 2021 and forward into 2029 and still onwards. 🙂

There is no beginning and no end, its infinite. 🙂

The turbulence of these days is the result of the outward movement of the core of the energy vortex as it comes ever closer through the universe to our sector.

The core vortex will land on the 24th and after that we are in the new age of golden light.

As this has been approaching our sector over these many years~ the waves of light that has been playing out at the edges of the core vortex~ has been getting us ready in our physical and mind perception~ to be able to merge seamlessly as this point in time comes~ and we are all ready for it.

The physical denseness’ has been softening enough to receive the light crystal frequency of this.

Stay soft~ be gentle~ keep within~ be in your silence, breathe~ spend time in nature~ sleep, eat, and drink, enough good clean food and water.

Be open in your acceptance of the new level of light as it blankets all life, feeling the relaxed energy of this light and love. 🙂

Wave after wave is coming into our earth~ it is emanation from the coming event of this portal core~ it is the greatest energy transmission of all time recorded on earth.

The core itself is a vast field of divine light, made up of iridescent colour, math, numerology, geometric shapes, sacred geometry, along with the latest particle energy of the electron and electromagnetic phase of these fields that are approaching us.

Because it is high frequency light flows~ it is not having a negative impact on earth, humanity, and life, all these have been adapted over these last years, so that the of the physical body can absorb it with a neuroplasticity~ it is a smooth transition.

It is happening now through the waves of light that humanity has been receiving for a long time.

We can look back at 1987 or 1955-60, when there was a great influx of this light in its infancy~ so that all will be well for this year’s transition.

There was also influxes of light in the 1930s~ so you can see that this is a big cosmic plan~ a Master Plan for humanity. 🙂

No matter what world governments leaders, media, politicians, society control groups, internet social media, are telling you~ it is not relevant to what’s coming into the earth now. 🤔

All these beliefs in the old illusion of control~ are losing the traction that they have wielded over the years. This new energy that is already here~ it is reducing their hold~ the new age~ golden age of light on earth is good.

Everything is in place and on track for this new alliance of light frequency.

Everything is aligned and receiving these transmissions in a balance calm manor there is no need to worry.

Holographic illusion is about to be changed into the new golden age light.

Thank you. X 🙂