Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

Year of change:


“This year of change has made us sluggish and lacking in data”, Marne says to her higher being.

“Yes”, the response comes back, “everyone is going through a great change within the physical systems, and to integrate these waves of plasma it takes concentration of mindful thought.

The mid year solstice has generated these radiations and they alter humanities makeup, as they infiltrate the physical form, it’s a time to be relaxed, calm and living easy, without too much organisation.

The sub consciousness has to be in disguise so that your minds do not block these effects with the fear coming through the media, this is now growing less effective, as the time line goes on into the second half of this year 2022.

Through all this, the light is penetrating all things on earth and bringing up the ancient knowledge so the mind engages with the potentials of this timeline.

Dear individuals, as you let go of all the things that are holding you in the routines of the past; the whole body embraces these radiations internally so that the physical side of life can be enlightened correctly for the individual, with all the different vibration that is required on earth at this timeline”.

As a singular soul, it’s up to each of you to follow your own criteria and alter anything that is showing up as an old way that you might find it hard to let go, but it has to be done before the next road takes shape. To let this happen is a big test of faith in the thoughts of each and every one of you, it takes bravery, faith and trust that this is the right pathway for you”.

Marne thinks how it has effected her personally and realises that it has taken quiet a while to manifest itself and show her the signs of how to proceed, forcing her to go through the emotions, feelings, dreams and dramas and then trying to use her intuiting, intelligent and imagination so the she can get a fulfilling answer, which has not been happening as she tries to carry on in the old way.

“Now, I know”, she tells herself; “I have let all these illusion go at last and by doing so the future has began to show its self to me, its no great shakes it is just an understanding of how we are all on our selected life path and all we have to do is follow it with the love in my heart.

There are lots of things I could do but I am following the simple line of what can I do, to keep myself in balance with this energy vibration and be content with it.

As we all work our way through theses months we are travelling in the crystal light that is altering our deep makeup and leaving the old heavy energy behind us as we surge forwards into the new age.

It’s happening so quickly now and the quicker we can recognise it the quicker we can become our true being from within.

It is a glorious year of re-transformations into our new self, once we can see that all is opening up into the blossom of this lovely divine light plasma.

The universe is giving us the opportunity to move swiftly into our next phase with dignity, trust and heart/ brain coherence love for the all.

Letting go of media is the most releasing of all it has been holding my mind in the trappings of the illusionary simulation of the holographic earth, the one we are beginning to see clearly now as something we do not fully need.

We can all make our own decisions about everything and be liberated from any kind of given restrictions about how we should be acting or living, there are still many who are not at this stage yet, but the quicker an individual starts to grasp it the quicker others will begin to realise that its for everyone on earth and not for the few.

The tipping point can developed by using our internal aspects openly and talking about the things that have remained unsaid because of the fears people hold that confines them.

Remember in the field of the universes we are all connected as one, so the influence of a way shower or light worker goes into the whole and is spreading right through, making everything come into the new light, with balance, dignity and deep love, keep it up, keep being conscious of the way these fields are affecting you and those who you are near.

The distribution of the new light is seriously taking hold even in the place of very negativity.

So I use the word manifest instead of create, we do know all these things but can we utilise them in the real world if we can only get into the alpha waves when we go into the sleep state or deeply meditate?

Are we meant to, does anyone do this?

Pleiades souls, tell me how this can be done on earth at this time?

All we can do is give the data and its up to you to work it out because that is what the game is, I have a question: can I manifest positive energy in the house so that the people living in it can receive these positive frequencies as their own manifest action?

Yes do that and see how things become more relaxed and positive, that is the way the manifest the things you want in your life and that of humanity, sit quiet and let the alpha waves flow through your own matrix connecting you to the 5th and higher beings that we all are and do it now.

Manifest the positive outcome for the book and your own health so that you can live the rest of your life in the best fulfilment and as you do this you are expanding this frequency outwards into Gaia and all life.

You remain the forever healer of Gaia, universe humanity, this will never change its your whole makeup and life’s trends, now we are taking it into the consciously alpha frequency so that we can emanate it to all, and your own well being and health is paramount for this to happen.

As you are doing this you and we are manifesting win you the perfect alignment frequency to make you the healthiest you can be at this timeline.

When you walk ‘be’ in this frequency foe as much time as possible while you are out giving out all the time and receiving the radiation from the cosmos, and let it be you