Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel


Healing of Gaia and all humanity in the Pleiades Alcona temple of the violet flame in the golden city.

Rae’s story:

My eyes close, my bodies are in need of a 20 min meditation I close me eyes and relax and there in fount of me is The Golden City, I have been here before ages ago... it is on Pleiades; it’s the Alcyone violet flame of freedom temple.

I can’t quite remember, but here I am, walking towards its domes and spires and golden buildings, all shiny, in golden light, giving out an aura as rainbows across the sky all golden and shimmering.

I wonder what to do? All around me are planetary beings urging me forwards.

Over these last two weeks I have touched and seen these souls in everything I do, they have been so close.

Yes dear, they say, come forwards with us and see what’s there for Gaia, you and all humanity.

As I moved along the road, that is shining with gold and silver light- I looked up; the sky is incandescent shades of the rainbow light, merging and flickering and flowing with the golden souls.

This takes my breath away, with its visual and feeling of the energetic glory of deep healing and brain coherence of love gratitude and grace.

Moving through the golden archway into to the city- I can see multitudes of light beings’ all different creeds- this is a big celebration- a party of the heavens and I am privy to attend.

The beings come up and recognise me, they encompass me with their light frequencies of love; they know me!

I am not sure if I know them- but my acceptance of this is perfect.

Up ahead I see the entrance to the grand temple and I move towards it, we all climb the great staircase and go through the doors into the big hallway.

I have been here before and I remember... to the left there is a big stairway leading up to the Alcyone violet flame temple. On reaching the top the colour changes from gold and silver to amethyst, silver, gold and white the violet flame door at the top.

Oh Yes! I remember now – I came here ages ago to release a negative part with in my psychic- deep layers of negative energy that were burnt away by the violet flame, in three different stages of frequency. I remember three doors that I had to go through.

What am I doing here again? The beings are telling me it’s not the same~  I am one of them and we work together with you and Gaia.

They say that I am here, now, to receive the crystal flow into the deep matrix core, so that we can all go forwards.

“I don’t understand! Why do I have to do this? You are all obviously engage in this light of planetary work, so why me?”

Yes dear we are, but you are the cartelist for the earth bound souls to be able to let go of the old way.

And its you’ that we need here at the golden city and the Alcyone temple to let the violet flame come through you, so that it can become an actuality on Gaia’s and her peoples, in the way that’s needed to keep the universal balance.

Its ok dear, it wont hurt you, its actually happening now to all peoples within their DNA spirals as in you, us and all life on this sector of the universe.

Yes, your physical centre port is feeling strange and dis-membered from the old way of earth meditations.

This is us’ opening up these light vibrations on the multitudes of dimensional vibrations with the frequency to match it.

They are pulsing through your centre and over laying the old and will keep on until further notice.

Now! We wish you to lay down on the deep purple mantel~ think in the right way~ and open up your newly found meditation technique~ and just BE here, observe that violet flame as it burns through all of your old habits, through your physical distaff and BE quiet- do it now!

***Distaff meaning here~ is the female spindle that runs through the physical body. ***

The healing continues: As she lays down, Rae could not see any colour, instead there is two circles of light above her as light beings streaming, encircling her and she feels the negative rising in her to be let go... there is a deep pulsing with in her.

The negatives keep rising and she keep releasing it, wave after wave.

She is aware that it is happening on the dimensions that she cannot know off; all she can do is go with it, feel it, and releasing it as the waves are coming in.

The beings cant touch her, they can only give the light support, as she goes through these emotional feelings, and can encourage her to keep going... letting it ‘be’ as wave after wave comes up from her deep chakras of the solar plexus

.                                                       ***

She is one with Gaia and every time she releases, so does Gaia- that is what this is about.

B.J. aka Rae is the physical embodiment of Gaia’s own entity of light, always has been always will be.

The compensations are, she is able to traverse the normal physical world of material restraint and access the ancient unified data~ to openly share in the real world~ so that others can be triggered into their sacred self~ and follow their destiny.

And all the way through this~ she has kept writing, in the physical way; bringing insights, of this Golden Violet City into the physical world at the same time, as she is releasing and knowing that this is being done.


New earth merges within and over lays the old- bringing it into its divine space- Gaia, her, and humanity.

Yet she still cries and releases, there is no fanfare~ just the deep knowing and knowledge that what she does is for all souls, earth, galixy and universe.

These are the earthy experiences that are balancing out, so that humanity can move into the new age with the love gratitude and grace.

Rae is laying back now; the flowing of energy has relaxed, She is aware of putting her pen down and just let herself BE.

Looking up, there is a rainbow over her head and a deep purple orb... with her mind she moves into this orb.

This is her observed experience:

As I want through the violet orb it dissipated and all I could see was swirling energies, this is because I am awake enough to know that I am in my room and also in the golden city healing flow.

I lay back and go with it, staying aware that the higher beings are focussing a laser beam onto my spine and moving it about in the area of the trapped nerve... and my negative emotion keep rising and releasing. They say, that I have used this as my crutch for a long enough~ and its about to change, first we do it here in the new frequencies~ then it will be done actually in my physical life.

This went on for a short while- then I saw my right hand held up in front of my body~ so I raised my physical hand that was a deep incandescing purple.

The left hand was held over my head.

They said- we are changing the healing rays through your hands- directly into your body- let it be- and open up your mind to the new meditation method as we do this and hold.

The right hand moved down the body about a foot away and I could feel it deep inside~ the left hand was held just above the crown energy.

Then my hands came together and I held and blessed five points. A foot above the head~ then the top of the head~ the third eye~ the mouth~ and the heart and it was done.

I see the beings, as three circles and in the form of infinite symbol with three circles instead of two.


We moved into the city out of the Alcyone temple and then to the gates, bringing much love with us, as we come back to our regulation earth having been blessed.

Remember B.J. Every human is one with the entity of earth/Gaia~ most people are not aware of this on a deep physical level of knowing~ and conscious understanding is rare.

This is part of these changes – to open the minds of people to this connection consciously~ so that the many can begin to heal her through their own inner releasing and making changes in how they live.

We the planetary beings~ through you~ can bring this into the collective consciousness of humanity by giving our inspiration through all souls who can resonate with us and channel so that can we share. We thank you and give blessings and love. x