Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Pendulum: Govements Change: Earths Shifting Time Lines: Connect to Gaia:

The Pendulum:

Governments Change:

Earths shifting time lines:

Connect to Gaia:

The pendulum swings, to bring in the new balance as time lines progress in every form of yearly or periodic event, the pendulum of light is resetting itself,into a balance that will eventually be an easy movement of gentle momentum.

Earths present time line gives every soul the opportunity to air their views' in every different ways as the pendulum swings.

President’s come and go, countries gain highs and others are reduced in status, governments fall, others rise, it’s the swing of the pendulum on a planet of separation and polarity, there is very little equality or balance on this old time line.

Earth and cosmos are shifting into the coming frequencies~ opening new time lines~ so that changes can be achieved and the discrepancies will ease.

It will help to bring the unity of balance. It is what every light soul is working towards.

In the mean time~ every time there is a political shift~ or a country is over thrown~ or a new regime takes place~ the energy from the cosmic light core, comes into the vortexes that are created and enlightens the situation a bit more.

Understand that this is a slow process of evolution and no things happens harshly or quickly~ each time a cycle comes round~ the gateways and portals in the time line opens to allow changes.

It is the way the time line re-organise itself, in the third dimensions of earth’s matrixes.

People pick up on these energy shifts~ often in their unconscious mind~ they realise' that they can feel a change but cannot always know how and what it is.

The way of the human being, is to explain things through their energetic feelings, due to the worldwide belief systems and active imagination; it is easy to interpret them in different ways. Every one likes a good drama.

Media, films, and TV give everyone an idea of expressing their feeling in ways of a catastrophic nature~ when all the changes are subtle.

On the collective consciousness level of inner deep understanding, these new feelings are benign and not designed to create a fearful event or even an unpleasant happening.

Yes the energies are coming in ALL the time and have been for a while~ in very big fields, waves, and radiation from the sun and it will not stop.

Step out into nature today! Now! Where you live! There is another lock down, the peace and quiet is supreme, the same as it was in March.

Connect to Gaia, she knows that these divine fields are caressing her and all things, she is happy with these radiation frequencies, that are bombarding her on all levels of divine light.

She is happily absorbing them~ so her new energy core can begin to receive love, within the bounds of her old self and her new self.

She understands this: with these waves there will be physical disruption on her surface and she know that it will upset people and life.

She also knows~ that what ever goes on in the social and political life dramas~ will only bring in the opportunities for change and these will not be catastrophic upheaval for her and life on her... at THIS TIME LINE!

There is much work to be done on the energetic places of life on earth, and in the universe. And humanity is key part in it.

Every single soul, is here to help with this~ there need be no judging or right or wrong, every soul is endowed with a belief system of some kind and they are all correct, there is no judgment. ☺

We all work on different levels and we do have an effect on others, be kind to our self and others.

Be open and be in the truth of the light fields, and enjoy these lovely days of reorganization and up dates, open your heart, mind and soul to these fields, be grateful for what you have with unconditional and conscious love for life. ☺