Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel



I am mixed up about my thoughts on the new and old things! I ask for guidance.

Q: how can I have an opinion on the Holographic Universe theory and science when I am not a scientist?

Yet I do feel... that I have used this principle to alter and change the things in my personal experiences~ that have been restricting my growth in my spiritual understanding. They answer:

Dear souls~ we can tell you all, that every kind of thinking, is a way for each individual to realise their potential.

To be out of the normal box~ of given beliefs will allow the soul to have the adventure of discovery in their lifetime of potential.

It does not matter which idea you pick up on~ the one thing for sure is that you understand, that, what you think~ is how you create in your life.

Your thoughts, aligned with your heart/brain coherence, anchoring within your core/ spark or dot, this IS how you create your experiences.

You are able to change these with the correct thought patterns to help your self become whole~ and let your self become whole, from the fragmentation that has been imposed on you.

These science principle and theories, are how man can open and put their future into an understanding, that will bring about the changes and evolution of earth, galixy and universe.

Not everything can be proven in the old science methods. In the fullness of earth time there will be more understanding of these methods, ideas and radical principles.

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality is under way~ it involves many souls, who might not have their background in education that the third dimension sciences require to be recognised.

The souls who channel, the scientist, the guides, the visual storytellers, the mathematician and physicist, they all have things to give in the evolution of life and universe.

If you have an idea and you set up your own model and work it, and it alters your personal feeling, perception, life, and well being, then it’s correct for you.

To share is a means to let others know, that they too can do and activated their ideas.

If they are too radical~ then adjust them to allow others to make their own understanding of it for their, progress.

Every idea is valid, share them, so that they can be recognised in the world that you all live in.

Give your ideas out~ explain it in any way~ so that others can make their own decision on it~ to share, is to evolve.

We live in a world with the relevant instruction for any idea or radical thoughts. 🙂

God bless. X

 We thank them: and on that note~ we can happily share our idea on how our life has evolved, and how we have become more at one with the connection of everything.

We are all connected and at one with the divine source wherever it is. It might be beyond the veil or the simulations or are just sitting it the heart of every soul.

Connect to it and BECOME WHOLE and not be fragmented any more. ☺ ☺ ☺ 🙂



The Power of 2020:

The power of the outer fields is grater than ever before, we are in 2020: IN that space now~ no more going there~ there is no there!

It’s all one, the massive fields of the divine ~ the other side of the veil or the outside of the H.U. simulation, this side of the veil, heaven, universe and multiverse.

For us, this is all one, and the earthly physical experience is where all souls can come and act out the dramas that they have chosen for their life.

I /we have understood this so clearly now, and we have come together in harmony and heart/ brain coherence as one.

We are seeing the dramas and observing them everywhere, we still have to enact out our chosen life style until its over~ and go through the ups and downs to elevate our experiences. We can be at peace in all the chaos, not be dragged in too much and am able to get out quick.

Our presence in the great divine fields~ in this way~ has anchored and activated into Gaia’s field directly.

At this moment in space-time, we feel we have nearly completed this years up grades, ready for of the next step.

And the Jackdaws are back on the roof at the back of our garden. They left in June and now they are back for the New Year.

Thank you. X 🙂