Barbara J Neville: Mindfully and Consciously Becoming Aware of progressing into your true Self:  2022

The information on this page is about my own understanding of becoming self-aware and learning:  using mindful exploration, study and life experience, communicating through channelling backed up by research, science and quantum physics for healing. To hel

The Transformation:

The Transformations

The transformations over these last weeks have been coming into our natural crystalline and magnetic particles, the very make up of our energy essence, our brand new exotic DNA that has now been activated.

It has taken these last few months and lasts weeks for this to actualise within the human body.

This is making the difference in the perception of the mind body, soul, thoughts and physical brain and organs.

The act of the recent lock down has given everyone a time zone in which they can be in if they choose to.

The light emanations have converted the physical body into its new frequency of light, via liquid crystal and magnetism. It has produced the energy to open up areas within the old cells and DNA so that the old can leave and the new accepted.

This has produced emotional responses in all souls~ every one is in a state of re-evaluation about, what has been, and what is now, important in their ways of life.

The world pandemic:

This last ten months of earth time, has given all peoples, time to look and see things, which they would not have considered before.

There is an inner resistance to all that the governments have imposed upon life; that has brought on shifts, in the views of every soul.

There is an emotional acceptance of what is being given as reasons for these alterations in life style.

The turning point is here now; almost all people are ready to accept, that when these bans are taken off, there will be a different way that they view their life style.

To go back on holiday will be much appreciated and not taken for granted.

To go to a fashionable clothes shop and try clothes, on is the same. It will be a joy to go to a restaurant or pub, and the heart felt gratitude would show up greatly.

People have lost their freedom, and when they get it back, they will appreciate it and get more pleasure in the simple things.

It has changed everyone point of view about life, there is no right or wrongs in anything, everything, is correct.

Understanding this, and finding out the lessons that have been learnt, is good practice.

Realise that the physical body has re-aligned and feeling it, is also a part of the outcome of the restrictions people have been put under.

See the bigger picture in this new year, find the deeper truth of the mind heart soul and thoughts, see how these have changed, and start to change in this new way of life, to accommodate everything we have.

Move forwards into the new way of life with gratitude.

The beginning of Age of Aquarius has brought about a lull in the light energetic waves of these de-light-full new fields.

As always, in the nature of waves of frequency... they go up and then down.

We are now on the lower part of the wave.

The crescendo of this transitional period change over, from one energetic state, into Aquarius, has been particularly magnified.

The different world politics has also led to a high crescendo of change and expectations.

These two things have excited mankind’s imagination, allowing the mind to expand into many rivulets of different thoughts, feeling, and hopefully, positive actions in the New Year, opening every truth up, for all life, light, and energy to be explored and looked at.

Speaking from the giant planetary guidance they say:

Now we are beginning to move out of this latest alignment, there has to be a period of earth timeline, to lay quiet as the new one takes over, on the cosmic scale of alignment.

It has created a different geometric pattern outside of earth’s holographic simulation.

For now, it is a time for solitude, quiet, and waiting, with No expectation in the heart, mind, body, or soul, let go of all Preconceived thoughts and teachings, focus on the feeling of calm and quiet, as these new planetary creations clear the platform of this calm light fields to let the seeds of the new generate.

This is always the way of the cosmic process, it is the long term calendar that is giving a magnified version of this, and its having an impact on the very soul of all star seeds and light worker, and those who are awakened on planet earth.

For a human living on earth, it is difficult to accept, because it does not fit in with the belief system, most people are jogging along on their old path time line, to have a complete break is not on their radar.

For our part, we have let go of the old perspective and are concentrating on our holding job, to keep this light free from contamination from those who are still trying to control.

This will carry on until the spring equinox, when the next alignments begin to open the gates to the light of love on this timeline.

Everything will tick along as usual, on old earths illusions, but know, that in the hearts of mankind this period of quiet is impacted on every soul and DNA of all life.

Be light. Be love. Be Happy. X ☺ 🙂