Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Running away from unknown feelings:

Running away from unknown feelings:

Feeling scared of them:

This is a rendering of how we have been feeling over these last weeks of confusion, we have written it from the third party... and we are inspired with the thoughts that there many others going through similar things... so we hope this will help others to understand that its all ok.

This whole month Rae has felt that she has been running away and blocking deep feelings that are arising from the past due to the suns radiation... it is altering the perception of her energy and feelings, and causing emotional disturbances about her self and the different feelings of the dimensions that all people hold within.

Rae sees Jack and she tells him about her dilemma...

“Jack I have been diverting, as soon as these expanded feelings came into my mind and physical self.... they are not the normal feeling of expansion, they are all encompassing, we feel that if we allow them we will never be the same again... its not even an expansion.

Its more like I am moving into a deep unknown place that has been the place of fear from childhood, and also when I started to open my psychic eyes, and I realised there is a bigger picture”.

Rae stops and takes a breath, then carries on.

“I feel the bigger picture is absorbing my very soul and I do not think I will ever be the same again... its ok, but I have to face this deep low inner fear to let it become my new self.

It’s coming from within’ and the outside is supporting it as it is integrating inside of me, it’s a bit scary, because I have always held onto my physical grounded body and never given this feeling its head, now it is the new wave and I have to allow it ...this feels like my old self is being evaporating so that something else can emerge”.

“Everything is ok” Jack tells her. “These energies are focusing in the solar plexus, the sacral and base chakras where you are feeling the tension, you do not want to let go of the old way for fear of the unknown... You are scared of letting it go, for fear of what will come instead.

Ok’ try looking at it logically, you know everything is correct, so what are you worrying about? Death... no, because if its that time then you are ready... so what else is there to be afraid of?

Just change.... change from the way you have lived all these years. “Embrace this new feelings”. Says Jack. “With the love for your soul and divine light, it’s the gift of light that you are receiving at this time... And this is all you have to do... all it is.... is... knowing that you are restricting your self by your thoughts, from the old third world illusion.

These thoughts are trapping you into the old and holding you there, so that you feel suffocated... and every one on earth is going through this with their own insights.

So for the next period of time until whenever... remember to remain in this feeling and go into it whole-heartedly with all the heart/brain cohesion”.

Thanking Jack, Rae tells him that by talking about this has released the tension.

“I am not finished yet”, he says.

“This time on earth July and August is the perfect time to do this deep transition... the power of the cosmic influences are transmitting everything you need, to enable this within, and at the same time it is doing it for Gaia and the collective human consciousness.

All peoples are moving on in their own way... the giant planets and the Lion Gate portal are helping, giving their power to accomplish this giant leap for mankind, concentrate on the deep inner self”.

Jack tells her. “This is the powerhouse of light that sits within.... keep it calm and fed with positive thoughts and actions. Itis a pivotal time for the frequency to help all souls to evolve... is a repetitive cycle every year; it will keep coming around until all everyone gets it.

So here we are!

Everyone is receiving, absorbing and retaining a very large amount of divine energy... it is for the love of Gaia and humanity... it’s a significance part of this time line.

Understand and let the old go while you are receiving this energy, the lightness of these waves are much more refined than at any other timeframe... and its this integration into the denseness of the old, that is so difficult to embrace without cutting off and diverting.

You are all ready for this and can do it, but you have got to let it be and allow your life to style to welcome it without constriction in any way... you are doing it successfully even though you think its not.

These feelings can make you feel that the very bones of the body are being re-placing with the new as the old is disintegrating. It’s updating the holographic matrix as the next frequency of radiated light from the suns flairs and the outer universes coming into the earth’s atmosphere.

You will be able to function on this galactic frequency of light and anchor your self and Gaia into it... we, the planetary beings are with you as these waves are being sent, so that we can take some of the pressure off of you where its needed.

You can feel that there is a complete lack of any kind of reference to this... or it feels like you are not whole... that you are in a strange way of non function, you will quickly get used to it... this is the reality that you are going to live in from now on... its not going anywhere.

Your lives experiences have set us up for this... you do know these feeling, its very hard to explain how they are making you feel.... its as if you are in a completely different energy field where the old one does not exist... the things you were worrying about last week do not have any significance to where you are this week.

It will eventually feel like your whole body mind, thoughts, emotions, intelligent, intellect and intuition have been set free for any restriction from the old illusion... if you do not like something you can walk away and not come back... in fact that would be best for your balance.

The old bubble that held you in control, is braking down at last, and it will not be going back to how it was, its all part of the game of life in the illusion of the holographic simulation.

And now on the outside of that, you realise that there is nothing to ever worry about, because, what will be will be, no matter, what you do, so flow along the path of your chosen life style and be in total enjoyment of it without the dramas.

Be blessed:🙂